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  • By Charles Oduk
    How to Send SMS Reminders with Laravel Lumen Lumen Reminders.png


    In the previous tutorial, we worked on creating an iCal feed using Laravel Lumen. An iCal feed allows users to export a calendar event and view it on an external calendar. In this tutorial, we will take an extra step. Using the Twilio API, we will send SMS reminders to users who subscribed to an event.

    We are going to extend the application used to create an iCal feed, therefore you need to have followed the previous tutorial. Otherwise, you can clone the code from Github.



    Install Dependencies

    We need to install the Twilio SDK for PHP, which makes it easy to interact with the Twilio API from our Lumen application. In your terminal, within the project directory, run the command:

    $ composer require twilio/sdk

    Update the .env

    In the root …

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  • By Charles Oduk
    How to Create an iCal Calendar Feed with PHP using Laravel Lumen ical calendar feed

    iCal, short for iCalendar, is an internet standard file format used to store calendar information. Being a standard format, it is compatible with most online calendars, giving you access to important dates regardless of your preferred client (Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.). Even popular online services use the iCal format to help their users remember important dates. Airbnb, for example, uses the iCal format to store room availability giving users the ability to export their Airbnb calendar and view it on an external calendar.

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the iCal format and how to create an iCal calendar feed using Lumen, a PHP micro-framework by Laravel that allows you to quickly build elegant APIs.

    Tutorial Requirements

    For this tutorial, you will need:

    The iCal Object

    Below is …

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  • By Charles Oduk
    Sending Live Streaming SMS Notifications with PHP and YouTube API youtube live sms notifications.png

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed earlier in 2018, that over 1.8 billion people use the service every month. The number could be higher considering the statistics are only for users who are logged in.

    If you’re anything like me, you are probably subscribed to many channels and your attention is divided. For a channel owner, this means a good number of subscribers may be on other channels when you go live. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get their attention?

    In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use Twilio to send an SMS to a list of subscribers when your YouTube channel goes live.

    Tutorial Requirements

    For this tutorial, you will need:

    • A Twilio Account
    • A Google Project with YouTube Data API enabled
    • A PHP development environment
    • A global installation of Composer
    • PostgreSQL Database
    • Your YouTube Channel ID (or any Channel ID)

    Setting Up Our Development …

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