Porting a Twilio MMS app to .NET Core with Visual Studio Code

What are We Doing I’ve been a huge .NET fan since the days of .NET Framework 1.1. A number of years and upgrades later, Microsoft turned things up by introducing .NET Core and Visual Studio Code, allowing developers to write and run code from wherever we want without sacrificing productivity, security, or performance. If you’re asking the question, “Well, what does .NET Core do for me?”,… Read More

Sharing My Son’s Birth with Twilio, Dropbox, and ASP.NET

Births are Spectacular but Sharing births is difficult On Jan 24th, 2017 my wife and I added a baby boy to our family. When he arrived, we felt overwhelming joy from bringing a new baby into the world, and were anxious to share this with our friends and family who were about three thousand miles away. Then came the challenge – how should we share this new… Read More

Introducing Developer Evangelist Corey Weathers

Is It Christmas Yet? For many families the Christmas holiday is a festive time when loved ones gather to enjoy good company and create lasting memories. There are so many things that make Christmas special to me. One thing I always come back to is the food. I vividly remember getting off of the small old elevator on approach to my grandmother’s door while holiday music… Read More