Live Blogging from Cloud Camp San Francisco Tonight

Tonight we are at Cloud Camp San Francisco, where Evan Cooke is speaking about cloud communications in a lightning talk and we will be helping…Full Article

59 Days of Code Uses Twilio to Vote For a Winner

When Irma from 59 Days of Code contacted us to find out if we’d help them with a voting app for their competition, we were…Full Article

Sencha Touch Launches Today – Uses Twilio to Help Demo Framework To Customers

When Abe, the CEO of Sencha, emailed yesterday to tell us that his company would be launching Sencha Touch today we were excited to be…Full Article

TechCrunch Turns 5 Years Old, Celebrate with Us!

This Friday we’re co-hosting the San Francisco TechCrunch 5th birthday celebration along with SocialGold here at 501 Folsom Street, and we’re looking forward to hanging…Full Article

DropConf Offers On Demand Conference Calling with Twilio

When we heard that David Berube had launched DropConf last month, we dropped him a note to see if we could learn more about how the…Full Article

Announcing the Winners of the Twilio Google Chrome Extensions Contest

A few weeks back we let you know that Twilio was hosting a developer contest encouraging developers to build Google Chrome extensions that use the…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Alerts & Notifications

This week for our developer contest we’re challenging you to use Twilio voice and/or SMS to enable alerts and notifications.  You could win a Netbook…Full Article

Live from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Demos

We’ve seen handful of demos so far at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, with a total of 60 or so to go over the next You…Full Article

Shane Jones Wins Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest with 140Call

After much debate among the judges, its finally is time to announce the winner of the Twitter + Twilio mashup contest from a couple weeks…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Mashup Twilio & Open311

On Thursday evening last week we brought together over 300 people passionate about open data and the future of government 2.0 to hear from thought…Full Article

Join Twilio for Events in May

May is going to be a fabulous month, and we hope we’ll see you at some of the events we’re participating in across the United…Full Article

Explore Open APIs for Government with Twilio & Open311 on May 6th

We are excited to invite members of the Twilio developer community to join us, along with government leaders, for an evening focused on open data…Full Article

Meet Team Twilio Members at Events This Week

This week is loaded with great events, both locally near our offices in San Francisco and also across the country.  If you haven’t already, don’t…Full Article

Help Wanted: Seeking Agents of Awesome for Team Twilio

Put quite simply, we’re hiring. We’re looking for intelligent, dynamic, creative individuals to help us grow our company and build our teams. You won’t just…Full Article

Announcing the Twilio & Boxee Developer Contest & Hackathon

It was almost a year ago that we announced our first developer contest, and since then we’ve focused on use cases and partnerships to inspire…Full Article

37Signals Launches Second Twilio-Powered Feature: Conference Calling for Campfire

This morning, 37Signals announced the launch of yet another Twilio-powered feature: conference calling for Campfire, their real-time chat, file and code sharing product. As the…Full Article

Geoffrey Shea Wins the Twilio Developer Contest with Play: The Hertzian Collective

Congratulations to Geoffrey Shea, creator of Play: The Hertzian Collective, a musical sound game/toy created with projected video images and played collectively by viewers on…Full Article

Twilio Tin Can Telephones at SxSW 2010

Last week we hung out in Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest interactive conference.  Among the keynotes, sessions, panels, and parties there are…Full Article

Tim Lytle Wins the Twilio + Contest with DropMail

A couple weeks ago, we ran a Twilio + developer contest that culminated with a trip to Brooklyn to co-host an API hackathon at…Full Article

Doing Good at SXSW – Join Twilio at Angel House Soup Kitchen

South by Southwest, the big event of the year in the tech community, begins Friday.  We’ll be hanging out in Austin, Texas making new friends,…Full Article

New Twilio Developer Contest Category: Phone Controlled Multi-Player Gaming

Update: the winner for last week’s Twilio + contest willl be announced shortly. —– Each week, we announce a new contest category for our…Full Article

Twilio Customer 37Signals Launches New Feature for Backpack: SMS Events to Your Calendar

Congratulations are in order for our friends over at 37Signals! Their team of talented people build software to help businesses be more productive, and today…Full Article

5 Minute Heroes: Twilio Apps with Sinatra & Heroku

Whether you’re new to Twilio, or have been using our voice and SMS APIs for awhile, we hope you’ll take a moment to experiment with…Full Article

Introducing MassText for Group Text Messaging at PyCon by Jon Sackett

While attending PyCon with his entire department, Jon Sackett discovered that there were some communication challenges with getting messages out to the entire group. Fortunately,…Full Article

Twilio for Calculus Class at Ohio State University

Sometimes we get emails so awesome, they just need to be shared verbatim instead of written up as some kind of editorial on an app. …Full Article

This Week's Developer Contest Category: Twilio +

Each week, we challenge developers to consider Twilio in a new context – whether that is a new mashup, use case, vertical, industry, or something…Full Article

Join Us at the First API Hackathon at Hacker Dojo This Weekend

Would you like to discover some APIs and meet the people who build them?  Join us for the first ever API Hackathon. Come and hack…Full Article

SMS Developer Contest – Week #2 Winner is Waiting4aTable by Geoffrey Simpson

Congratulations to Geoffrey Simpson, winner of last week’s developer contest for Twilio SMS.  For the second week in a row, we focused on applications using…Full Article

This Week's (Mini) Contest – Exploring the History of the Telephone

We’ve tested over 100 applications submitted to our developer contest in the past 3 weeks since the Twilio SMS API launched.  Thank you to everyone…Full Article

Foursquare Mashup Meet Gatsby Wins Week #1 of Twilio SMS Contest

Each week, we announce a new category of applications we’re interested in and challenge Twilio developers to cook up apps over the course of the…Full Article

New Twilio Cold Fusion Library by Jason Fill

We’re very excited to share with you a user contributed Twilio Library for Cold Fusion, which was created by Jason Fill. It works just like…Full Article

Twilio SMS Heroes: Get Rescu'd with by Daryn Nakhuda

This blog post is part of a series of posted featuring applications developed using the recently released Twilio SMS API.  Read about SMS applications we’ve…Full Article

Contest Update: SMS Winner Not Yet Announced, SMS Again This Week

We’ve been a bit slow getting the news out about last week’s contest winner, and that’s because we’re still testing out all the applications that…Full Article

Twilio SMS Heroes: Jeff Lindsay Builds TextAuth in 9 Hours

We saw a tweet from Jeff Lindsay, aka @progrium, mentioning a Twilio SMS app he whipped up in 9 hours called TextAuth. Helping Developers Monetize…Full Article

Introducing Trails (Twilio-on-Rails) by Hemant Bhanoo

With Trails, Hemant Bhanoo is making it even easier to develop Twilio applications in Rails with this library for using Twilio with the Rails framework.…Full Article

Getting Started with Twilio SMS – Ideas, Resources, and Motivation

On Tuesday, we announced our newest product, the Twilio SMS for programatically sending and receiving text messages with your Twilio phone numbers.  We’ve also got…Full Article

Twilio SMS Heroes: Betwext Wins Twilio SMS (beta) Developer Contest

Yesterday, we introduced our newest product, Twilio SMS.  While Twilio SMS was in private beta we ran a contest challenging developers added to the first…Full Article

Introducing Our Ridiculously Simple Twilio SMS API

Update: This week’s developer contest category is SMS.  Build a Twilio app using SMS and submit by midnight on Sunday, Feb 14th for your chance…Full Article

Be Local Wins Twilio Click-to-Call Contest with Salesforce Integration

Each week, we challenge Twilio developers to build applications in new categories through the Twilio Developer Contest.  We do this to encourage new use cases…Full Article

Highlights from the Twilio Post Holiday Party

On Friday of last week we welcomed friends, family, customers, investors and other supporters (roommates, customers, vendors, etc) that have become a part of our…Full Article

Twilio Screencast Contest Winner – 3 minutes, 47 lines of code

Last week we challenged Twilio customers to a contest category with a twist.  Instead of building a Twilio application for a specific category, we asked…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Build Click-to-Call Integration

The winner of last week’s developer contest for Twilio screencasts will be announced shortly, but we didn’t want to wait to tell you about this…Full Article

Participate in Our Mini Contest This Week – Make a Screencast

It took a little while for us to announce the contest winners from last week’s Twilio + Twitter mashup challenge.  So this week, instead of…Full Article

TWO Winners for Last Week's Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest

Update: You might have noticed we haven’t announced a contest category for this week yet… stay tuned, we are going to have a “mini category”…Full Article

Special Offer for Y Combinator Companies

At the beginning of 2010 a batch of new startups are getting underway in the Y Combinator program and we’d love to see them using…Full Article

Exploring the Power of Voice in Blogging at Wordcamp Boston

This past weekend we headed to Boston to hang out at Microsoft Research (lovingly called the NERD Center, for New England Research and Development) on…Full Article

Twilio Talks Cloud Telephony for the Enterprise at ITEXPO

This week, we’re in Miami Beach for the annual Internet Telephony Expo & Conference, where we’re meeting with and learning from individuals in the telecommunications…Full Article

Voice 3.0 Companies Are Hot – ITEXPO Contest for Voice Apps

If you’ve been following the Twilio blog, you know that just recently we announced two Twilio customers, and Say Hired, were selected by a…Full Article

WSDOT Twitter Voice Reports Win Netbook Contest for Twitter Mashups

This past week, we challenged Twilio developers to build mashups with Twitter to voice enable the social web for the chance to win a Dell…Full Article