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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Startup Weekend LA Winner Zaarly Announces Funding, Launch Plans Twilio Bug Logo

    StartupweekendLA It was only 3 weeks ago that Startup Weekend Los Angeles took place at the Coloft, an awesome coworking space that is home to many startups.  This event, which Twilio proudly sponsors, helps entrepreneurs go from idea to execution in just 54 hours and was the birthplace of Zaarly, which announced today it has raised a $1 million round of funding from a notable list angel investors including Ashton Kutcher, who was also present as one of the mentor/judges at Startup Weekend in LA last month.

    Zaarly-logo Zaarly – Made By Doers, for Doers

    We’re all about people who get things done, and Zaarly was created in the course of a weekend with this exact mentality in mind.  Not only are they all about executing on their idea but the service, which enables people to buy and sell things based on their location proximity to one another, is all …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Announcing the OpenVBX iPhone App for Users on the Go Twilio Bug Logo

    Iphone-openvbx-screen2 Last year, Twilio released OpenVBX to help developers build rich web-based voice communications applications. Today, we’re happy to announce an open-source iPhone app to accompany OpenVBX for mobile users on the go.

    Use OpenVBX for the iPhone to enjoy the same great features as the web app, on the go! Listen to voice mail across all your inboxes, assign message to your coworkers, and return calls and texts directly from the app using your company’s phone number, not your cell number.

    App-store-badge Github-logo (1)

    Open Source

    We’ve open sourced the OpenVBX iPhone app (see source on Github) so you can download, hack and customize it to suit your needs, just like the web application.  There are also a few cool tricks (see below) that we added to integrate the mobile app with the web and email… if you dig those, make sure to check out the source.

    Some Cool Extras! 

    The …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Can I Port a Phone Number From Google Voice to Twilio? Twilio Bug Logo


    At Twilio, we believe in phone number portability, and you can port most mobile and landline phone numbers into Twilio, and port any number out of Twilio to another provider if you need to.  We support porting for both U.S. local and toll free numbers, and we look forward to support international in the future.

    Most importantly, it’s free to port as many numbers as you want into and out of Twilio.

    Porting Numbers from Google Voice to Twilio

    Google Voice phone numbers can be ported into Twilio by completing these simple steps:

    1. To begin the porting process, please log into your account and go to the porting page
    2. Fill out the form, providing phone number type, phone numbers, and billing account info
    3. Fill out the Letter of Authorization that permits us to port your number on your behalf
    4. Provide a screenshot of your Google Voice account, and make …
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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Twilio Powered Betwext Keeps 700+ Attendees Updated at Wordcamp Phoenix Twilio Bug Logo

    How do event organizers reach out to hundreds of conference attendees to keep them updated throughout the day about the schedule, wifi, and myriad details that make an event successful?

    Jonathan Kressaty is banking on Betwext, a service he built on top of Twilio to help event coordinators send scheduled text messages to their guests.  Even better, Betwext imports all your Eventbrite attendees as subscribers, so you don’t have to worry about doing a bulk upload – as people register they are automatically added to the campaign.

    As Kressaty says in his blog post:

    Importing is easy, but there are a couple quick things to think about before starting. You’ll need your Eventbrite API key, which you can find by visiting your Eventbrite Account settings and then clicking on “API User Key” in the sidebar. Copy and paste the key into the Eventbrite API Key field in your …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Win a Trip to Miami – Present Your Twilio-Powered Startup at Startup Camp 3 ITEXPO Twilio Bug Logo

    We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs.  Programs we support, like Startup Weekend and Twilio Fund, are geared towards helping entrepreneurs learn about building businesses, finding customers, getting access to capital and much more.  In that same vein, our blog is often used to give more visibility to the cool project, products, and companies being built on Twilio.

    Twilio Wants to Send You to Miami Beach

    We’re excited to announce that Twilio is sponsoring Startup Camp 3 in Miami at ITEXPO this year. The event features pitches and demos from promising startups in the communications sector, as well as a keynote from Craig Walker, the former CEO and Cofounder of Grand Central (now Google Voice).  Craig is now an Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures.

    If your startup is selected to present, we’ll help you get there, so APPLY TODAY.

    If your startup is selected to present, Twilio …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    2010 in Review – Inspiration from the Twilio Developer Community Twilio Bug Logo

    2010 has been an incredible year for the Twilio developer community.  The Twilio voice and SMS APIs have been used in thousands of integrations, applications, non-profits, and startups.

    Looking Back on 2010

    To honor the achievements of 2010, and remind you of some of the highlights, we’re featuring Twilio developers and what they’ve built on Twitter in a countdown to the New Year.

    Follow along with the hashtag #twilio2010 for frequent updates in the next 12 hours!  We will also be updating this post throughout the day with a list of all the featured developers and what they’ve built, in case you’d prefer to check back later.

    Build Something Awesome in 2010?

    If we haven’t heard of what you’ve built before and would like to be featured in our 2010 wrap up, feel free to send a tweet to @twilio or drop an email to help@twilio.com.  Thanks, and Happy …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Awesomeness Reminders Make a Great Holiday Gift Twilio Bug Logo

    How great would it be if someone called you everyday, just to tell you how awesome you are?  This is the question Awesomeness Reminders poses on their website, and their service let’s you purchase a month of calls to family or friends to do just that.  What an awesome

    While Awesomeness Reminders could use Twilio to automate messages, this would take away the special appeal of having a real human being call you and relay a personal, unique, one of a kind message.  I had a chance to chat with the company’s creator Zack Burt, and here’s what he had to say about building the service.

    Interview with Zack Burt, Creator of Awesomeness Reminders

    Where did the idea for Awesomeness Reminders come from?
    You never know where ideas come from, really. I had previously read this blog post by Tim Ferriss describing his experiences with the VISA Concierge Service… …
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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Join Twilio at Cloudstock for Talks & Hackathon Fun Twilio Bug Logo

    Cloudstock Today several members of the Twilio team are hanging out at Moscone West for Cloudstock, a full days of talks and hacking for cloud developers.  The event is organized by Salesforce.com as the opener to their Dreamforce conference, and has drawn in developers from all over the U.S. and beyond.

    Whether you’re there to listen to talks, hack, party, or maybe even win some cool prizes, we’ve got you covered.  Here’s a rundown of what we’re up to, as well as other cool stuff you might want to check out.

    Find Team Twilio During Talks

    Facepanel John Sheehan @ 10:30am in Room 2006 talking about building voice and SMS apps in Twilio 101 with a live coding demo.

    Ty Wang @ 11:30am in Room 2004 explores how lead generation works, and how voice can play a powerful role in sales analytics.

    Jeff Lindsay @ 11:30am in Room 2022talks …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Twilio SMS Price Reduced – Now $0.02 per Message Twilio Bug Logo

    Flying-Twilio-SMS We’re excited to announce that we have reduced Twilio SMS pricing from $0.03 per message in or out by 33%, to $0.02 per message.  This price reduction is immediate, and applies to all existing and future Twilio customers.  You don’t need to do anything, the change is automatically reflected in your SMS logs and account balance.

    This price reduction follows previous pricing breaks on phone numbers which we announced in February at the launch of Twilio SMS and lower prices for Twilio Voice API minutes which we announced earlier this fall, and is part of our continued commitment to pass on savings to our customers as we reach greater and greater economies of scale.

    What is Twilio SMS?

    If this is the first time you’ve heard of Twilio SMS, welcome!  Our SMS API enables developers to programmatically send and receive text messages.  Tapping into SMS enables you to reach one …

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  • By Danielle Morrill
    Building an Instant Auction with Twilio & Kynetx Twilio Bug Logo

    This week we’ve teamed up with Kynetx to bring you a developer contest that combines the event-driven web and Twilio cloud communications.  Sam Curren, a developer at Kynetx, put together this awesome app using their API and ours.  Check it out, and submit your own Twilio + Kynetx app by this Sunday at 11:59pm PST and you could win an iPad.

    Sam’s app  makes it easy to quickly set up an auction where participants can call or text in their bids.  In addition to Kynetx and Twilio, he used Google Spreadsheets as a database and Twitter to promotion the auction and the new highest bid.

    How the App Works

    1. A bidder calls or sends a message to a number provided by Twilio.
    2. When Twilio receives the call or message, sends the information to the Kynetx application.
    3. The Kynetx application receives the information and then executes the ruleset, the glue that …
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