Building TwilioQuest with Twilio Sync, Django, and Vue.js

TwilioQuest is our developer training curriculum disguised as a retro-style video game. While you learn valuable skills for your day job, you get to earn XP and wacky loot to equip on your 8-bit avatar. Today we’ll pull back the curtain and show the code that the Developer Education team wrote to create TwilioQuest. Meet Wagtail, a Python & Django Based CMS TwilioQuest is full of content…. Read More

Introducing TwilioQuest, a New Way to Learn Twilio

TwilioQuest - The Fastest Way to Learn Twilio

Sometimes a blank text editor window and that irritating blinking cursor are the biggest obstacles to starting your project. We here at Twilio most definitely agree – starting is the hardest part. That’s why we’re so excited today to announce TwilioQuest! TwilioQuest is an interactive, self-paced game to learn how to Twilio. You’ll master products like Twilio Voice and Messaging while earning experience points and loot. Read on to take the… Read More

Using C# and Azure to Build a SMS Representative Directory

Earlier this month, you heard about Ian Webster, who built an app to call your federal representatives. Communication can be a powerful force for change. Today we’ll learn how to empower others by building an app similar to Ian’s with SMS. Using C#, ASP.NET, and Azure, we will build a messaging application that responds to a ZIP code with a list of federal representatives for that… Read More