Route Support Tickets by Language Using TaskRouter & IBM Watson

Serving your customers well gets harder as our world gets smaller and the ways customers want to reach you increases.  The IBM Watson Message Insights Add-On from the Twilio Add-Ons Marketplace detects the language of a text message, so that you can step up your support game and serve your customers in their native language. Let’s see how you can combine Watson, Programmable SMS, and TaskRouter with a dash… Read More

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Twilio Programmable Voice

The Programmable Voice Guide is jam packed with volumes of amazing information about Twilio Programmable Voice.  In this post I’m going to introduce you to three topics that are personal favorites: Getting input during a call, Recording calls and Modifying in-progress calls Let’s go! Gather Input Phone calls don’t have to be a one-way conversation and the Guide can show you how. By using the <Gather> TwiML verb you can… Read More

Check Stock Prices with Python and Twilio SMS

In the movie Wall Street, one dimension of the main character Gordon Gecko that the film disappointingly fails to explore is his love of the outdoors.  That’s right, he loves to go camping.  Unexpected, right? Gordon’s never going to get a data connection out there, but with a bit of Python and Twilio SMS he can still check his stock prices with only a few of those precious… Read More

Build Video Chat using AngularJS 1.x

Warning: The code in this blog post is outdated as our Video SDK was in BETA at the time of writing.   Check out our getting started section instead if you want help using Twilio video. If you choose to follow this tutorial you’ll need to make significant edits to the code to run. AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework for building client side applications. Using it steers you towards creating well-factored apps… Read More

Add Video Chat to WordPress with a Plugin

“Chat with us now!” We’ve all seen those popups on popular websites, letting you know that if you have a question or need some help there is someone (or something) that you can turn to. Sometimes though chat is just not the right medium for getting your question answered or the support you need. For a higher fidelity experience, stepping it up to video is the best… Read More

Find Volunteer Opportunities using Twilio, VolunteerMatch and ASP.NET

It’s the holiday season. For many of us it’s a time we reflect on how fortunate we are in our own lives and also how we can use our skills to give back to others in our communities. There are many organizations who are dedicated to the service of others and getting involved with one can be an immensely rewarding experience.  But how do you know… Read More

Hola Programmable Chat! Real time translated chat with ASP.NET, Microsoft Translator and Programmable Chat

¿Hablas español? Qu’en est-il en Français? 中文?Ao idnu Tsis tuti tu’iyia rirzyia iw inams. Whatever your own language be it English, French, Mandarin or Sith, not being able to communicate with others because of a difference in language is a pain.  While we don’t yet have protocol droids able to instantly translate 6 million languages (we don’t even have 6 million languages) translation technology, especially translation of… Read More

A Swift Adventure: Add Audio Controls to BasicPhone

Welcome back to my series of posts on using Twilio Client for iOS with Apples awesome new language, Swift.  In prior posts we’ve had fun using Swift and Twilio Client to build an app that can make and receive phone calls. In this post I’ll show you how you can generate input tones, called DTMF tones, from the app in order to let a user send input back to… Read More