Send Driving Directions Using Bing Maps and Twilio MMS


Recently my parents bought themselves a shiny new laptop. They got it home, sat it on their desk and realized that the only display port on the laptop was HDMI. This unfortunately would not work with their external monitor which only had VGA and DVI ports. As the resident family IT guy they called me. I could have ordered the adapter, but I figured going local… Read More

Rewind: Connecting Twilio SMS to Google Spreadsheet

Back in 2012, we wrote a post that showed you how easy it was set up a simple data collection system using Twilio SMS and a Google Spreadsheet.  Well its 2 years later and  some things have changed.  In this post we’ll walk through an updated version of the little utility that makes it easy for developers and non-developers alike to receive SMS messages in a… Read More

The Definitive Guide to SMS Conversation Tracking

SMS is a fantastic way to let your customers easily communicate with your company or each other. It’s a familiar medium that’s a native part of virtually every mobile phone and allows both one-way and bi-directional communication. However, whether you are building the next WhatsApp or an SMS-based workforce automation system, apps that require multiple messages to flow between your application and a user means you’re… Read More

Design an Intelligent Mobile App Distribution Experience with ASP.NET and Twilio


You spent hours building a beautiful mobile app for your customers.  You made the herculean effort to take the app across multiple mobile platforms.  “Build it and they will come” they said.  But now your app is getting lost amongst the ever growing sea of mobile apps. If you’ve reached this point it’s time to build a marketing plan for your app and Mobile App Distribution… Read More

Configure Windows for Local Webhook Testing Using ngrok


As a developer running Windows discovering ngrok was like discovering manna from heaven. Exposing my local web server to the public internet, simplified debugging and testing of services like Twilio and a tool that did not make me install and configure other frameworks or language runtimes just to get started? It all had me smiling. However, as I’ve shown ngrok to other developers running Windows I’ve… Read More

Call Your Spreadsheet, Text Your Database – Using Twilio From Excel and Access

Devin Rader

If you’ve used Windows like I have for the last 20 years, likely some of the most familiar pieces of software for you are Excel and Access. And even though these two pieces of software have thousands of features, to date apparently no one at Microsoft has ever thought to put a phone in them. Well today that changes. For better or worse, Microsoft Excel and… Read More