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  • By David Ganly
    Introducing Twilio Proxy tw2_proxy_blog
    • Deploy and moderate private interactions between a customer and a mobile worker representing a business.
    • Works with text, phone calls, chat, and messaging apps.
    • Available in developer preview.

    Today we’re excited to introduce you to Twilio Proxy, a declarative API for powering private text and voice conversations between your customers and mobile workers. Accessible via a simple-to-use API, Proxy connects any two individuals with just a few lines of code and lets you set up and moderate the conversations on your platform.

    Now with Twilio Proxy, developers can quickly deploy a service that’s built for companies that want to connect people with each other safely and securely such as delivery people, on-demand car drivers, rental hosts, tutors, technicians, buyers & sellers and crowdsourced support.It’s crucial to protect the privacy of both parties and filter inappropriate content out of the conversation. Proxy makes it possible to communicate directly with customers …

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