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  • By David Parry-Jones
    Why I Belong at Twilio twilio_banner_default.png

    Imagine all of the different people that might speak to a business, all of the different reasons they might do so, all of the different channels they might use, and all of the different experiences they need to have when they get in touch.

    Now imagine building a future of communication that enables businesses to respond to all of those needs, in all of those different moments; to deliver experiences that aren’t just good enough, but are brand-enhancing and loyalty-inducing.

    To do so, you need engineering skill and technical ability. But you also need imagination and empathy. You need people who can understand each of your customers and each of your customers’ customers and help every organisation find a way to deliver experiences that make a difference. You need people who can help other people imagine what’s possible, in order to help make it possible.

    Well, that’s the feat of …

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