How to Receive a POST Request in Node.js

Receiving a POST request is the “Hello, World” v2 of building a web app. Here’s how to receive a POST request with three popular Node.js frameworks – Express, Hapi, and Koa. Let’s build an app that receives an inbound SMS webhook from Twilio. When a user texts your Twilio phone number, Twilio will make a POST request to the URL that you configure with all the bits… Read More

How To Add React Powered CSS Filters To Twilio Video

What’s that? You want to add filters to your video application that serve no purpose other than looking awesome? Check out how easy adding CSS filters are to elements on your page. In a recent post we saw how to introduce React.js into an existing Twilio Video application. Let’s pick up where we left off and add our video filters as a new React component. Start by cloning this repo and… Read More

Three Out Of This World Node 6 Features You Need to Know About

Node.js version 6.0.0 shipped yesterday and brings with it a ton of stellar ECMAScript 2015 features. Here are three that will make your life easier and are worth getting excited about. Function Defaults How many times have you written boilerplate code that looks something like this:

Well the days of checking for the existence of function arguments are over. Default function parameters let you define a default value… Read More

Building a React Powered Video Chat

One of the most challenging conversations in software development is debating the modernization of an existing application. In fact telling your boss that you want to rewrite something in a new technology may not always end well. But with so many new and better frameworks like React being released every day, there are definitely times where it makes sense to bite the bullet and go green(field). Thanks to… Read More

Analyzing Customer Emotions Using IBM Bluemix, Watson, and Twilio Voice

Not every customer that calls in for support is a happy camper. When an unhappy customer walks through the door there are a multitude of signs and signals as to how they are feeling. However, over the phone it can be more difficult to judge a customer’s emotions when all that’s expressed are words and tone. Wouldn’t it be great to have help identifying how a… Read More

Getting Started with Clojure

JavaScript has been my go-to language for quite some time now and before that it was Ruby. Both of these languages have a lovely dash of functional programming that I’ve toyed with here and there. It seems functional concepts are becoming more and more prominent amongst the JS community with projects like Redux and Immutable.js gaining popularity. I recently decided to take the dive into functional programming. A… Read More

Getting Started with Electron: Building a Desktop Chat App

Many of the communities I’m active in have adopted Slack to communicate. Even though Slack has a really sweet web app, I still prefer to use the desktop client for a few reasons. Having a native app means that it’s always on without having to keep a browser tab open. You keep the ability to alt-tab to it. Native notifications – this includes the unread badge count… Read More