This Week's Contest: Ecommerce

For week #22 of the Twilio Netbook contest, the category is ecommerce.  We are looking for ways the Twilio API can be used to help facilitate commerce on the Internet/Internets/Intertubes. Handles sales calls Order status by phone Getting shipping information by phone Support over the phone The winning application will receive shiny new netbook from Twilio.  When you’re ready, submit here.

Twilio presenting at Astricon Wednesday Oct 14th 11:40-12:15pm

Next week on October 14th and 15th the Twilio team will be at Astricon in Glendale, Arizona. If you’re at Astricon and see someone with a Twilio sticker or t-shirt, say hi!  We are also looking forward to meeting AZ and Phoenix hackers.   I’ll be presenting on cloud telephony, Asterisk in the cloud, and reinventing the dialplan on Wednesday the 14th,  11:40-12:15pm.  The title of the talk is “Reinventing… Read More

Twilio call control inside of Salesforce using Visualforce Sites

This is a quick demonstration of how to build a Twilio application entirely using the Visualforce Sites development environment inside of Salesforce.  If you haven’t built an application inside of Saleforce before, you can sign up for a free developer account here. Free accounts give you access to the Visualforce and Sites technology however they are limited to a single “Site” and a single page of TwiML. If you… Read More

Real-time Ann Arbor Parking Availability By Phone

Patrick and Fred in Ann Arbor Michigan came up with a neat little voice application for checking parking space availability by phone. “The parking garages in Ann Arbor provide nice signs in front displaying in brightly lit numbers, the amount of available spaces remaining. Ann Arbor also posts this information on the web at the A2DDA website. An idea came to mind that basically, you can… Read More