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  • By Eddie Zaneski
    Getting Started with Gradle and the Spark Framework Spark and Gradle

    One of the worst phrases I hear at student hackathons is “I can’t build a cool web app because I only know Java”. I see two solutions to this dilemma. We can either agree to hunker down and get started learning Ruby or Python or we can embrace existing knowledge and dissolve this misconception. Even a veteran might not associate Java with quickly spinning up a web app, but today I’m going to show you how easy it can be with the Spark Framework. Spark is a Java micro web framework similar to Ruby’s Sinatra or Python’s Flask. With 7 simple lines of code and a small config file we can get spun up serving totally rad caffeinated HTTP requests.

    The Kit

    I’ll be doing all of this with the Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA because of its excellent integrations. You can grab a free copy of the Community …

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  • By Eddie Zaneski
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Eddie Zaneski Twilio Bug Logo

    Eddie ZaneskiWhen did you know that you wanted to flip bits and change the world as a software developer? Some members of our wonderful tech community have always known exactly what they wanted to do. However, my introduction to the magical world of programming came a bit later in the game than many others. I owe the community for helping me catch up.

    Two years into a math education degree is when the requirement for an introduction to programming class crept up. I didn’t really know what to expect as I copied the code off of the board into my text editor. But after fixing a missing semicolon and watching the words “Hello, World” print out to the screen my life was changed. I’d finally found something that empowered me to build. A change in major to computer science and a transfer to a community college had me raring to recoup …

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