A Simple Way to Receive an SMS with Ruby, Sinatra, and Twilio


Here’s all the code you need to receive an SMS message and to send a reply using Ruby, Sinatra, and Twilio:

If you’d like some explanation on how that code works, watch this short video, or just keep reading. When someone texts your Twilio number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your app with details about the SMS passed in the request parameters. In this post, we’ll… Read More

A Simple Way to Receive an SMS with PHP and Twilio


In this tutorial we’ll receive and reply to a text message in PHP. If you’re the type who likes to skip to the punchline, create a file named message.php and paste in this code:

To learn more about how this works, watch this one minute video, or just keep reading. Twilio’s HTTP Request When someone texts your Twilio number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your app. Your app parses… Read More

How to Receive an SMS in Node.js with Twilio and HyperDev


When someone texts your Twilio phone number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your app. Details about the inbound message, such as what it said and the number it was sent from, are passed in the parameters of that request. In this post we’ll look at how to receive and parse that request in JavaScript using Node.js and Express. Then we’ll look at how to reply to the inbound SMS with… Read More

How I Taught My Dog to Text Selfies with an Arduino and Twilio


When Twilio launched Programmable MMS, I started to wonder if we could teach our dog to text us selfies. Thanks to the Arduino Yun and a whole bunch of treats, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, as you can see in this amazing video from Keith Hopkin over at Mashable: What you see in the video is a cigar box (your local cigar shop probably sells empties for $2)… Read More

Send SMS with PHP and Twilio in 60 seconds


It takes just a few lines of code and even fewer minutes to send your first text message with PHP and Twilio. Here’s how: Sign up for a free Twilio account and buy a phone number. Install the PHP helper library. There are two ways to do this: Use Composer: composer require twilio/sdk  If you do it this way, include the library using require "vendor/autoload.php'; Download the library, unzip it,… Read More

Set Up a Temporary Phone Number in 3 Minutes with Twilio

rubbish bin full of old cellphones

If you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist, requested a quote on the internet, or watched The Wire, then you may have found yourself wishing for a “burner” phone. In this post we’ll use TwiML Bins to create a temporary phone number that forwards phone calls to your cellphone. This will take less than three minutes, even if you’ve never written a line of code before! Sign up for… Read More

How to Text with Hodor


Hodor is not man of many words. In fact, he’s just got one: “Hodor.” And while communication may not be his forte, one wonders how his adventures with Brandon Stark might have turned out if they had the mobile communication technology we all take for granted today. Thanks to the recent release of TwiML Bins we don’t have to wonder any longer. To get in contact with Hodor, you need only… Read More

Twilio Radio – The Podcast by Twilio


Twilio Radio is a podcast featuring interviews from a few of the 100 speakers presenting at SIGNAL, our developer conference for communications. You can find Twilio Radio in iTunes and other podcast directories or you can listen to the interviews below. And if you’d like to join us at SIGNAL, use the promocode RADIO for 20% off when you register. Where do text messages come from?… Read More

How to Receive and Reply to an SMS in Rails with Twilio


Many thanks to James Jelinek (@shakycode) for this guest post on how to receive and reply to text messages with Rails. I’ve been working with Rails (and Twilio) for several years now and I love it. Twilio makes SMS, MMS, and Voice so easy to use. Even with the ease of use there is still somewhat of a learning curve as it pertains to integrating Twilio into… Read More