Shell functions, git shortcuts and other magical scripts I use with the Twilio API


I love Harry Potter, and part of the reason I love the wizarding world so much is that those people know how to use shortcuts! I often look at the habitual tasks of my daily life and wish I had a magical umbrella that could clean up my messes and fold my clothes. But while I still longingly hope for real-world shortcuts, I at least have… Read More

Resurrecting Shakespeare using Node, Express, Twilio Add-Ons, IBM Watson and Love


Valentine’s day isn’t my favorite holiday, mostly because I never seem to get my act together before the big day. But even though the holiday leaves me confused and clueless, the thought of adding a little more love into the world never does. So this year, instead of planning a wonderful night (like maybe I should have done?), I instead opened my laptop and decided to… Read More

Santa Phone: Ensuring Gift Deliverablity Globally

Santa Phone: Twilio & Toys for Tots

Today, Santa Claus and his team at the North Pole unveiled a new communications service that will make it easier for children of all ages to send Christmas wishes and increase the accuracy of Santa’s global gift distribution program. The new SantaPhone service enables parents to schedule phone calls between one of Santa’s elves and their children. The conversation is recorded and instantly shared with Santa… Read More

Building the Good News SMS bot with Crocodile Dundee, Reddit and Ruby

Elliott the Robot

Is it just me, or has 2016 been an extra rough year? It seemed like everyday on Facebook or Twitter there would be another piece of horrible news. Off the top of my head this year brought: The Syrian Refugee crisis Orlando shooting RIP Prince RIP Alan Rickman RIP Gene Wilder Harambe RIP Parse And personally I lost my Grandpa this year, who aside from reinventing… Read More

Share your ‘Hello World!’ idea and win a ticket to SIGNAL

Hi there builders, developers and doers of all kinds. If you haven’t heard, we are throwing an epic party called $bash to close out the SIGNAL conference. If you were at SIGNAL last year, then you probably remember the giant carnival we had on night one. Well this year we’re doing it again, but going even bigger and bringing you to space (almost literally). It’s gonna be… Read More

Due to international diplomatic pressure, $bash must be held on planet earth.

Space Jam- look it up.

We on the SIGNAL Conference planning committee wanted to drop a quick update about $bash, our closing party for SIGNAL 2016. TLDR; though we had originally planned on hosting $bash in space, we regretfully must admit that the rumors are incorrect, it will not actually be held in space. Last year Twilio management removed their thinking caps and encouraged internal rabble-rousers to plan a crazy event… Read More

Video Tutorial: How to Build SMS ETA Notifications with Twilio and Ruby on Rails


  Follow along with the tutorial here: ETA Notifications in Rails Hi Jarod from Twilio here. Today we’re going to walk through one of the sample apps available within Twilio Tutorials. Production-Ready Sample Apps When we started building these tutorials, we heard from developers that technical documentation focused too much on isolated “code snippets” and not enough on end-to-end solutions suitable for production environments. This feedback was eye-opening… Read More

Tutorials: The New Documentation Experience From Twilio


We’re dead excited to share the latest documentation experience from Twilio: our new Tutorials. Providing annotated walkthroughs of example Twilio applications, Tutorials are intended to provide a clear path for your journey to production. For these guided tours, we tried to reimagine what a technical documentation experience could be. Code-forward and IDE-like, Tutorials aim to present a sample Twilio application in a familiar setting with the… Read More