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  • By John Britton
    College Hackers Gather in Philadelphia for PennApps Mobile logo

    Logo-450x200 PennApps 2011 is just around the corner. The annual weekend-long hackathon is happening at University of Pennsylvania  Jan 14-16. It’s free to participate, registration is open to all university students free of charge.

    Join us in Philadephia

    Twilio is a proud sponsor of PennApps 2011. I’m excited to be making the trip down from New York City to demo the Twilio API and help all the participating teams build awesome applications.

    Hosted by the Dining Philosophers, UPenn’s Computer Science Interest Group, the event kicks off on Friday at 6PM with demos and dinner. Hacking continues until Sunday afternoon at 1:30PM. Teams will be given a chance to present and prizes will be awarded for the top applications. We’re going to award a Nexus S to one lucky team.

    It’s All About Mobile

    This year, PennApps is focused on mobile development. I expect to see a lot of Android and …

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  • By John Britton
    Win Free Tickets to TRON LEGACY from Twilio (NYC and SF) Today! logo


    We’re giving away free tickets to see TRON LEGACY in New York City and San Francisco Tonight.

    To enter the contest and win a pair of tickets, all you have to do is call and leave a message. Creativity will win. You can tell us why you need the tickets, sing us a song, tell a story… anything. Just be creative.

    We’ll pick the winners at 6PM in each city and call back to make arrangements. Members of Team Twilio will be at the theaters with your tickets and additional prizes.


    Each winner will receive two tickets to TRON, $25 in Twilio credit, and two Twilio T-shirts. There will be two winners in each city.

    New York – (917) 300-0122

    Thursday, December 16th at 11:15 pm EST
    Regal Union Square Stadium 14 – House # (TBD)
    850 Broadway (at 13th) New York, NY 10003

    San Francisco – (415) 578-1886 …

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  • By John Britton
    47 Teams Compete in Cloudstock Hackathon, Many Use Twilio logo

    Last week 47 teams competed in the Cloudstock Hackathon and Blaine Schanfeldt took home the grand prize, Best in Show, for his real time multiplayer game “Twilio Tic Tac Toe.”

    The judging panel included John Musser and Ross Turk from ProgrammableWeb, John Potter from CBS Interactive, and Matt Lynley from VentureBeat. They awarded four house prizes in addition to the grand prize:

    • Best in Show: Twilio Tic Tac Toe by  Blaine Schanfeldt
    • Best Enterprise Application: Sales Prediction with eBay Integration by Shamil Arsunukayev and Team
    • Best Non-Profit Application: CloudGuide by Lein Valdez
    • Best Commercial Application: Boomerang by Ryan Panchadsaram and Team
    • Best Mobile Application: Contacts Near Me by Chris Hutchins and Team

    In addition to the house prizes each of the hackathon sponsors, including Twilio, each awarded prizes for API usage. There were so many applications that used Twilio that we couldn’t choose just …

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  • By John Britton
    NYC Twilio Meetup – Sponsored by Datalot logo


    Join us in New York City at 7PM tonight (October 20, 2010) for the fourth NYC Twilio Meetup. We’re going to meet at Amity Hall. Food and drinks will be provided. You can RSVP on the Meetup Page.

    The Twilio NYC Meetup happens every month. We alternate between informal and semi-formal, but we never get too serious. This month we’re doing informal food and drinks, in November we’ll have a few presentations by community members.

    I’d like to send out a special thanks to Datalot for sponsoring the event. They’re hiring a Full Time Twilio Developer in NYC. Email jobs@datalot.com to apply.


    About Datalot

    Datalot is an advertising technology start-up that is doing a lot of very cool things, building (among other things) phone-based validation and qualification of online customers, as well as an inbound call routing platform for online advertisers.

    Twilio Meetup Everywhere

    Don’t forget, Twilio Meetups …

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  • By John Britton
    Twilio Meetup NYC Recap – Twitio.tw logo

    Tuesday night, the great folks over at Hashable opened their offices to host the third Twilio Meetup in NYC. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re worth checking out.


    Twilio NYC

    Our first two meetups in NYC happened in a bar in the West Village, this was our first event with a presentation. We maintained the tradition of a casual environment, and there was plenty of food and drink to go around. We’re going to continue to host Twilio Meetups in NYC on a monthly basis, RSVP to be notified of the next event.

    I highlighted recent Twilio news including the new api revision, new lower pricing, and Dave McClure’s Twilio Fund. After food and a brief round of intros Ben Nadel presented his project, Twitio.

    Twitio – Putting Some Talk in Your Tweets

    Ben Nadel has been to all of the NYC Twilio Meetups so far …

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  • By John Britton
    Twilioflow – Using State Machines for Twilio Call Flows logo

    Dhananjay Keskar has released Twilioflow on github; it’s a Rails plugin for state machine driven interactions with Twilio.

    Forms With Nested Resources In Rails

    Twilioflow provides:

    1. A Workflow approach for keeping your business logic inside models
    2. Concise Ruby way for specifying voice responses and key press actions within states
    3. Clean and RESTful controllers that understand Twilio requests
    4. Automatic generation of TwiML based on current interaction state
    5. HTML scaffolding to quickly test your interactions in the browser

    Here’s a snippit from the included example. It defines the :hello state.

    If you’re building a Rails app with Twilio integration it’s easy to get started with Twilioflow.

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  • By John Britton
    Startup Weekend DC – 55 Pitches to 11 Products in a Weekend logo


    I’m on a bus back to NYC after an amazing Startup Weekend DC. There were 55 startups pitched on Friday night, Saturday morning 11 teams were formed and Sunday evening they each demoed a prototype that they built in just one weekend. Three of the groups included plans to add voice or SMS using Twilio and one demoed a working voice app. The energy was astronomical, I’m really looking forward to attending Startup Weekend NYC in September.


    Friday evening, before the pitches began I did a five minute live coding demonstration of the Twilio API. The demo inspired a ton of ideas that people pitched. After the pitches we took a break and started scouting to form teams. I had an idea for SMS based two-factor authentication, and a team started to form around that idea before we called it a night.

    Saturday morning we found a competing product …

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  • By John Britton
    Vote for Twilio at the SXSW Interactive Festival logo

    South by Southwest is just around the corner… well sort of. Although the event doesn’t take place until March, we’re already starting preparations for this year’s Interactive Festival. We were there last year and we’re hoping to step it up a notch this year and have a full on Twilio session.

    PanelPicker Logo

    SXSW® Interactive features five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, the incredible new SXSW Trade Show and an unbeatable lineup of special programs showcasing the best new digital works, video games and innovative ideas the international community has to offer.

    The panels at SXSW are selected by SXSW staff, a panel of experts, and the crowd. We need your help. Register for the PanelPicker and vote on our session. We’re going to demonstrate how easy it is to build Twilio apps. Even if you’re …

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  • By John Britton
    Twilio in Your Neighborhood with Meetup Everywhere logo

    Twilio Meetups are happening everywhere! Come show off what you’re working on, get help with the API, and enjoy some food and drink with other Twilio developers. Not on the map? Be bold, organize a Twilio Meetup in your neighborhood.

    Expect Awesomness

    Each Twilio Meetup will be different, but I’m sure they’ll all be awesome. You can expect to see demos of cool apps, OpenVBX applets, how-to sessions, mashups with familiar applications, hackfests, and games. One thing is for certain, you’ll get to meet smart and interesting people.

    Upcoming Twilio Meetups

    We’ve got Twilio Meetups scheduled to happen all over the United States, here’s a quick look at the next five events.

    Organizing a Twilio Meetup is Easy

    Really, it …

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  • By John Britton
    Seattle Ruby Hack Night logo

    Seattle Ruby Brigade Logo

    Yesterday I joined the Seattle Ruby Brigade for their weekly hack night. The event was held at Vivace Café in cozy room in the back. There were about 10 people at the event working on everything from Ruby tutorials to MacRuby Cocoa apps. I spent a bit of time writing code samples in Ruby that use the Twilio API (to be published soon). In addition, I demoed some non-Ruby specific stuff that I’ve gotten into lately like WebMadeMovies and Jetpack Add-ons Builder.

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