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  • By John Sheehan
    LessConf 2011: A Conference for DOers Twilio Bug Logo

    LessConf It takes about 2 minutes at LessConf to know you’re not attending your run of the mill conference. From the live music intermissions to the free professional massages in the hallway to the wacky antics of conference organizers Steve Bristol and Allan Branch, this is a geek gathering unlike any other. As one Twilio employee in attendance described it, “Loving that LessConf is less conference, more variety show of DOers.” That pretty much sums it up.

    While videos and slides from the speakers will be available in the future, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite talks from the conference.

    “Why your customers don’t like you” – Sarah Hatter, CoSupport

    Sarah was formerly in charge of customer support at 37signals before venturing off to start her own customer support training and outsourcing company called CoSupport. Sarah used examples ‘from the trenches’ demonstrating how not to sound like a washing …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Join Twilio in Atlanta this Weekend for LessConf 2011 Twilio Bug Logo

    LessConfThis Friday and Saturday we’ll be attending LessConf 2011 in Atlanta, GA. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, LessConf is a different kind of conference. There’s one speaker track, on-site (and really tasty) meals, outlets for every attendee and much more.

    Joining me at LessConf will be Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson who will be speaking Friday morning. Jeff’s talk is entitled “Pricing, self-service, APIs, and other Mating Calls of the Northern Spotted DOer.” If that alone doesn’t make you want to go, I don’t know what will.

    If this sounds like the conference for you, we’ve got two tickets to give away. To have a chance to win one of the tickets, send us a Tweet before 7pm PT today (Tuesday April 26th). Format your tweet like this so we see it:

    Hey @twilio I want to go to @LessConf because {your awesome reason here}

    You’ve got 98 characters to …

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  • By John Sheehan
    How to Build a Raffle App Using Twilio, WebMatrix and AppHarbor Twilio Bug Logo

    I spent most of last week at MIX11, one of Microsoft’s big developer conferences. As part of the week’s festivities I was able to showcase RestSharp in a new event Microsoft put on to showcase over 50 different .NET open source projects called Open Source Fest.

    While planning for the event I decided I wanted find a way to draw people to stop by my table. I had some spare gadgets I could give away and thought an SMS-based raffle would be a great way to do it. After some thought I settled on the following raffle process:

    1. Give attendees a card with a unique code and a phone number on it
    2. Attendees would text the code to the number to enter the contest
    3. To confirm their entry and allow me to contact them if they won, they would be prompted to send their email address after entering …
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  • By John Sheehan
    Shotput Reaches Startup Bus Finals at SXSW Twilio Bug Logo


    shotputlogoLast week I hopped on a bus in Minneapolis that had left from Chicago earlier that day and was on its way to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive. In addition to the Chicago bus, five others departed from all over the country as part of the second edition of Startup Bus. Startup Bus is what happens when you combine a Startup Weekend with a road trip. Teams get a couple days to launch a new startup from scratch with limited time and resources.

    Upon arriving in Austin, a winner was selected from each bus to compete in the finals. One of the finalists was Shotput, an SMS newsletter product developed on the Chicago bus. The team consisted of Mike Jahn, Roshan Choxi, Blaine Fahey, and …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC Twilio Bug Logo
    UPDATE Since this post was originally published we’ve released updated Twilio helper libraries for .NET that simplify the TwiML generation process. You can install the new library using the ‘Twilio.Mvc’ NuGet package and find complete documentation on the project wiki.

    Last week I had the privilege of presenting “Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC” at mvcConf 2, a virtual conference for ASP.NET MVC developers with over 3000 registered attendees. The talk covered some ways that you can leverage features of the ASP.NET MVC framework to make it easier to build voice and SMS apps. You can watch a recording of the session below. If you prefer text over video, read on for more inform …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Using Twilio with Node.js by Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting Twilio Bug Logo

    Dusty CandlandDusty Candland is the founder of Red27 Consulting in Denver, CO. Recently Dusty was working on an app called SMSBet.info that uses Node.js with Twilio. Dusty wrote this post to help you get started writing your own Twilio apps running on Node.

    Recently while working on a Functional Mockup for SMSBet.info, we decided to use Node.js and Twilio. Combining these two technologies makes building SMS and telephony apps really easy. Node.js is a super fast, event-based, async server-side JavaScript engine. While the project is relatively young it has a very committed and growing community behind it.

    Node.js on its own provides simple evented IO. The first step to building a Twilio app was to find a web framework to help handle the basics of HTTP and View rendering. Express is a popular framework that will work well for our needs. Using Express is enough to be able to receive an …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Upcoming Events Twilio Will Be Speaking At Twilio Bug Logo

    We have a bevy of events coming up so I wanted to highlight some of the talks and sessions some of the Twilio team will be facilitating in the near future.

    MIX11_BB_SeeYouAt_1MIX11 – We need your help!

    MIX is Microsoft’s big web-focused conference happening this April. This year they’re holding open call for sessions for which you can vote for your favorites to be accepted to present at the conference. I (John Sheehan) submitted four talks and one was accepted for the final voting round. Even if you’re not attending the event, video of the talks will be recorded and available for free download.

    If you have a moment, please vote for my talk today. Thanks!

    mvcConf – February 8th

    2011-02-03_1259Next Tuesday, the second mvcCon …

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  • By John Sheehan
    New Developer Contest: Use Twilio + AppHarbor For Chance to Win Samsung Focus Twilio Bug Logo

    high2git push appharbor master. That's how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that's revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. AppHarbor is the fastest way to get your .NET apps live on the web and a fantastic hosting platform for running Twilio apps.

    For this week's Twilio developer contest, we've teamed up with AppHarbor to reward the best AppHarbor-hosted Twilio app with some great prizes:

    • 51w5s50w5vL._AA280_Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7
    • $500 in AppHarbor credit
    • $100 in Twilio credit

    The contest ends Sunday February 6th at 11:59pm PT. Representatives from Twilio and AppHarbor will select the most impressive entry to win the prizes. Bonus points for putting together helpful materials (screencasts, blog posts, etc.) that demonstrate the value of what you've built, or explain how it could become a business someday.

    What's This Developer Contest …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Use AppHarbor to Power Your Twilio App and You Could Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 Twilio Bug Logo

    high2git push appharbor master. That’s how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that’s revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. After you’ve pushed your changes, AppHarbor will build your project, run any unit tests present and publish the site when everything checks out. Not only is it the fastest way to get your .NET apps live on the web, it’s also a fantastic hosting platform for running Twilio apps.

    51w5s50w5vL._AA280_For this week’s Twilio developer contest, we’ve teamed up with AppHarbor to reward the best AppHarbor-hosted Twilio app with some great prizes:

    • Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7
    • $500 in AppHarbor credit
    • $100 in Twilio credit

    The contest e …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Roger Pincombe Combines Twilio SMS with DailyBurn to Win Trip To Boston! Twilio Bug Logo

    Roger Pincombe

    Sometimes the most powerful ideas are also the simplest. Roger Pincombe had such an idea. Using DailyBurn‘s database of nutrition facts for over 475,000 food items, Roger built a simple SMS interface that allows you to check just how bad that burger is for you while you’re standing in line at the fast food joint.

    To use the app, send a text message to 415-729-3599, and include the name of some food you’d like to get information about (e.g. “McDonalds Cheeseburger” or “Chipotle Burrito”). It’s very handy, and so simple to use. The application is seamlessly integrated with DailyBurn, a TechStars company which was acquired by IAC in 2010.

    Roger entered this “Quick SMS Nutrition Information” …

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