Introducing Twilio Applications: An Easier Way to Manage Phone Numbers

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature for Twilio developers: the ability to create and assign a Twilio Application to a phone number instead of a URL. When you log into you’ll see a new tab in your account dashboard called “Apps” where you can create and manage your applications. Applications make it easy to change voice and SMS URLs and other settings across… Read More

LessConf 2011: A Conference for DOers

It takes about 2 minutes at LessConf to know you’re not attending your run of the mill conference. From the live music intermissions to the free professional massages in the hallway to the wacky antics of conference organizers Steve Bristol and Allan Branch, this is a geek gathering unlike any other. As one Twilio employee in attendance described it, “Loving that LessConf is less conference, more variety… Read More

Join Twilio in Atlanta this Weekend for LessConf 2011

This Friday and Saturday we’ll be attending LessConf 2011 in Atlanta, GA. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, LessConf is a different kind of conference. There’s one speaker track, on-site (and really tasty) meals, outlets for every attendee and much more. Joining me at LessConf will be Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson who will be speaking Friday morning. Jeff’s talk is entitled “Pricing, self-service, APIs, and other… Read More

Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC

UPDATE Since this post was originally published we’ve released updated Twilio helper libraries for .NET that simplify the TwiML generation process. You can install the new library using the ‘Twilio.Mvc’ NuGet package and find complete documentation on the project wiki. Last week I had the privilege of presenting “Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC” at mvcConf 2, a virtual conference for ASP.NET MVC developers… Read More

Using Twilio with Node.js by Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting

Dusty Candland is the founder of Red27 Consulting in Denver, CO. Recently Dusty was working on an app called that uses Node.js with Twilio. Dusty wrote this post to help you get started writing your own Twilio apps running on Node. Recently while working on a Functional Mockup for, we decided to use Node.js and Twilio. Combining these two technologies makes building SMS and… Read More

Use AppHarbor to Power Your Twilio App and You Could Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

git push appharbor master. That’s how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that’s revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. After you’ve pushed your changes, AppHarbor will build your project, run any unit tests present and publish the site when everything checks out. Not only is it the fastest way to get… Read More