New Developer Contest: Use Twilio + AppHarbor For Chance to Win Samsung Focus

git push appharbor master. That's how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that's revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. AppHarbor is the fastest way to get your .NET apps live on the web and a fantastic hosting platform for running Twilio apps. For this week's Twilio developer contest, we've teamed up… Read More

Roger Pincombe Combines Twilio SMS with DailyBurn to Win Trip To Boston!

Sometimes the most powerful ideas are also the simplest. Roger Pincombe had such an idea. Using DailyBurn‘s database of nutrition facts for over 475,000 food items, Roger built a simple SMS interface that allows you to check just how bad that burger is for you while you’re standing in line at the fast food joint. To use the app, send a text message to 415-729-3599, and… Read More

Billy Chasen Wins Anything Goes Contest with SMS-controlled Door Lock!

We’ve seen people use Twilio to build SMS applications that integrate with door buzzer systems to send the right touchtones to let people through locked doors. Billy Chasen took that concept to another level. He built a system that uses SMS to control a physical door lock via an embedded web server connected to a servo motor connected to the lock. Billy wrote a blog post talking… Read More

New Developer Contest: Organizing People with Twilio (Ends Jan 30)

The category for this week's Twilio Developer Contest is Coordinating People. This category is near and dear to me personally as it was the contest category that I won back in July of 2009 prior to being an employee of this fine establishment. Since then a lot has changed, most notably the addition of SMS capabilities to our APIs. So we're breaking this category out of… Read More

Use Twilio to Coordinate People for a Chance to Win a Kindle

UPDATE: We heard from many of you that the late start to this contest didn’t give you enough time to create an entry. We’ve decided to push the entry deadline back to this Sunday, January 30th at 11:59pm PT. The category for this week’s Twilio Developer Contest is Coordinating People. This category is near and dear to me personally as it was the contest category that… Read More

Cloudstock Session Videos Now Available

The session videos from Cloudstock have been posted on their site. Here are the videos of the Twilio sessions. Making Money with SaaS Jeff Lawson, CEO Jeff discusses what developers should consider when pricing new SaaS offerings, and shares insights on how he approached setting prices at Twilio Building a Great API Evan Cooke, CTO Many APIs tend to be overly complex, poorly documented, and not… Read More

TechStars + Twilio Rolls On, A Couple Ideas To Get You Started

Our TechStars + Twilio “Two for One” contest enters its second week and we’ve already started to see some great integrations being built. Here are a couple examples of the APIs a few TechStars companies offer that you could integrate with Twilio for your entry. StatsMix StatsMix is a powerful platform that allows people to aggregate metrics across services into dashboards. They recently blogged some ideas… Read More

Announcing the Twilio Developer Connect Mailing List

We’ve seen an influx in Twilio-related consulting and job opportunities come through our inboxes lately. To help facilitate connecting developers to these opportunities, we’ve created a broadcast-only mailing list for those interested in fulfilling these needs. The Twilio Developer Connect list will be the first place new opportunities are posted. How It Works When we receive a new request from a client looking to be connected… Read More