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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Get Started with Twilio Voice: Say a Message & Greet Caller By Name Quickstart Screencasts Twilio Bug Logo

    We recently published the final two PHP SMS Quickstart Screencasts in our Twilio SMS Quickstart series, and now it’s time to get started with Twilio Voice. These two new screencasts kick off our Voice Quickstart series, providing an easy, visual way to build Voice applications using Twilio.

    In this first Voice Quickstart Screencast, you will learn how to a message, which gives you access to a powerful text-to-speech engine that can be used for notifications or saying dynamic text that you cannot pre-record.

    In the second Voice Quickstart Screencast, you will learn how to Greet a Caller By Name which allows you to take a step further and generate dynamic speech based on a variable.

    I …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    DIY Home Automation Using Twilio, PowerSwitch, Arduino, and Pusher Twilio Bug Logo

    Need a primer? Take the Twilio SMS Docs for a spin here

    Phone-controlled TwilioBot

    You may have seen my recent blog post about building a Phone-controlled Robot using Twilio. Since then, I’ve had ideas for new Twilio + Arduino mashups pouring in from the community. Today is the second post in our new series of Twilio Hardware mashups – build your own home automation solution using Twilio SMS, PowerSwitch, Arduino, and PusherApp.

    Last week I left the A/C in my apartment on while at work. All day, I was wishing I had remembered to turn it off for the sake of my electric bill. But alas, I was out of luck. If only my A/C were able to be controlled from some sort of distributed network.

    Lucky f …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Ooomf Powers App Distribution Using Twilio SMS Twilio Bug Logo

    Mikael Cho is the Founder of ooomf, a Montreal-based startup building the future of social app discovery. Prior to ooomf, he co-founded 2 startups and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Psychology.

    Ooomf is a social app discovery platform. They make it easy for app developers to create beautiful, intuitive landing pages to more easily distribute their apps and acquire new users. We managed to catch up with one of the founders, Mikael, to ask him about his plans for Ooomf.

    Why did you build ooomf?

    The idea for ooomf came from participating in a Montreal Startup Weekend event this year. We saw so many cool mobile apps being built, but after the weekend, many of the projects started to lose momentum and we didn’t hear from them again. This got us thinking that it would be awesome if anyone with an idea for an …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Twilio SMS Quickstart Screencasts: SMS Conversations and Messages within a Call Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we are releasing the final two screencasts in the SMS Quickstart Tutorials. These series provide an easy, visual way to get started with Twilio. In the first screencast below you will learn how to track an SMS conversation, allowing you to build some amazing interactive applications.

    The second screencast below walks you through building a voice application that can send an SMS message from within the phone call. This can help you keep in touch with your users and send them relevant reminders within a phone conversation.

    If you are new to Twilio, I recommend watching the first screencast to familiarize yourself with the basics of purchasing a phone number and replying to an SMS messa …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Website Updates are Easy via SMS with Text2Page Twilio Bug Logo
    Developer Paul Finn

    Paul Finn is a software developer in Portsmouth, NH and founder of Route 3 Software. While hanging with a chef at local restaurant he wondered if there was a better way than a chalkboard to update patrons of the daily specials. The challenge for the restaurant was the time it took to update its website. Paul thought, what if you could just text in your updates? In just one evening, Text2Page was born.

    Below Paul shares his story of how Text2Page came to life.

    The Story Behind Text2Page

    I got the idea for Text2Page when talking to a chef at a local restaurant. The restaurant offered amazing specials  every single night of the week. Unfortunately, the only way to check o …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Get Started With Twilio SMS: Sending SMS Messages Screencast Twilio Bug Logo

    In a series of screencasts beginning with the first and second Twilio Quickstart Tutorials, we want to continue giving new developers an accessible way to build with Twilio. Today you can walk through the first REST API Quickstart, where you will learn how to make a REST request to Twilio’s API in order to send an outgoing SMS. This is a great way for your application to easily send notifications or distribute your mobile app. If you are new to Twilio, I recommend watching the first two screencasts to familiarize yourself with the basics of sending SMS via TwiML.

    As you watch this screencast, we’d like to encourage you to follow along with the tutorial Sending SMS Messages and build your o …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Build a Phone-controlled Robot Using Node.js, RN-XV WiFly, Arduino and Twilio Twilio Bug Logo

    Weigh in on the discussion on Hacker News!

    This post uses the Twilio Node.JS Module and the Twilio Rest Message API

    Robots have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, beginning with simple circuits and eventually moving on to PIC boards. Luckily for modern evil geniuses, creating basic robots has been made easier than ever by the Arduino and its awesome community of contributors. In this tutorial, I’m going to take you through the ins and outs of building a basic robot that you can wirelessly control from your phone’s dialpad using Twilio, Arduino, Node.js, and the RN-XV WiFly module. First things first, I’d like to show you what the finished robot looks like in action:


    The Parts

    I have a whole slew of spare parts sitting around that I used to build my robot. However, you don’t need everything I used in order to create …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon – Hackers Gotta Hack Twilio Bug Logo

    The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon was back in full force this year, with hackers of all ages and experience levels converging on the beautifully sunny Pier 94 in New York City for a day of solid hacking and mingling with the best of the best of the hacker community.

    Hackers with monitors at the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt HackathonHackers came out for the food, the fun, the free massages, and the crazy prizes. Not only was Twilio was giving away a sick smartphone-controlled A.R. Drone quadcopter for the top Twilio hack, there were massive piles of cash and other amazing prizes up for grabs from Mobli, Kno.des, Mashery, and more for the use of their APIs.

    Hackers gotta hack..even at 5AM

    With almost 400 hackers in attendance, I was amazed to find that more than half of them stayed the night, braving sickness and code quality to add that one last feature to their hacks.

    Things came to a head …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Get Started With Twilio SMS: Replying to Incoming Messages Screencast Twilio Bug Logo

    The Twilio Quickstart Tutorials are a great place to get started and learn the basics of our cloud communication platform, but I have always found it helpful to not only be able to read about the tools I’m using but also see them in use. This screencast is the second part in our continuing series of Quickstart Screencasts to show you how to get up and running with basic Twilio applications. If you have not yet worked through the first quickstart or built a Twilio application, I recommend watching the first screencast for a more basic overview of how Twilio works.

    I encourage you to follow along with the screencast and tutorial Replying to Incoming Messages to build your own awesome Twilio …

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  • By Jonathan Gottfried
    Twilio Office Hours Streaming Live Now Twilio Bug Logo

    The office hours are now over, but you can watch the replay on Spreecast!

    Join our live developer office hours on Spreecast right now where you can grab instant answers and direct feedback on your Twilio questions.

    We invite you, our noble community of Twilio hackers, to ask questions, talk about your favorite hacks, tell us what features you’d love to see, or just talk about Star Wars (disclaimer: no Jar-Jar).

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