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  • By Julia Makivic
    Make an Interactive Sculpture with Twilio Autopilot and Airtable sculpture.png

    In a previous tutorial, I described how to build a text-based messaging game using Twilio Autopilot, Facebook Messenger, and Airtable.

    Now, it’s time to bring that data into the real world, with a creative display of all the data from Twilio Autopilot that is being stored in the Airtable database.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can make a small internet-connected sculpture that displays how players respond to each question stored in the Autopilot task. You’ll use a wifi-enabled microcontroller to read data from Airtable and to display the data on a small LCD screen that would be embedded in the sculpture.

    Photo of finished sculpture

    Seeing live results from the game displayed on the sculpture makes me feel more connected to the anonymous players playing the game during a time where most of us are communicating through digital means.

    I made the sculpture out of polymer clay with an embedded circuit …

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  • By Julia Makivic
    Build a Text-Based Messaging Game with Twilio Autopilot, Facebook Messenger, and Airtable game-autopilot.png

    Screenshots from gameplay on facebook messenger

    Have you ever wanted to make a text-based messaging game, like “Bury me my Love?” Text-based messaging games are games that occur through the medium of text. They can be played with other players or they can be played against an automated system. In this case I built a game where players communicate with an automated system built using Twilio Autopilot and Facebook Messenger.

    The title of my game is called Camaraderie Park. Players complete a short questionnaire filled with a few outlandish questions meant to help them find which part of Camaraderie Park is most suited to them.

    Play Camaraderie Park by messaging the Camaraderie Park Facebook Page.

    Follow this tutorial to learn how to make your own text-based adventure on Facebook Messenger using Twilio Autopilot.

    You Will Need

    • A Twilio account (If you sign up for a new account through this link, you’ll get …
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