In The Wake Of Personal Tragedy, Douglas Olsen Finds Inspiration In Building Kmunic8


In the wake of a personal tragedy, “life-hacks”, organization apps, and other tech-trinkets seem irrelevant. They did to Douglas Olsen, a CIO and entrepreneur. When Douglas Olsen got the news his mom was sick, he focused all his energy on his family. Somewhere in-between hospital visits and reciting the same updates to different groups of people, his focus drifted back to tech. But, he wasn’t coding… Read More

3 Developers Walk Into The NYSE: Apps From The Trading Floor Code Jam


Today, three developers said hello to an entirely new coding environment — the NYSE. Right after Jeff Lawson rang the bell, welcoming $TWLO into the world, David Huerta, Leah Culver, and Rob Spectre started slinging code. Check out all their apps and try them out right here: In a matter of hours the team of developers built three Twilio-powered apps that let you do anything… Read More

Local Telephone Numbers Rocking In The Free World (Through The Ngrok Data Center Closest To You)


Grab your phone. We’re going to try out ngrok’s new local traffic routing feature using local Twilio numbers in the US, EU, AP, and Australia. Still got your phone in hand? Good. Welcome to Operation Keep On Ringing In The Free World. We’re going to buy four Twilio phone numbers in the four different ngrok data center territories and make them play music from local artists,… Read More

Call Any Representative Using One Phone Number


Representative democracies only work if you can represent yourself. Ian Webster made it easier to do just that with one phone call. Call 1-844-USA-0234 to be immediately connected to your members of Congress. A phone call can be a powerful tool for policy change. A call is a record of your voice, and your opinion. Every day, representatives get a brief of how many constituents (psst,… Read More

Air Products Uses Twilio SMS To Prevent On-site Incidents


Not all incidents are created equal. Some can wait until the next day for the IT squad to take care of. Some happen in the wee hours of the morning and require immediate attention. When you’re managing a 75 year old S&P 500 company with 22,000 employees grossing tens of millions of dollars per year, every incident counts. That’s the case for Air Products, an industry… Read More

Introducing SIGNAL London


The word is out. The SIGNAL experience is coming to London September 20th with SIGNAL London. London is a hotspot of developer creativity and ingenuity. It’s a place where lamp posts send you texts and cars let know where they are proactively. Check out the highlights from SIGNAL 2016 in San Francisco below. We’re incredibly excited to kick off SIGNAL London at The Brewery. The conference… Read More

SIGNAL Day 2 Recap: Ships, Superphones, and Space Travel


The moments after SIGNAL feel like returning home from an interstellar orbit. For anyone who’s going to $bash, that feeling will be more pronounced after you launch a spaceship into orbit. On day 2, we saw into the future of mixed reality with Rony Abvotiz, were graced by a performance from Ryan Leslie (after he demoed his Superphone), and brought a Slack bot into the world… Read More