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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Connecting SMS To Slack With Twilio and Zapier Connect Slack To Twilio Zapier

    When you’re looking for a customer’s feedback, don’t make them jump through hoops to give it to you.

    Let’s wire up a Twilio number to a Slack channel using Zapier. This will let users text their feedback to your number, and their feedback will pop up in a Slack channel for easy reference. There’s no code required and we’ll have this running in a matter of minutes.

    When we’re looking for feedback on the next issue of the Developer Digest, let readers text in their thoughts. The whole thing is Zapier powered. Let’s build it.

    First Things First

    You’ll need a Zapier account, and a Twilio account. Sign up if you haven’t already. You’ll also need to purchase a SMS enabled Twilio number. Head o …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Qeepsake Lets You Log Precious Memories Via Twilio SMS Qeepsake

    On Saturday, they had the idea. On Monday, they started working on Qeepsake.

    Jeff and Stephanie McNeil, along with Duncan Street, founded Qeepsake together. Jeff and Stephanie are the proud parents of 5 young children.

    As you might imagine, they don’t have a ton of time to sit down and write in a journal when a moment of parental pride strikes them. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t write that memory to record. Jeff and Stephanie built Qeepsake as a more convenient way to log those parental thoughts via an SMS-based journal.

    When your child does something so adorable it deserves to be memorialized, you can whip out your phone and text your Twilio-powered Qeepsake number. The image you sent, and text you included are logged in your Qeepsake journal. Qeepsake also sends out prompts asking parents questions like “What are two words that describe your child’s personality??” Keeping …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Making Phone Calls Using Twilio SIP

    The following is a guest post from Nethram.

    In this blog, we will demonstrate how to register multiple extensions with Twilio, and to make calls between the extensions and also external calls. We have also provided easy to use scripts that you may use from our server, or modify to meet your specific needs.

    Twilio allows to connect SIP-enabled devices or soft phones directly to Twilio and to use the Voice API to handle calls. The following diagram shows how sip endpoints can make calls within and to out side of the network. Sip endpoints can call each other and can make call to out side.Also can receive call external to the system.

    Twilio SIP Endpoint Registration

    We are going to register twilio sip end point in android phone and make inbound and outbound calls with twilio sip end points. We are using Zoiper soft phone, but the same …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Shopify’s Kit: The A.I. Bot Helping You Run Marketing From The Palm of Your Hand Shopify-Kit-e1460570786415

    You can pitch your MVP to a room of investors. Or, you can ask Grandma.

    Back in 2013, Michael Perry was trying to figure out where his company, Kit, would go. At the time, Kit focused on making it easy for small business owners to buy and run Facebook ads through an online dashboard.

    Michael was constantly trying to figure out what aspect of Kit he could streamline, tweak or even remove. Any unnecessary action could cost Kit users time. For small business owners who often wear multiple hats and do everything from sales to marketing to store room restocking, time is in short supply.

    Then Michael had the Grandma epiphany that would lead him to turn Kit from an online tool to a solely SMS based tool.

    The Grandma epiphany was this: anyone can text, even his Grandma. If Michael could make managing social media marketing as easy …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Heymarket Ships Shared Inboxes For Teams On The Go heymarketlogo

    Something’s broken when you get a “you up?” text message — from your customer.

    It’s awesome your customer feels personally connected to your business enough to text you. But, no one is doing business at 1am on a Tuesday — and not from their personal inbox.

    Scaling text messaging for businesses, and the personal relationships therein, can be tricky. With the right set of software, you can have all the good parts of texting your customers without waking up to text messages in the middle of the night.

    Heymarket co-founder, Amit Kulkarni, founded Heymarket to scale messaging for businesses. This was after Amit got a text from the person who delivered his furniture. The delivery driver was apologizing for last night. This text was not meant for Amit. But, The Heymarket Team figured they could code snafus like this one out of existence.

    Building Texting For Businesses

    The Heymarket team …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Engineering For Redundancy, Hoping Telecom Contractors Don’t Dig Through Your SIP Trunks TelecomTowers

    You can plan for redundancy. But your plans don’t count for anything when a contractor digs right through the fiber optic cable powering your client’s calls. The folks at Ozonetel know this first hand. One guy and a shovel can make your journey to 5 nines way harder. This is one of the many challenges you face when building a communications network.

    Ozonetel laid the groundwork (literally and figuratively) for their communications suite in India. They set up 18 points of presence and helped SMBs and Enterprises across India switch from a hardware based, inflexible call centers to a more agile-cloud based call center. This enabled them to field calls more easily, and keep track of missed calls from customers.

    I would prefer to text or chat with a business. When I got a call from Sweetwater Music two minutes after buying a $40 piece of equipment, I was put …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Testing At Scale: ScribbleChat Relies On OpenGL & WebGL Scribble

    There’s a part of app development that feels Sisyphean. You worked on a feature the day before, a small animation. You push code out to test, and wait as your device renders the code you just deployed.

    What should happen is the blue circle, which will soon be a character rendering, knocks into a blue square. But, you’ve been waiting for 30+ seconds to see that blue circle pops up. When it does, you’re relieved. But you’re also drained. Tiny deployments, tiny waiting periods, and tiny bits of frustration add up when you’re constantly iterating and debugging an app.

    CTO, Trey Stout has a different way of doing things. Namely, avoiding that Sisyphean process at all costs. He doesn’t push code up the hill over and over, constantly building for different devices. He tests ScribbleChat’s code faster using Open GL and WebGL.

    ScribbleChat allows you to turn texts …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Callio Pipes Phone Calls Into A Slack Channel using Twilio + Ruby callio

    If a phone rings and there’s no one there to answer it, does it make a sound?

    I mean, yes. Obviously. Why are you focusing on the sound issue? You should be asking who called and what they were calling about.

    If you got a Slack notification every time a lead called, you probably wouldn’t miss that call. If that phone call popped into a Slack channel where any one of your co-workers could grab it, you definitely wouldn’t miss that call.

    That was Netguru’s operating assumption when they built Callio, a Twilio-powered app that forwards your inbound calls to a Slack channel. Callio made it far easier for Netguru to track and manage client communications and inbound leads.

    How Lukasz Built Callio from an Idea to a Production App in a Few Days

    Now, Netguru’s team is spreading the wealth and sharing all their code. Head …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Literacy Delivered: Cell-Ed Educates Anywhere with Twilio cell-edlogo

    Lucia navigates the Los Angeles Public Transportation system every day, taking the bus from her home in South LA to Beverly Hills where she cleans houses. She’s done this successfully for a decade, despite the fact she can’t read the bus schedule or signs indicating the bus’s destination. Instead, Lucia memorizes the color coded bus routes.

    Lucia speaks English, but cannot read or write in English. She wants to learn these skills but runs up against what seems like a Catch 22: How do you signal for help when you don’t have the proper facility to do so? Conversely, how can an organization reach Lucia if she can’t see their signal?
    The answer is complicated. But it starts with a simple interaction — a phone call to Lucia courtesy of Cell-Ed.

    Coaching Learners on their Journey to Literacy

    When Lucia picks up, she hears a friendly voice on the …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Fix Your Apartment Buzzer In 3 Lines of Code (and No Server) ApartmentBuzzerImageviaGizmodo

    Landlord: “The buzzer only works with a local area code, so you’re probably out of luck.”

    You: “Yeah right, ever heard of TwiML bins?”

    Landlord: “What? Is that like a paint bucket or something?”

    You: “It’s a serverless developer envio... nevermind. Use this number for the apartment buzzer instead.”

    Landlord: “It works!”

    You: “Old building systems be damned! TwiML to the rescue.”

    Building A Twilio Powered Apartment Buzzer

    Sorry that got a little autobiographical towards the end there. Anyways, if you need a local phone number for your apartment’s buzzer, we’ve got you covered. I hacked a solution to the problem posed above while my landlord was standing in my doorway waiting. That’s how quick this tutorial is.

    First off, sign up for a free Twilio account, then buy a Twilio number with your local area code.

    Next, click that big red plus …

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