Literacy Delivered: Cell-Ed Educates Anywhere with Twilio


Lucia navigates the Los Angeles Public Transportation system every day, taking the bus from her home in South LA to Beverly Hills where she cleans houses. She’s done this successfully for a decade, despite the fact she can’t read the bus schedule or signs indicating the bus’s destination. Instead, Lucia memorizes the color coded bus routes. Lucia speaks English, but cannot read or write in English…. Read More

Fix Your Apartment Buzzer In 3 Lines of Code (and No Server)


Landlord: “The buzzer only works with a local area code, so you’re probably out of luck.” You: “Yeah right, ever heard of TwiML bins?” Landlord: “What? Is that like a paint bucket or something?” You: “It’s a serverless developer envio… nevermind. Use this number for the apartment buzzer instead.” Landlord: “It works!” You: “Old building systems be damned! TwiML to the rescue.” Building A Twilio Powered Apartment… Read More

How To Build A Phone Number That Does Nothing But Play Smashmouth’s “All Star”


What happened in 1999 will not stay in 1999, no matter how hard we try. Yes, I’m referring to Smashmouth’s “All Star.” Well, (deep sigh) let’s get this over with and pray that this song goes away soon. Dean Sheather built a phone number that does nothing but play Smashmouth’s “All Star”. We’ll build a phone number that plays “All Star” when someone calls, and texts… Read More

Building Your Dog A 💩 Button with a Raspberry Pi, Node.js and Twilio


File this under: better to have than not. Trevor Miller built a button that his dog, Oli, presses when he has to 💩. Trevor hasn’t revealed Oli’s training regimen which led him to being such a good boy. But, Trevor will gladly show you how to build a IoT powered button using Twilio and Raspberry Pi in Node. Here’s the code that does a lion’s share… Read More

All Stories from SIGNAL 2017


Are you sitting down? Alright, good. Post-SIGNAL, your head is likely spinning from the whirlwind of announcements. Never fear, we’ve got the rundown for you. No two developer tool belts are alike. There are 1.6 million of your fellow developers on the Twilio platform. Each of them—including you—is building something to solve a nuanced problem, with a nuanced set of tools. SIGNAL just put your tool… Read More

Announcing the Impact Fund


It’s hard to see how something as simple as a text can serve underrepresented communities, save lives, or encourage financial stability. That is, until you see communications in action. is committed to supporting and empowering the organizations that use communications to deliver impact. works with nonprofits to maximize their impact by giving them the communications tools they need serve their communities and cut through… Read More