Introducing The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Add-On

The following is a guest post by Chris Desmarais, of IBM Watson We are excited to announce that the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer add-on is now available in developer preview in the Twilio Add-ons Marketplace! Tone Analyzer is a service to help you assess and refine the tone in textual communication. It enhances your text messages using linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotions, social tendencies,… Read More

You Can Text Yelp To Find Food Faster, Or Build The App Yourself In Ruby

It’s SXSW season. The phrase “is there WiFI here?” is likely being uttered as you read this, and will be uttered every 1.3 seconds for the remainder of SXSW. When there’s no WiFi and you’re hangry, your friend, 3G, is there for you. It’ll help you find a spot to take a breather, grab some food, and recharge. Armed with a 3G connection, and a Twilio… Read More

An API By Any Other Name

The Twilio you know could have been easily been a pig-themed API. Jeff Lawson bought for $7 in 2007. But Twilio was of many options on a name-storming sheet that Jeff sent to co-founder John Wolthuis.   Let’s peek into the lives Twilio could’ve had. We’ll see where these domains are now. – This is now the home of Taylor Pass Honey, a New… Read More

“This Is Fine”… Or Not: Get Server Outage Alerts via SMS with Amazon Lambda

Nick Malcolm used to panic scroll through emails every morning. He’d scroll hoping not to find that email — the alert email telling him about a server that tipped over. The fact he had to scroll down through a litany of emails to find the server outage alert meant it was already too late to escape scott-free. But, there was still time to minimize damage. Nick… Read More

Developers For Democracy: How Your Code Can Build A Better Society

The function of your code reaches further than its branch. The code you write connects people to their representatives and bring communities together. We have seen the power of your work. In the past month, Twilio has powered 750,000 calls to Congress, thanks to your code and ingenuity. We’re hoping you join us on the road to 100 million calls as part of the Voices for… Read More

ScribbleChat Fills The Valley Between GIFS and Text using Twilio Programmable Chat

Your GIF game is pro-level. That’s a given. You are above using tired GIFs from The Office. Your replies are much more nuanced.  No-one needs another ham-fisted Michael Scott “NOO” GIF in their life.   Along the journey through group texts, Facebook messages, and Twitter replies, you’ll eventually hit a valley between text replies and GIF replies, where neither meets your needs. ScribbleChat hopes to fit… Read More

As Rent In Shoreditch Skyrockets, Hoxton Mix Gives Startups Virtual Offices using Twilio

Central London’s Shoreditch neighborhood has become a hub for startups looking to make it big.  As people flood into Shoreditch, rents rise in tandem. It’s hard for startups to find affordable office space in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, you can still find restaurants that exclusively serve cereal in Shoreditch — addressing a problem no one had, but nonetheless finding product market fit. Hoxton Mix solves a more… Read More

The TODAY Show Connects Fans To Celebrity Coaches with Twilio and Front

When The Today Show gives you the opportunity to ask world renowned personal trainer, Bob Harper, a fitness question, you know you should take your shot. But, some questions are better asked in private: “Hey Bob, how do I mend my strained relationship with the elliptical machine?” That question might seem too personal to fit in a Facebook comment thread. It might be better for me… Read More

Coding Your Way Out of a $1,000 a month AT&T bill with Twilio and Intercom

It was getting harder and harder for Farid to write a $1,000 check to AT&T every month. He paid for 12 phone lines so his dental office could handle call volume at peak hours. Off peak, they only used the capacity of two lines. He still paid full price, a fixed price, for all 12. AT&T didn’t charge Farid extra to place callers on hold. The… Read More