Engineering for the Worst Case Scenario: FallSafety Builds Man Down Alerts with Twilio Notify

You don’t typically find “140 pound MMA dummy” on the list of dependencies required to build notifications for an iOS or Android app. But the dummy is critical to the engineers at FallSafety. He’s not as pliable or easily maneuverable as code in a text editor, but he represents the final function of the engineers’ code. To know whether FallSafety’s code works properly, the dummy has… Read More

Leaving A Message For A Rockstar with Python and Twilio

You know when you’re selling out stadiums and want to connect with your fans one-on-one but can’t exactly give out your personal phone number? Yeah, common problem — for Zac Brown & his band. Zac Brown Band has about 1.67 million Twitter followers. The ZBB squad wanted to reach out to every fan before dropping their new record (which came out today). Dialing up 1.67 million… Read More

Making Super Mario Bros Even More Difficult…For Science

Mess up someone’s Super Mario Bros’ run in person at SIGNAL. Andrew will be there showing you how to build a Haunted NES. Super Mario Bros could make you throw your controller across the room, only to frantically check it was still operational so you could go back to playing that level you love/hate. Andrew Reitano wants to make those beloved NES games a little harder… Read More

Developer Digest: Automating Wedding Stress Away in Python

Old things are new again, just new in a different way. That old NES you used to play Super Mario Bros on…? Well Andrew Reitano’s newly-hacked NES lets strangers turn any level into a water level with one text. This issue of the Developer Digest celebrates the developers making the old new and novel, from fax machines, to wedding invitations, to that trusty old password you… Read More

SIGNAL Speakers Give You The TL;DR Of Their Talks

You want to walk out of a conference with more than just a lanyard. The talks at SIGNAL will help you hone your craft with relevant, substantive material. (psst…grab your ticket here) For example, it’s important to learn about telephony APIs and reading/writing data in real time. It’s just more fun in the context of Super Mario Bros. At SIGNAL, Andy Reitano will show you how… Read More

Allow Fax To Reintroduce Itself: Meet Twilio Programmable Fax

The technology that brings you on-demand food in 5 minutes is new. The fax machine that printed out your order at the restaurant is not. Fax is still an essential tool for a variety of organizations – from hospitals to law offices, from pizza shops to the offices of the Federal Investigation Bureau. But, fax was offline and brittle. Today, it’s online and ready to work…. Read More

Introducing The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Add-On

The following is a guest post by Chris Desmarais, of IBM Watson We are excited to announce that the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer add-on is now available in developer preview in the Twilio Add-ons Marketplace! Tone Analyzer is a service to help you assess and refine the tone in textual communication. It enhances your text messages using linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotions, social tendencies,… Read More

You Can Text Yelp To Find Food Faster, Or Build The App Yourself In Ruby

It’s SXSW season. The phrase “is there WiFI here?” is likely being uttered as you read this, and will be uttered every 1.3 seconds for the remainder of SXSW. When there’s no WiFi and you’re hangry, your friend, 3G, is there for you. It’ll help you find a spot to take a breather, grab some food, and recharge. Armed with a 3G connection, and a Twilio… Read More