Bias-Free Hiring: How Is Changing The Landscape Of Tech Hiring


“All I wanted to do was get to the code.” The person responsible for this quote believes that resumes are a terrible way to gauge technical ability. This person argues that including or excluding candidates based on the prestige of their alma mater, or previous employer is what’s broken about hiring developers. Code should come first. This person built a platform that mutes those extraneous details… Read More

Building Developer Tools For Developers: Theodore Wilson Of IBM’s Bluemix


In 1981, IBM built the IBM Model 5150, to democratize the computer. 35 years later, they’re democratizing their computing power with IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix. When power falls into the hands of creative developers, a lot of rad stuff gets built. Bluemix makes building, deploying, and scaling apps much easier, while Watson adds some super smarts to whatever you build. You could build a video… Read More

TTAG Systems Brings Customers’ Ideas To Life With Twilio


Great ideas shouldn’t die on the vine. When a company lacks the technical expertise to ship their idea, they can drop it — or call the experts. TTAG Systems specializes in bringing their customers’ communications ideas to fruition.   “We try to find solutions for our customers,” says TTAG Systems, Chief Innovation Officer, Armen Matosyan. “Typically our customers have heard about the technology they want to… Read More

3 Things You Won’t Want To Miss At $bash


Take a moment and think back to some of your favorite moments as a developer. If you’re like us, those moments probably involve slinging code, solving a problem you thought was impossible or working with an incredible crew of developers to build something awesome. We created $bash – the closing party for SIGNAL – to honor these moments. Think of it as Coney Island for Coders… Read More

Pittsburgh Technical Institute Switches SIP Based Call Center To Twilio


Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) has been helping students launch a new career path with a post-secondary degree for over 70 years. PTI prides themselves on being attuned to the job market, keeping its curriculum current to ensure their students are successful after graduation. As the school evolved, their communications stack stayed the same, costing PTI time and money. Using Twilio, PTI overhauled their SIP-based call center… Read More

Coding The Way To A Human Right: Human Utility Gives Underserved Communities Access To Water


When Tiffani Bell put her number on Human Utility’s website (formerly known as The Detroit Water Project), she received calls at 5am PST almost every morning from Detroit residents wanting an answer about their water bills.   There’s no easy way to explain how thousands of Detroit residents ended up without sustainable access to water. When you start talking about the economy, infrastructure and climate change… Read More

TextMeSlacker: Replying To Texts In Slack with Slackbots and Twilio

Image via Wired. 
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You don’t need to climb a phone tree to get a response from a company. You can SMS your way straight to an answer. But what does that company do with a flooded SMS inbox? Build a Slackbot, duh. The developers behind Network Effects, Justin Jackson and Marty Dill thought that answer was obvious. “GETTING TEXT MESSAGES IN SLACK IS MAGICAL,” says Justin (in all caps)…. Read More