Music Hack Day App Lets You Unlock New Tracks From Beastie Boys and Trent Reznor

Ian Rogers, CEO of digital music service Daisy, a new company launched by Dr. Dre didn’t go into Music Hack Day with a specific idea,…Full Article

Day in the Life: Being a Twilio API Software Engineer

Twilio is hiring a Senior Software Engineer for the API team! We’re looking for someone who is driven to improve and maintain our API framework,…Full Article

Real Gifts via SMS: Yiftee Launches GiftUp API, Secret Admirer Feature

Aldo Briano chose an interesting way to test out his company’s API — he decided to test it live at a hackathon. As co-founder of…Full Article

Hacking For Good: Cleans Up Kumasi With Twilio

Flying 7,500 miles from San Francisco to Ghana wasn’t new to Robin Bigio. He worked in Tanzania architecting new cookstoves and in Kenya building scalable…Full Article

GreenRope Simplifies Small Business Logistics with Twilio

Small business owners have a million things to keep track of. Whether it’s crunching numbers, running errands or reaching out to customers, there’s always something…Full Article

MeetMeTix Offers Last Minute Tickets via Twilio SMS

Outside of a sold out concert, you’ll see fans looking for last minute tickets. They will likely run to an ATM to take out unreasonable…Full Article

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PennApps Recap: EyePhone, Inventory, and Making Your Coffee Maker Text You

PennApps is the largest student hackathon in the world. Students from all over the country came to Philadelphia to forego sleep in order to build…Full Article

Coding In Color: Boston’s Light Blades Change Color via Twilio SMS

The Light Blades may resemble ships’ masts but they act much differently. The six gigantic steel structures, designed by artist Dennis Carmichael, overlook the Boston…Full Article

Inigral Helps Colleges Reach Students With Twilio SMS

Choosing the right college is difficult. It’s a big decision based on what you want to study, but it’s still influenced by smaller factors like…Full Article

The International App: YooTok Offers Easy International Calling with Twilio

When my two sisters were both abroad at the same time, it was hard finding time to Skype with three different schedules and three different…Full Article

Snow Via Text: How The Team At Poke Made London’s Rivington Street Snow

You can wish for it to snow, or you can make it snow via text. This past holiday season,  London residents walking down Rivington Street summoned…Full Article

Android App Hushed Offers Temporary Numbers in Over 40 Countries

Disposable number app, Hushed, launched just 24 hours ago. But, in that time, they’ve logged over 2,000 downloads and the numbers are still climbing. Hushed,…Full Article

GoCardless Creates Data Driven Support Using Twilio Powered Nodephone

This is a syndicated post, originally posted by Tim Rogers, Customer Support Manager at UK-based GoCardless, a service that allows you to accept  payment via…Full Article

Snapshot of a Silent Auction : Alex Ember and Dan Kaminsky Build an SMS Payment App

What happens when a gifted artist moves in with a brilliant hacker? (I’m not pitching you a sitcom, I promise.) First off, they throw an…Full Article

DOer of the Month: Lyle Pratt of Better Voicemail

Lyle Pratt quit his job as a senior software engineer to found his own company, and didn’t work–at first. Then he launched Better Voicemail using…Full Article

MailChimp’s Gather App Keeps Your Attendees In The Loop With Twilio SMS

Ben Chestnut wandered the halls of his hotel the night before Startup Riot Atlanta. It was his job to judge the hackathon. He wasn’t nervous,…Full Article

Publik Demand Gives Customers A Voice With Twilio

When I flew home to Maryland last week, I dealt with some downright awful customer service. Not your run of the mill flight attendant, tired…Full Article

General Assembly Video: How To Create A Customer Support Line With Twilio Queue

Rob Spectre and Christopher Castiglione want you to have a little more free time. They also want to save you from running around your office…Full Article

How I Built My Mom A Donna Summer Themed Conference Line

On Christmas Day, my Mom’s phone rings off the hook. Every member of my gigantic family is calling, wishing her a happy birthday, and wishing…Full Article

iFactor: Bringing SMS Notifications to Customers with Twilio

When your power goes out there are typically two questions you ask yourself: where are the flashlights, and when is the power coming back on?…Full Article

Top 5 Twilio Holiday Hacks

The holidays are here! Finally extra time to work on your own projects or start a new one.  Whether you’re looking to hack hardware, try…Full Article

Ringing In The Anniversary of Callin’ Oates

One year ago today Callin’ Oates, the emergency Hall and Oates hotline, launched with much fanfare. And to celebrate, the Callin’ Oates family is growing,…Full Article

Dropping A Pin In A Haystack: MeatText Lets You Share Your Exact Location

I can’t meet up with friends in Dolores Park. It’s one of the most popular parks in San Francisco, in one of the most popular…Full Article

NY Tech Weekend Recap: Rebuilding After Sandy, Carving Out The Future of Meat

Last weekend, the New York tech community coded for social good. Some helped Hurricane Sandy victims rebuild after the storm, and some helped farmers and…Full Article

Wyld Collective Builds At The Intersection of Art and Tech with Twilio SMS

Geographers haven’t pinpointed the intersection of design and tech, but based on my interview with WyldCo, I’m beginning to suspect it’s in Montreal. Montreal based…Full Article

Seconds Streamlines Mobile Payment and Launches A Charity Using Twilio SMS

There are six billion active cell phone subscriptions worldwide. Nick Hughes, CEO of Seconds, wanted to develop a service that would allow all of those people…Full Article

Secure Quorum Streamlines Incident Management Powered By Twilio Conference

People panic in emergencies. It’s hard for us to walk and not run to the nearest exit. It’s hard for me to not call for…Full Article

DOer of the Month: Charlton Roberts of Order Mapper

Charlton Roberts, lead developer at Order Mapper served up some great applications for a good cause alongside Order Mapper CEO, Jim Bricker. Charlton was instrumental…Full Article

BuildingLink Reaches Residents During Hurricane Sandy With Twilio SMS

On Sunday October 28th, Mayor Bloomberg issued an evacuation of all Manhattan residents in Zone A. Jerry Kesterbaum, founder of building management web platform, BuildingLink,…Full Article

60 Second Scoop Provides Critical Information in Emergencies with Twilio Voice

When Hurricane Issac hit New Orleans the last thing that residents were worrying about was 3G connections, broadband, or internet access. They were fighting to…Full Article

Art, Data and Building Trees from Texts: Tracing The Roots of (x)Tree

When you think of text messaging, art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, where some see texts, others see art. Agnes Chavez is…Full Article

Cards, Code, and The App That Doesn’t Exist: The Magic Behind iPredict+

How do you build an app that doesn’t exist? That’s a question only a magician can answer and a problem only a hacker can solve,…Full Article

Introducing The Newly Revamped Twilio DOer Gallery

We revamped our DOer Gallery to highlight the people behind the amazing apps built on Twilio. The gallery is a place to check out other…Full Article

You Need My Guy: How a DryWall Mishap Sparked a Social Hiring Site

Joe Cassara (pictured right) hired a drywall contractor who had multiple references, all of which checked out. Still, he left Joe with some poorly hung drywall…Full Article

CloudSquads Offers Click-to-Call and Transcription in the Salesforce Cloud with Twilio

This guest post is from Ashish Seth (pictured right) – Co-Founder and CEO at CloudSquads.  Ashish is admittedly “obsessed” with helping enterprises make their business…Full Article

Booking Bug Leverages Twilio SMS To Empower Small Businesses

The inspiration for BookingBug arose when CEO Glenn Shoosmith was having trouble booking a squash game at his sports center. Realizing that many service businesses lacked…Full Article

Creating Customer Notifications with JIRA, GreenHopper, Zapier and Twilio SMS

This is a guest post from Nicholas Muldoon, a GreenHopper & Agile Expert for Atlassian, the good people behind JIRA. Nick details how integrate webhooks…Full Article

Building Twilio Apps Using ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API

This is the second post in a two part series by Long Le, a .NET Enterprise Architect and Solutions Architect at Computer Sciences Corporation. You…Full Article

Adding Dependency Injection to your ASP.NET MVC Twilio app using MEF

This is a guest post by Long Le, a .NET Enterprise Architect and Solutions Architect at Computer Sciences Corporation. Originally posted on Long’s personal blog…Full Article

eLynx Secures Realtime SMS Alerts For the Oil and Gas Industry with Twilio SMS

Ryan McDonald (pictured right) is the IT director of eLynx Technologies. He will be speaking at Twilio’s upcoming November 8th webinar on integrating voice and SMS into…Full Article

Get Out and Vote: Apps Helping You Get to the Polls

Tomorrow is our election day, time to get out and vote! SMS, Voice and new avenues of communication are changing the way we share information and…Full Article

Developers Spring to Action with #Sandy Relief: Apps and Resources

The outpouring of support around Hurricane Sandy is incredible and humbling as people step up to donate, volunteer time and provide whatever help they can.…Full Article

Fancy Hands Brings Personal Assistants to Everyone

Raising kids can be a full time job. Raising two kids while writing a book and trying managing bills all at the same time is nearly…Full Article

HipDial Takes The Hassle Out Of Conference Calls With Twilio

There’s a popular phrase: “I’m hopping on a conference call.” But, “hopping” may not be  the right word. Joining a conference call normally involves searching for…Full Article

Authy Delivers Two-Factor Authentication Security in Minutes With Twilio SMS

Daniel Palacio decided to found Authy in the spring of 2011 following an onslaught of headline-making password breaches. “People’s accounts were compromised, their e-mails and…Full Article

Uber and Redbeacon Deliver Great Customer Experiences With Twilio

Our customers are building incredible products and they know what’s important to their users – delivering an awesome experience. Both Uber and Redbeacon put major…Full Article

Join The FTC in their Fight Against Evil Robots

We take our role as a network provider seriously, and heavily invest in how we protect our customers from unsolicited calls and messaging. Keeping our…Full Article

Sessions Keeps Your Workouts Honest w/ Twilio SMS

Sure, working out is hard. For me, getting to the gym is even harder. I have to pack my gym bag the night before, set…Full Article

TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon: DialTalent, TextAngel Win Top Prizes

Amidst a sea of burrito wrappers, empty Red Bull cans and glowing computer screens, TwilioCon hackers built 47 projects in just 6 hours during last…Full Article

TwilioCon 2012: The 12 Keynote DOers

This morning on stage, Jeff Lawson highlighted 12 teams of people that embody the spirit of challenge and are driving the change we see in…Full Article