Jimmy Jacobson Talks About Wedgies, The White House, and Social Polling


Wedgies co-founder, Jimmy Jacobson, gets a few things out the way at the start of the podcast. Naming the social-polling company he founded Wedgies was not the result of losing a bet   While the company is based in Las Vegas, they do not operate out of a casino   Jimmy and his fellow co-founder bought the domain Wedgies.com fair and square…from a guy right before… Read More

Meet The Speakers: David Lyons, Jeff Sloyer, and Genevieve Nielsen


The countdown to SIGNAL marches on. We’re back with another installment in the Meet The Speakers series. If you missed part 1, don’t fret. It’s right here. In part 2, we’ll introduce you to a React.js enthusiast, a CTO making public services more accessible, and a developer advocate who is buddies with IBM Watson. David Roberts David Roberts is a coder, runner, coffee drinker and software… Read More

VoiceIt Strengthens Your Security with Voice Biometrics In The Age Of Sophisticated Cyber Attacks


Run of the mill security isn’t cutting it.  Modern cyber attacks are increasingly effective at penetrating the outdated security measures employed by large companies such as Target, Sony, and BCBS.  Even the US Government has struggled to stay ahead of hackers, who were able to forward every incoming call to the Director of the CIA from his home phone to the Free Palestine Movement hotline. Yep… Read More

Breaking Through Bottlenecks: How Lyft Scaled To Success [SIGNAL Rewind]


Lyft has scaled rapidly to say the least. They’re valued at over two-billion, and recently raised a billion dollars, with 500 million of that coming from General Motors. If you used Lyft back in 2013, you might have had trouble getting a Lyft on a Friday night. They didn’t have enough people driving with Lyft then. This is the struggle of a two-sided marketplace – you… Read More

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: Whispir Helps Developers Deploy Faster


Redundancy is good. Except when you’re writing redundant code. Whispir, and their developers, are not fans of redundant code. They’re into devs spending more time focusing on their strong suits. Whispir hopes to give developers that time back, by offering pre-built communications solutions devs can add on to their existing hacks. Consider it as stacking their lego blocks onto your lego blocks, if lego blocks were… Read More

Kiosk Uses TTS To Highlight The Humanity In Everyday Objects


The cacophony of New York City is engrossing. You can stand on a crowded corner and try and pick out the layers of sound. Look up and you can pick out noisy visuals all calling for your attention, from billboards to 3 story screens. Stepping out of the street and into MoMA PS1’s Kiosk Exhibit, the contrast is heightened. There’s no competition for your attention. The… Read More

Meet The SIGNAL Speakers: Engineering “Mad Science”, Investing and Testing


SIGNAL is just eight weeks away. Let’s get you familiar with the front-end engineers, investors, hackers, and testers that will be at SIGNAL. If you haven’t nabbed your tickets to SIGNAL yet, you can use the promo code BLOG75 to get $75 off of the ticket price. Without further adieu, let’s meet the speakers. Allison Craig There aren’t too many engineers with degrees in fashion design…. Read More

The App That Shouldn’t Exist: PulledOver Strives To Deliver Transparency In Police Interactions


Matt can’t remember the exact moment he knew he needed to build PulledOver. At first, hearing news that another person of color had been killed during a routine traffic stop felt like a new and fresh outrage. But within a short period of time there was another story, and another. The outrage that had at first felt fresh now became uncomfortably familiar. And at some point,… Read More