Pittsburgh Technical Institute Switches SIP Based Call Center To Twilio


Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) has been helping students launch a new career path with a post-secondary degree for over 70 years. PTI prides themselves on being attuned to the job market, keeping its curriculum current to ensure their students are successful after graduation. As the school evolved, their communications stack stayed the same, costing PTI time and money. Using Twilio, PTI overhauled their SIP-based call center… Read More

Coding The Way To A Human Right: Human Utility Gives Underserved Communities Access To Water


When Tiffani Bell put her number on Human Utility’s website (formerly known as The Detroit Water Project), she received calls at 5am PST almost every morning from Detroit residents wanting an answer about their water bills.   There’s no easy way to explain how thousands of Detroit residents ended up without sustainable access to water. When you start talking about the economy, infrastructure and climate change… Read More

TextMeSlacker: Replying To Texts In Slack with Slackbots and Twilio

Image via Wired. 
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You don’t need to climb a phone tree to get a response from a company. You can SMS your way straight to an answer. But what does that company do with a flooded SMS inbox? Build a Slackbot, duh. The developers behind Network Effects, Justin Jackson and Marty Dill thought that answer was obvious. “GETTING TEXT MESSAGES IN SLACK IS MAGICAL,” says Justin (in all caps)…. Read More

Introducing /bots: The day bots ate SIGNAL


SIGNAL is Twilio’s developer conference for communications and a conversation about communications in 2016 would be incomplete if it didn’t include bots. We’re hosting /bots at SIGNAL, a “sub-conference” where everyone at the forefront of the bots movement will come together to talk about the future of messaging. We’d love to have you there May 24th and 25th at SIGNAL. /bots will feature speakers from development teams… Read More

Engineering The Simple Postcard


Jason Strauss’ debugging took a week. His input was familiar — code. The output was uncharted analog territory – a postcard. Unlike your 500 error, a postcard takes a week to get back to you. Jason was debugging in week-long chunks. After a few weekends of work, discovering the perfect NLP library for him, and gluing together three APIs, The Simple Postcard was born. Send a… Read More

Some Of Our Favorite Product Hunt Hacks


The Best Of Product Hunt If you’re having builder’s block – a developer’s version of writer’s block – just look at Product Hunt. You might see a dev who built an anti-app that lets you summon almost anything you want (including helicopters) via text. You might see an AI-based lawyer app. We see developers who are consistently shipping ideas that demonstrate their creativity and commitment to… Read More

TwilioFund Backed Sonar Is Named Facebook Platform Partner, Looks To Future of Messaging Bots


If you call a company with less than stellar support, you’ll communicate without really having a conversation. There are normally two problems afoot. First, the agent doesn’t have the context they should. You’ll repeat basic information about yourself. The second problem is you didn’t want to wait on hold, you wanted to shoot someone a text to answer your question. But, that company only has one… Read More

Send A Job Builds Communication Context For The Field Service Industry


Erez Marom and Idan Kadosh’s success running a locksmith business led them to found a field service management & communication software company, Send A Job. It’s an unlikely career arc that Erez and Idan themselves  couldn’t have predicted. The knowledge they  gained from years of being out in the field helped them  craft software that makes life easier for companies, customers, and contractors alike. And it… Read More