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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Short Codes, Big Lessons: Make The Most Of Your Short Code Twilio_Blog_Message-Delivery-Info_2x-1

    Don’t let these shorter 5 – 6 digit numbers fool you — our customers have shown us that short codes can do big things! Since we started offering short codes four years ago, our customers have helped us become (according to the folks at the CTIA):

    • The largest holder of short codes in the industry
    • The fastest growing provider of short codes
    • The provider with the most active short codes

    Even though shortcodes are dynamic and growing fast, we’ve learned they can be one of the most complicated and least understood products when it comes to setup and industry requirements. To put it simply, getting a short code off the ground presents a few challenges. We’re here to share with you some of the key lessons and tips we’ve gathered from helping hundreds of customers get their short codes up and running.

    1. Getting Started: When Should You Use a …

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