Send and Receive SMS messages with Kotlin

Kotlin is the new type-inferred hotness in the world of JVM languages giving you a single unified language for building Android, server-side and even JavaScript apps. If you’re a Java developer then giving Kotlin a spin is simple. Let’s look at how to send and receive SMS messages using Kotlin and Twilio’s Java library. You can also download the code from here if you don’t want to follow… Read More

Google Spreadsheets and .NET Core

You don’t always need a fully functional database for every project. If you’re prototyping and your data model is still changing, chances are you could use a Google Spreadsheet for easier and quicker set up. In this tutorial we will use Google’s API client library for working with Sheets in .NET Core. Get access to your spreadsheets You can use any Google Sheet you already have lying… Read More

Getting started with Android Things

Android Things makes it way easier to build IoT applications using the Android Framework and the tools you already know. Let’s have a look at how to flash Android Things to a Raspberry Pi 3 and build our first application. Our tools We’ll use the following tools throughout the tutorial: Android Studio A Raspberry Pi 3 with no flashed image A micro SD memory card with at least… Read More

Listen to your Android apps heartbeat with Stetho

I probably work with the web as much as I do with mobile. On the web, developer tools like the Chrome Developer Tools offer more than just a code debugger. The network monitors and layout visualisers make it easier to not just see the code executing, but offer a more holistic debugging experience. I missed this one-stop-shop experience when it came to fixing bugs in my Android… Read More

An easy way to receive an SMS message with C# and Twilio

I already showed you how to send an SMS message with C# in 30 seconds. Today I’m going to show you how to receive an SMS message with C# and Twilio. Here’s all the code you’ll need.

If you’d like to see an explanation of how the code above works, watch this short video, or just keep reading. When someone texts your Twilio number, Twilio… Read More

Ahoy! Get your boss on board SIGNAL London

In just under 5 weeks on September 20th we’ll bring SIGNAL to London for its first European chapter. Last week, Phil talked about why he’s excited about SIGNAL London and mentioned some of the amazing talks we will have that day. Now, I know I’ve said this before but some bosses just need a little convincing before they can make a decision whether they should send you to a conference… Read More