My grandma didn’t know what to wear anymore

Last time I visited my grandma, she was quite –rightfully– upset with the fact that one of the telephone services she’s been using for decades had been disabled without notice. Her daily routine for the past few decades has been to dial a number provided by her phone company every morning and be greeted with that day’s weather forecast. Said service would give her just enough… Read More

My SIGNAL London 2017 Schedule

SIGNAL London 2017

In just under a week we will be hosting SIGNAL London for the second time with even more talks, hands-on learning, live demos and the first ever European $BASH. Every single one of the talks at SIGNAL London has been carefully selected, here’s the full schedule. But if I were to choose, these are the talks that I’m personally most excited about: [11:15] Sharpening my tools… Read More

Send and Receive SMS messages with Kotlin

Kotlin is the new type-inferred hotness in the world of JVM languages giving you a single unified language for building Android, server-side and even JavaScript apps. If you’re a Java developer then giving Kotlin a spin is simple. Video: How to Send and Receive SMS messages with Kotlin But you can’t copy the code from the video, so you can download it from here or just follow along… Read More