Get Hacking on Twilio Voice at Startup Weekend Marseille and Lille

We have the perfect opportunity for those of you in France looking for an excuse to tinker with the Twilio API.  Startup Weekend is coming to Marseille December 2-5 and Lille December 9-11 and we will expedite you through the Europe Voice Early Access program if you would like to hack on Twilio at one of these events. To be expedited through the Euro Beta, there… Read More

QwikTalk: A Simple Way to get Expert Advice Using Twilio Voice

Josh Breinlinger had the idea for QwikTalk, a phone-based advice service, so he got together with developer Den Markin and together they built the service using Twilio Voice. Through QwikTalk, users can reach experts for advice on cars, pets, business, and virtually anything where sage advice is needed. They recently launched the first test categories for Excel experts, SEO experts, and SEM experts.  Soon after, they launched the… Read More

Zendesk Extends Program to Twilio Conference Attendees

At Twilio, we are no strangers to the simplicity and efficiency of the Zendesk platform.  In fact, we use this help desk software every day to smoothly manage the workflows of customer support.  We have also seen several developers integrate the Twilio API into Zendesk.  Thus, it is with much excitement that we announce their plans to extend the Zendesk Loves Startups program to Twilio Conference attendees… Read More

Thanks to MongoDB, Twilio Conference Sponsor

MongoDB and Twilio both strive to provide developers with a hugely scalable,extremely agile product.  MongoDB, built and supported by 10gen, is an open-source, document-oriented database that allows developers to store data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas rather than in the tables and rows of a relational database.  The goal of MongoDB is to achieve the rich functionality that is present in relational databases while capturing the… Read More

Thanks to Intro, Twilio Conference Sponsor

Not only is Intro generously sponsoring the Twilio Conference, they will also be extending their services to all of our conference speakers!  Intro provides conference presenters with a simple way to meet and follow up with their audience.  Instead of exchanging contact information, Intro provides the speaker with a short, session-specific code, such as “TWL01” that he can give out to his audience.  The audience members can… Read More

Thanks to Beenverified, Twilio Conference Sponsor

BeenVerified provides affordable, easy to access public records and people search information through a website and a mobile phone application for both iPhone and Android platforms.  BeenVerified’s mission is to make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone.  The goal is to provide instant access to the information necessary to make smart decisions about the people and businesses that one may interact with online or offline. BeenVerified Features… Read More

Thanks to Allstate Banners, Twilio Conference Sponsor

Allstate Banners is not your average vinyl banner shop.  They have the basics down – they make great banners quickly, at low prices, and they offer wholesale pricing for large volume orders.  What makes Allstate Banners extraordinary, though, is their impecable customer service!  To start, they have an outrageously user-friendly website that makes the process of ordering banners efficient and enjoyable.  On their website, Allstate Banners even… Read More