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  • By Margaret Staples
    Creating a Symfony 3 Project with Basic User Handling symfony

    User handling is a fundamental part of a ton of web projects.  This post will walk through how to get setup using the Symfony 3 framework and the Friends of Symfony bundle so that your project can allow users to register, login and out, and view and edit their User profile.  The steps here will serve as a great starting point for your next web project.


    This post will assume you have already set up a couple of things:

    • make sure you have a working database user and password – you will need to input these during the install process

    Install Symfony Standard Edition

    The install command will create a new fold …

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  • By Margaret Staples
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Margaret Staples iJ9jGeANTKX-oFYA7eAhL6Ieo9UCIlg1N2LEF7dM8Qj0faYVH7k3NFur9JkIWiYEqPzYRi3eYtI2AWz6cRhGVF1orBsxMXibeSq037F5LNTvsx1FDqmIq6d1iGmOAshjiGh777ResN_k-zHr8w

    Once upon a time when I was just considering what a Me might be I thought designing space colonies would be the right job for me. I made plans to spend a lifetime pouring focus and attention into helping humans be happy, healthy, and successful in a diaspora into space by meticulously designing purposeful coordinated systems.

    From the stories I was pulling heroes from I thought that this was how progress happened.  Each individual picking one thing and doing only that. All on their own.

    Time scale is a tricky thing.

    Growing up, as I continually integrated more time positioning data, something like a prolonged motion sickness rippled through my existence. Things I thought of as the “past” were more recent and things I thought of as the “future” were further away from my “present”.  The first graduates of Starfleet Academy raced from the vision of “within my lifetime” out …

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