My Summer at Twilio: The Inside Story From a Twilio Intern

tl;dr: Working at Twilio has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. The friendships I’ve made, the work I’ve done, and the things I’ve learned have gone a long way and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I’m Oscar Sanchez and I am working on the Web team here at Twilio. There are three main teams (x-team, i-team, and c-team), each of… Read More

Twilio HackPack for Sinatra and Heroku

If you’re interested in using Twilio with your Ruby apps but are not very familiar with creating and deploying web apps in Sinatra or Heroku,  the Twilio Hackpack for Heroku and Sinatra is now available. Fork it now. This hackpack gives developers a simple way to build a full-fledged Sinatra app with Twilio integration. No need to worry about setting up a phone number, your application… Read More