Twilio now supports LINE, adding to the number of channels developers can reach with one API

We’re thrilled to announce support for LINE, enabling you to deliver rich, interactive messaging experiences on one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. LINE has native support for interactive message formats like rich cards as well as sharing images, audio and video files. Over the last 10 years, developers have used Programmable SMS to build incredibly innovative messaging experiences for their users, whether… Read More

Twilio Notify is Generally Available

We’re really excited to announce that Twilio Notify is now generally available. Notify provides one API to make it easy to send bulk notifications to your customers over push, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. It also makes it easy to keep track of their notification preferences, allowing you to make sure they receive critical messages by reaching them on the channels they prefer. Beta Learnings Since making… Read More

Introducing the Voice Pricing Calculator

We’re really excited today to announce the launch of the Voice Pricing Calculator in the Twilio Console. This tool will help you estimate pricing easily for multiple call flows over different device types and countries. The flexibility of the Programmable Voice APIs and SDKs means that you can use them to build a diverse range of use cases ranging from contact centers to automated voice reminders…. Read More