Supercharge Your Amazon Connect Flows Using AWS Lambda, Node.js and Twilio


In this post we’re going to show you how to supercharge your Amazon Connect contact flows using AWS Lambda, Node.js and Twilio. We’ll build a contact flow to detect if a customer is calling from a mobile phone and, when they are, send their order details to them via SMS at the completion of the call. Let’s get started. Assembling Your Tools There are a few things you’ll… Read More

How to Build Your First Slack Bot in 5 Minutes using PHP


So you want to build a Slack bot using PHP? You’re in the right place. This blog post will walk you through building your first Slack bot using PHP in 5 minutes. The clock is ticking, let’s get started. Creating Our Bot Before we write any code, we need to configure our Slack bot within our Slack team. Head over to https://[yourslackteam] and then click “Bots”…. Read More

SIGNAL London Recap: History Belongs to the Builders


We’re wrapping up our first SIGNAL Conference in London and we’re well chuffed. Today, developers from around the world gathered to hone their craft and get a look at a few of the new tools we’ve been cooking up at Twilio. Whether you joined us in London, or you followed along from a distance, thank you. Before we turn off the lights at The Brewery, let’s… Read More

Be the First to Hack on Sync at SIGNAL London


Over the summer we announced the developer preview of Sync, a purpose-built API for easily synchronizing state across devices and between users. At SIGNAL London, we’ll be giving access to the Sync API and JavaScript SDK to every developer in attendance. If you’re joining us, you’ll be one of the first developers in the world to hack on it. Don’t have your SIGNAL London ticket? Register now using… Read More

Expanding Global Reach with Detailed Data: New Transparency Report


Twilio’s “no shenanigans” approach to data privacy extends to all customers and users – wherever you’re located. As Twilio’s international presence continues to expand, we are providing more detail at a country level about the types of law enforcement requests Twilio has received. You can learn about these requests in our transparency report for the first half of 2016. Twilio Transparency Report – First Half of… Read More

1 Million Developers: Celebrating Your Milestones


Today we’re celebrating a new milestone together.  There are now 1 million of your fellow developers building with Twilio. Whether you’ve been here 7 years or 7 minutes, you make up this million. Thank you for being a part of this. Your growth as developers is inextricably tied to Twilio’s growth. Watching you build ambitiously leads us to create tools that serve that ambition. You’re out… Read More

Developer Contest: Show Off Your IP Messaging Hacks


Let’s celebrate IP Messaging with an old-fashioned Twilio contest. Spend the rest of the month working on your sickest, most mind-blowing hack and then submit it here. If you use IP Messaging, you’re eligible for the grand prize: BB-8 Life-Size Aluminum LED Floor Lamp One ticket to SIGNAL, our developer conference for communications, May 24-25th at Pier 27 in San Francisco $100 in Twilio credit Bonus… Read More

Announcing New Transparency Report & Privacy Notices

We believe in “no shenanigans” when it comes to data privacy. In that spirit, we’d like to draw your attention to two documents: our transparency report for the second half of 2015 and our revised Privacy Notices. Twilio Transparency Report – Second Half of 2015 The objective of our semi-annual transparency report is to inform you of the total volume of government requests for information received by… Read More

Learning Meteor.js: A Simple Chat App Tutorial


Meteor.js allows developers to share their JavaScript between the client-side and server-side in a project. Let’s see how by building a simple chat application using Meteor.js and Twilio’s IP Messaging. Getting the Band Together There are just two prerequisites to our application before we get started: Install Meteor.js Create a Free Twilio Account With that out of the way we can start hacking. The First Star… Read More