How To Build A Mustached Message Service With Twilio MMS And Python

Stash Attack Snacky!

All of us at Twilio are over the moon by the possibilities now unlocked by the availability of MMS on US phone numbers.  We know from experience that the real ingenuity will come from you – the air around Twilio is electric with anticipation of the amazing things you’ll build.  We’ve got a lot of hacks we’re excited to show you in the weeks that follow… Read More

Using Natural Language Processing for Better SMS Interfaces Using Twilio and Python’s TextBlob


The International Telecommunications Union, the telecom agency for the United Nations, recently released some data suggesting for every 100 people on Planet Earth, 96 of them have a subscription to a cellular service.  That means there are nearly as many cell subscriptions out there as human beings – a stonking 6.8 billion. Holy biscuits – that means there might well be more cell phones out there… Read More

The Road Coders Survival Kit


Your friendly neighborhood Twilio developer evangelism crew racks up a fair amount of road time around the world in our continuing mission to see the incredible stuff you all build. In addition to accumulating buckets of frequent flyer miles, mapping power outlets in every airport from LHR to SFO and taste testing the entire menu from Buffalo Wild Wings, we’ve also collected  in our travels a… Read More

Unit Testing Your Twilio App Using Python’s Flask and Nose


It happens every time.  You fire up your editor.  The Twilio app spits off your fingers, deftly wielding the TwiML primitives you know to build your voice or SMS functionality.  You save. You commit. You deploy.  You set the request URLs for your Twilio number.  You gingerly unlock your phone and confidently tap in the digits.  Then you hear it: “We’re sorry.  An application error has… Read More

Replacing Hold Music With New York Times Headlines


So I was straight chillin’ on the Internet, fixing to moderate another troll post on my favorite Justin Bieber fan forum, when my buddy Amit posts on Twitter: I said to myself, “Hey self, Amit is right. That would be cool.” Out With The Hold, In With The New York Times Twilio’s Conference noun sports functionality that lets you customize the hold experience.  The <Conference> waitUrl… Read More

For #BostonMarathon, A Way to Call Your Family via Your Browser

Our hearts go out to anyone touched by today’s tragedy. We know cell service has been up and down with cellular traffic so put together another option for people to be able to make calls. Visit to make calls directly from your browser. It works over Wifi and will not be affected by any cell service issues. Other Resources Google’s Person Finder if you have… Read More

Advancing Business Communications

Thank you all very much for the warm congratulations and well wishes following the coverage on Twilio and AT&T’s Advanced Communication Suite, on Techcrunch and our release. We appreciate all your tweets, emails and calls you’ve made offering your support.  The end result will be small, medium and enterprise customers benefitting from improvement of business processes through pre-built communications applications built by third parties on Twilio’s… Read More

How To Tell A Story With Code

Whether you are in front of a packed room of hackers, a huddled group on a trade show floor or a sweaty basement filled with gutter punks, every audience just wants you to tell them a story.  From sprint demos to superhero flicks, telling a good story is the surest way to captivate a human being’s attention, spark imagination and compel absorption of your ideas. Narrative… Read More

Instant Satisfaction with Twilio and Box

You may remember our Twilio and Box mashup contest from last year. Since then, we’ve all been hard at work bringing instant satisfaction to the cloud and our friends over at Box just released a new irresistible feature. Announced today, Instant Mode is the ability to provision Box storage in a user’s account without authentication – it is as simple as passing an email address. This… Read More