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  • By Simon Thorpe
    Twilio™ Verification SDK: Android app SMS permissions & phone verification has never been easier TwilioAndGoogleSafe

    We’re excited to announce the new Twilio Verification SDK for Android. This SDK lets developers get the most from a new Google API that simplifies SMS permissions used for verifying phone numbers. Now, you can build rock-solid verification without worrying about the ins-and-outs of SMS delivery.

    Application security is a constant balance between securing accounts and ensuring a convenient user experience. Attackers can exploit applications that verify accounts solely with an email address. To combat this, developers are turning to utilizing phone numbers for initial sign ups, instead of the traditional username/password combination.

    To verify a phone number and prove the user is who they say they are, apps send out a code via SMS and require the user enter the code back into the application.
    Having to receive, read, and re-enter an SMS code into an application can be cumbersome. To address this, Google allows developers to request permission …

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  • By Simon Thorpe
    Using Authy to add 2-Factor Authentication To Your Auth0 Applications Authy+Twilio

    We at Authy are always looking to make it easier for our clients to add 2FA to their applications. In fact, with just a few API calls you can be up and running in no time. However, you may already be using a cloud service for your entire authentication stack, you may find this perspective from Auth0, one of the leading vendors in this space, of interest. They recently wrote a wonderful and detailed guide on how to integrate Authy with their own authentication platform. We hope you find it useful and informative! Enjoy!

    From Auth0:

    Keeping your user accounts safe is a common issue and worry for every team writing software. One way to protect accounts that is becoming exponentially popular is 2-Factor Authentication (2FA for short). We love 2FA at Auth0: we have written tons of content on what 2FA is and how to use it with …

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