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  • By Twilio
    Filipino American Heritage Month: Sharing Culture and Building Connections FAHM

    Every October, Filipino American History Month (FAHM) commemorates the arrival of Filipinos in the US and celebrates their influence, impact, and contributions. Carried by hope for a prosperous future, the first recorded Filipino immigrants to the continental US arrived on the shores of current day Morro, California, on October 18, 1587. The brave souls who came here – and others who followed – multiplied through the generations and now represent roughly 4% of immigrants who make up America’s population. We are proud to have Filipino representation at Twilio, and we took this month to share Filipino history and culture throughout the company.  

    Connecting through community

    Everywhere we go, humans look for connections and affirmations that we belong. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) unite Twillions around shared identities and foster friendships and social connections by eagerly welcoming and creating space for members and allies to foster connection. They reinforce and express …

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  • By Twilio
    Turn Your Passion into Profit: Elevating Black Entrepreneurs Turn your passion into profit

    At Twilio, we celebrate innovating and building. To some, innovating means building a business, which usually begins as a side hustle. According to CNN, more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle. To many Black entrepreneurs, side hustles aren’t just a passion or hobby—they’re a means of survival. Oftentimes Black entrepreneurs have to take on several side hustles, in addition to full-time work, to make ends meet.

    At Twilio, our goal is to create a space for underrepresented communities by removing barriers to access, going where others don’t, and building bridges to make tech more representative—from hiring employees to building inclusive products that reflect the global population.

    We’re proud to partner with our BlackTwilions Employee Resource Group and AfroTech—one of the largest global, multicultural organizations in Tech—to bring together Black entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The “Turn Your Passion into Profit” event aims to …

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  • By Twilio
    Allyship in Practice: Tea Time for Inclusion Allyship in Practice: Tea Time for Inclusion

    With the United States at a turning point and the entire world watching, it's not surprising that current events involving racial injustice and systemic racism have sparked a global outpouring of grief and activism. In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, this desire to comfort and console is hindered by regional lockdowns and work-from-home mandates. It's within this turmoil where the benefits of allyship germinate.

    If the term is new to you, that's OK. Allyship is loosely defined as the process of building relationships with marginalized individuals and groups based on trust, consistency, and accountability. In the workplace, allies listen to those around them, adapting their thinking, adjusting behaviors, and helping difficult dialogs take root.

    It's not what happens; it's how you respond that matters

    As Jeff Lawson, our founder and CEO, stated in a recent post, Twilio condemns all forms of racism, bigotry, hate, and violence. “We believe …

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  • By Twilio
    Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at Twilio Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at Twilio

    Feeling known and celebrated for who you are establishes connections with others and creates the foundation for community. That’s the heart of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Twilio. We believe that a variety of viewpoints and voices fuel success, so we made it a value – Be Inclusive. Diversity, representation, and inclusion matter here. You may know we value these, but seeing is believing. That’s why we recently celebrated Latinx Heritage Month globally with a variety of activities and events intended to support, share, and promote our Latinx Twilions in the US and abroad.  

    Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) celebrates the rich history, culture, presence, and influence of Hispanic and Latin Americans in the United States. It coincides with independence day for eight Latin countries – five of them on September 15. For 20 years, it was a one-week event. However, in 1988, the US began …

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  • By Twilio
    How To Advocate For Yourself and Your Work Advocate Self Work

    It takes time and a lot of effort to establish your identity at work before you feel comfortable and confident, especially if you’re a member of underrepresented groups. Black and Latinx professionals face a unique set of challenges and obstacles in navigating the workplace. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for these underrepresented groups to picture themselves in positions of power or to identify mentors, sponsors, and allies who understand their experiences. That’s because less than 5% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are Black and Latinx.

    To help commonly underrepresented groups in the tech community overcome these challenges, Twilio proudly hosted the Navigating Corporate Spaces virtual event, moderated by Growth Account Executive Mónica Cottrell. In this Twilio After Hours event, we brought together two Black and Latinx professionals to share practical tips for thriving in the workplace.

    Identifying and overcoming imposter syndrome

    Featured guest Tammy Ramos, J.D., director of coaching services …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio U.S. SMS & MMS Short Code Heightened Awareness Period for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Twilio logo.png

    Updated November 4, 2020

    2020 has undoubtedly brought upon massive change in consumer digital spending habits. B2C companies across the board have quickly evolved their strategies to adapt to the new normal, implementing digital communications at different touchpoints in the customer journey. Whether it’s contactless delivery or channel expansion, companies have innovated to continue creating differentiated experiences for their customers.

    As we head into the holiday season, and specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday, digital communications will play as critical of a role as ever. Retailers will no longer be able to have people packed into lines or stores. Shopping will be predominantly, if not completely, digital. While it will look different this year, the season is far from cancelled. In fact, we anticipate digital communications to be significantly leveraged so companies can provide their customers with the products and information they need.

    Leading up to and during Black Friday …

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  • By Twilio
    U.S. Messaging Policy & Guidelines Enforcement to Ensure Higher Deliverability Twilio logo.png

    As 2020 progresses, text messaging continues to be a critical channel for organizations of all industries, shapes, and sizes to engage with their end users. From our experience, the month leading up to elections typically sees a significant uptick in message volume across the ecosystem. At all times throughout the year, and especially during this time, the wireless community’s goal is to provide the space for innovative engagement while protecting end users/consumers from spam or unwanted messages.

    Unfortunately, with massive spikes in message volume, there typically comes an increased number of messages being sent without the permission of end users. Recently, carriers have seen a growing number of consumer spam complaints indicating individuals are getting frustrated with opening up their phones to a message they never opted into. When this occurs, it’s imperative that the wireless community continues to educate all customers on the messaging policies and guidelines that have …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Heightened Awareness Period for U.S. Elections Twilio logo.png

    Policy updated as of September 28, 2020.

    With the 2020 election rapidly approaching, it is clear that it will look like none other in history. Typically, in-person activities like door-to-door canvassing, campaign rallies, and polling places are critical to voter turnout and engagement. However, due to COVID-19, the landscape has significantly shifted to digital mediums. Candidates and civic engagement organizations are turning to virtual town halls, virtual rallies and relying heavily on texting, paid media, and email to help people register, request mail-in ballots, and cast their votes.

    During this time, Twilio’s secure, flexible, and scalable Customer Engagement Platform provides a key avenue for voter engagement. In the days and weeks leading up to elections, we anticipate a significant uptick in U.S. 10-digit Long Code provisioning and messaging. However, the reality is there are ecosystem-wide limitations around throughput capacity and phone number availability, meaning demand could outweigh supply at certain …

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  • By Twilio
    Hatch is Expanding to Denver, Colorado! Twilio Hatch Group Photo

    Twilio is taking Hatch to Denver, Colorado, it’s second-largest engineering hub. For those not familiar, Hatch is the company’s 6-month software engineering apprenticeship program that gives individuals from non-traditional technical backgrounds a pathway to a career in tech. The Hatch program has traditionally been offered in San Francisco. Now, Twilio is committed to expanding to offer 100 apprenticeships by 2023 across San Francisco, Denver, and internationally. 

    Denver is the next hot spot for Twilio; after the Sendgrid acquisition in 2019, the company has been actively growing its presence. Twilio is working with the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) and Hatch is now recognized as a registered apprenticeship program. It’s an exciting time to launch the Hatch program in Denver and begin to tap into the ever-growing talent and organizations focused on advancing underrepresented developers.

    What to expect in a remote environment   

    This year, the Hatch apprenticeship experience will be …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Unplugged: Level up through LinkedIn Level up through LinkedIn Banner

    Over the years, branding has become the focal point for building a successful business. Organizations realized the importance of differentiating themselves in the market by sharing their unique story and the value they bring to their customers. But branding is not only for companies.

    "Like the brands you know and love, your personal brand is what makes you unique, your personal skills, and your professional story."
    Katrina Honor, Program Coordinator, Recruiting Events & Partnerships at Twilio

    As a professional navigating this competitive job market or building your own business, defining your personal brand is a necessity to help you stand out and to connect with the right opportunities.

    Building your brand on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has become the central hub for professionals online, and about 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly to find talent. LinkedIn is where professionals showcase their digital portfolio, network with peers and search for new opportunities.

    Twilio …

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