Introducing Call Recording Encryption

call recording encryption feature for programmable voice api

Added security for sensitive call recordings. Use your own public key to encrypt recordings before they’re stored. Available in developer preview. Today, our default security for call recordings includes encryption at rest for recordings stored with Twilio. However, we’ve learned that some customers, typically those that need to comply with strict industry or regional regulations for data protection, require even stronger security mechanisms. A level of… Read More

Introducing the Pricing API — easy access to your current Twilio prices

Our customers have a variety of applications and use cases that demand a simple, yet flexible way to retrieve Twilio prices. For many customers, our existing pricing pages and CSV’s are sufficient. However, we’ve realized that for sophisticated use cases, there needs to be a better way. Today we are excited to support those use cases in the Twilio way — with a new API. Whether… Read More