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  • By Marcus Battle
    Create Your Own Conference Line in PHP using Twilio Programmable Voice Create Your Own Conference Line in PHP using Twilio Programmable Voice

    As much of the world is grappling with the overnight shift to work from home, the trusted conference call is a staple that is needed now more than ever. Teams that have only been separated by floors and walls are now teleworking from makeshift offices in kitchens and bedrooms.

    While many software-as-a-service solutions exist, your company or organization may desire to roll out your own custom conference call solution or add it to an existing application. If PHP is your language of choice, this quick tutorial will teach you how to build your own conference line in PHP using Twilio Programmable Voice. Your team members will actually be able to call it directly and speak with one another from anywhere in the world.

    If Node.js happens to be your preferred language, Sam Agnew just wrote an awesome version of this tutorial on the Twilio blog.


    This tutorial …

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  • By Nathaniel Okenwa
    A Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Gift with WhatsApp and Cloudinary A Socially Distanced Mother's Day Gift with WhatsApp and Cloudinary

    It was Mother’s Day last weekend (For those of us in the UK*), and I’m going to be totally honest: I completely forgot! The worst part is that most of the shops were closed so I was not able to go out shopping for a personal gift. Now, I could have just headed online and ordered a generic gift. However, I wanted this gift to be more personalised, something to remind my mum of the amazing influence that she has had on my life and the lives of others. So I decided to crowdsource pictures and messages from my extended family and my mum’s friends to create a scrapbook full of memories and personal messages. Here’s how I did it:

    Step 1: Design an Overlay

    I wanted all the photos that were sent in to have an overlay that has the names of the people in the photo. A bit …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Simple Urgent SMS Notifications with Google Sheets and Twilio Urgent SMS Notifications with Google Sheets and Twilio Programmable SMS

    If you find yourself needing to send urgent messages out to customers or staff but don’t have developers on hand or access to your usual tools. Then this tutorial that shows you how to send SMS notifications from Google sheets may be perfect for you. In this blog post we’ll show you how to send messages to a list of numbers from a Google Sheet using Apps Script.

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this tutorial you need the following items:

    • A Twilio account — If you are new to Twilio you can create a trial account with $10 US trial credit
    • A Google or G-Suite account to access Google Sheets. You can create one here.

    From Number or Alphanumeric Sender ID?

    Twilio supports different options for sending SMS messages to numbers. These include standard phone numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Short Codes and Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Additionally, SMS regulations …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    TwilioQuest 3: Basic Training その3 - プロモーションコードを適用し無料クレジットをゲット TwilioQuest Early Access

    TwilioQuest 3には、Twilio製品やプログラミング言語、GitHubの利用方法について学べるトレーニングミッションが用意されています。各チュートリアルをクリアすると経験値やアイテムを獲得できます。獲得したアイテムはアバター(キャラクター)に装備させることができ、自分だけのアバターをデザインできるゲームを模したチュートリアルとなっています。

    今回はTwilioQuest 3をプレイするみなさんに提供されるプロモーションコードについて取得方法と適用方法について解説します。


    TwilioQuest3 - Basic Mission - PromoCode Chest




    もちろんのことながらYESです。トライアルアカウントにはいくつかの制限があるため、全ての機能を活用するためにはアップグレードが必要になります。例えば、ト …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Manage the State of a Symfony-React application with MobX Manage the state of a Symfony-React Application with MobX.png

    State management is one of the most important aspects of any software application, especially in web and mobile apps. The ability to create, retrieve, and reuse application data from different page components is a necessary feature of reactive applications.

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to manage the state of application data within web applications built with Symfony and React. Earlier in a previous article. I covered the step-by-step guide involved inBuilding a Single Page Application with Symfony PHP and React. In that article, I covered many fundamentals required to set up and combine the power of Symfony APIs and the handling of frontend logics of an app built with React.

    We will leverage the knowledge gained from that article and enhance it by adding state management using MobX, a simple, scalable state management solution. Rather than start from scratch, I am going to extend …

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  • By Brian Iyoha
    Adding a Click-to-Call Button to your Laravel Application Adding a Click to Call Button to your Laravel Application

    In this tutorial, we will be building a simple Laravel application that allows users to place automated calls at the click of a button using Twilio Programmable Voice.


    To follow through with this tutorial, you will need the following:

    Project Setup

    Get started by first creating a new Laravel project using the Laravel installer. Open up a terminal and run the following:

    $ laravel new twilio-call-button

    NOTE: You need to have the Laravel installer already installed on your local machine. If you don't, then head over to the official documentation to see how to get it installed.

    The Twilio PHP SDK is required to make API requests to the Twilio servers. Open up a terminal in your project directory (twilio-call-button) and run the following command to get it installed via …

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  • By David Pine
    Retweeting Twitter Mentions On Demand with Twilio Programmable SMS, ASP.NET Core 3.1, the Twitter API, and Azure retweeting-twitter-mentions-on-demand.png

    If you’re a developer, chances are you are on Twitter. It’s where all the cool developers like to tweet code snippets, ideas, and boasts about programming projects!

    If you’re like me, you probably don’t like notifications on your phone.

    I mean, text messages, sure, those are fine, but not notifications from apps.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to get important Twitter notifications and respond to them without leaving the comfort of your texting environment. You can retweet mentions without having to install an app on your phone or open your phone’s browser.

    This post demonstrates how to leverage Twilio Programmable SMS in conjunction with ASP.NET Core, the Twitter API, and Microsoft Azure to receive a text message when someone mentions you on Twitter. You’ll also be able to retweet the Twitter mention directly from your SMS client with a quick reply. There are four parts to the project:

    1. Setting up …
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  • By Tilde Thurium
    Using Twilio Studio and Conversations with SMS Using Twilio Studio and Twilio Conversations with SMS

    Communication is complicated. No matter what your business is, it’s important to meet people where they’re at and engage with them on the communication platforms they’re already using.

    Twilio Conversations enables you to build unified spaces where users on different platforms can communicate with one another. Think of it like a video conference bridge, but for text-based communication.

    Twilio Studio is a visual application builder that allows you to write conditional logic for handling messaging flows without writing any code.

    In this post you’ll learn to integrate Studio and Conversations with a few steps of configuration and a small amount of code. Doing so unlocks a few use cases, such as:

    •  Access to the status callbacks so you can keep track of message delivery status
    • Sending the entire chat transcript to a human operator


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  • By Lehel Gyeresi
    Tips for Setting up Work from Home Agents with Twilio Flex flex-wfh-header-agents.png

    By now, just about everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. For many people, one of these effects is having to work from home, maybe for the first time in their lives. Many contact centers are scrambling to transition their staff to work from home. Personally, I helped a company in Italy set up a Twilio Flex powered contact center in less than a week to completely replace their existing premise-based solution.

    In this blog post, I would like to share a couple of tips that may be useful for companies who are scrambling to allow their contact center employees to work from home.

    Changing the default codec in Flex to Opus

    The default codec when launching Flex is G.711 (PCMU). This codec is uncompressed, and it is OK to use in an office setting with a commercial grade internet connection. However, when bandwidth is reduced, call quality …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Receiving Emails with Python, Flask and Twilio SendGrid Receiving Emails with Python, Flask and Twilio SendGrid

    If you search online for tutorials or guides on integrating emails into your Python web application, in particular in relation to the Flask framework, you are going to find a lot of content on sending emails, but little or nothing on how to receive and process emails.

    The reason is that setting up an application to receive emails is incredibly difficult if you want to do it yourself. Luckily Twilio SendGrid includes the Inbound Parse feature, a greatly simplified method for receiving emails based on webhooks.

    In this short tutorial you are going to learn how simple it is to receive emails on your own domain, all from a Flask application and with the help of Twilio SendGrid.

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this tutorial you will need to have the following items:

    • Python 3 — If your operating system does not provide a Python 3 interpreter, you can go to …
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