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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Expands Regionalization and Schrems II Efforts schrems-ii-update-header.png

    This post is updated regularly and from Q2’22 onward is being provided in a consolidated format to summarize past progress. Click here to read the latest update.

    Transfers of EU personal data to the US and other third countries have long been an area of concern for privacy-conscious EU customers and EU data protection regulators. On July 16, 2020, these concerns came to the fore following the Court of Justice for the European Union ruling on the Schrems II case. While Twilio has already taken significant steps to ensure data we process is adequately safeguarded wherever in the world we process it (including through our Binding Corporate Rules, Government Data Request Procedure and semi-annual transparency reports), we know that this ruling raises important questions and challenges for your business.

    Twilio’s objective is to offer regionalized products and services that give customers control over where their data is ingested, …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2022年6月下旬の内容) changelog 202206top JP

    /changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、月2回を目安に運用しております。最新情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願いいたします。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、あらかじめご了承ください。

    Updated Limitations to Category Statistics for All Customers

    2022年6月22 …

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  • By Michael Piccirilli
    Reduce OTP Fraud with Twilio Verify’s Fraud Detection Verify Fraud Detection OTP Hero

    Including additional layers of security in an application’s authentication process is an important step to secure your users’ accounts. One of the most popular two-factor authentication methods is to use one-time passwords (OTP). Twilio offers multiple products to send OTPs such as Programmable Messaging and Verify.

    Fraudsters, however, continue to find novel ways of taking advantage of OTP user flows, resulting in billions of dollars of charges each year at the expense of individual companies. One such method of exploiting OTPs is called SMS Traffic Pumping (otherwise known as SMS Toll Fraud, or Artificially Inflated Traffic). SMS Pumping occurs when fraudsters take advantage of phone number input fields to receive a one-time password, an app download link, or anything else that is used via SMS. The fraudsters send SMS to a set of numbers they control and receive a share of the generated revenue.

    There are a few actions …

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  • By Ryan Schwartz
    Announcing New Mobile Intelligence Packages in the Twilio Lookup API New Mobile Intelligence Lookup Hero

    Today, we are excited to announce that Twilio will make your onboarding experiences and digital identity checks a whole lot smarter with new mobile intelligence packages launching in Beta in the Twilio Lookup API – Line Type Intelligence and SIM Swap. Lookup has long-provided key insights into a users’ phone numbers with the Lookup Format, Caller Name, and Carrier Lookup packages, and this release marks a significant expansion of that data.

    The Need for Mobile Intelligence

    User growth is a primary goal when building any application, platform, or service. But gone are the days of unrestricted growth.

    Organizations face scrutiny from investors concerned that fake accounts could be skewing growth metrics and end users and regulators worried about bots or fraudsters putting platform integrity at risk. Security must be considered a key part of building a positive user experience, specifically the onboarding experience.

    Enhancing security without increasing friction can be …

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  • By Tim Richter
    Democratizing Customer Experience: Engage a Mobile Workforce Beyond the Contact Center Spoke Phone hero image

    One implication of customer experience racing to the top of many companies' priority list is that more employees across departments and locations are coming into contact with customers. While traditionally, contact center representatives served as the front line for fielding and resolving customer inquiries, emerging best practice is to extend conversations beyond the contact center to specialists within a company with the right skills to serve customers.

    To accomplish this, companies must consider the technology required, as well as a cultural shift necessary to effect the change. This blog post will focus on the technology aspect.

    The contact center must integrate with an enterprise-grade cloud phone solution that (i) can be deployed rapidly as a pre-packaged solution (ii) have the flexibility to extend and fit a company’s vision for differentiation, and (iii) help organizations transition from premise-based systems to the cloud with minimal disruption.

    For customers deploying Twilio Flex, …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Simplified Sign Up Now Available for UK-based and Public Education Organizations Faster & easier Impact Access benefits for more organizoations.

    Getting access to product benefits from is now easier than ever. Today, is announcing that more organizations can quickly apply for the Impact Access program with a simplified sign up experience in the Console. That means you can start building faster and scale your work affordably with credits and discounts applied across the Twilio platform.

    An improved sign up experience for the Impact Access program has been extended to the following types of qualifying organizations:

    1. UK-based organizations: Social impact customers with their Twilio account currency set to the British Pound can now sign up for the Impact Access Program in the Twilio Console and receive a £400 kickstart product credit plus platform discounts.
    2. Public education institutions: Public universities, colleges, and K-12 schools worldwide are eligible and invited to apply for the Impact Access Program using a new dedicated organization type to receive kickstart credits and …
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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2022年6月上旬の内容) changelog 202206top JP

    /changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、月2回を目安に運用しております。最新情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願いいたします。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、あらかじめご了承ください。

    Essentials 40k and 100k Pricing and Packaging Changes

    2022年6月1日、フィルタ=SendGrid Email API、リリース=GA [オリジナルの英語投稿はこちら]

    2022年7月1日より、Twilio SendGridのパッケージ「Essentials 40k」「Essentials 100k」が以下のように変更となります。

    • 「Essentials 40k」パッケージ: 名称、内容、価格の変更
      • 名称 …
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  • By Natalie Schwab
    Read it Now: The State of Personalization 2022 TS-CNT-Report-SoP2022-Resources-1200x628.png

    If you read our 2022 State of Customer Engagement Report or have been attending sessions at this year’s CDP week, you know how effective personalization is for customer engagement. From gamified rewards programs to product recommendations to user-generated content, good personalization has the power to build customer loyalty and drive bottom-line growth. It’s quickly become the cornerstone of great digital customer engagement.

    Now, we’re excited to offer a deeper dive into personalization, with the launch of Twilio Segment’s third-annual State of Personalization Report 2022. We surveyed thousands of businesses and consumers globally to bring you key trends within personalization, first-party data, privacy, and consumer loyalty.

    In this year’s report, you’ll learn about:

    • The ROI of personalizing your customer engagement
    • Continued challenges businesses face in building omnichannel strategies
    • The importance of first-party data as the end of third-party cookies draws near
    • And so much more

    We also dedicated a …

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  • By Meg Buchanan
    It's All Happening: See You at CDP Week 2022 1.png

    Two years and one pandemic later, Customer Data Platform (CDP) Week is back and we’re delighted to welcome you to the event from June 21-23rd, 2022. The best part? It’s virtual, free, and stocked to the top with information you can use in your approach to customer data right now.

    Register here and join us for sessions starting at 12pm EDT/9am PDT on June 21.

    What the heck is CDP Week?

    Glad you asked. CDP Week is a three-day virtual event hosted by Twilio Segment where industry leaders and analysts in the customer data community share recent trends and real-life stories as well as ideas and opportunities for being a successful customer-first company in 2022.

    Our 25+ immersive sessions, keynotes, and product announcements will cover a wide range of data-related topics that our customers have top of mind.

    Cool, cool, cool. But...why should I care?

    Well, besides learning about how …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2022年5月下旬の内容) changelog 202205bottom JP

    /changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、月2回を目安に運用しております。最新情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願いいたします。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、あらかじめご了承ください。

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