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The Owl’s Nest: Inside Twilio

  • By Stephanie Alofoje
    How to Ace Virtual Interviews How to Ace Virtual Interviews 2.png

    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way we all work and live. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow and evolve, companies have been forced to layoff employees and freeze hiring.

    While there is a lot of uncertainty in the job market, our Vice President of Talent Acquisition Bryan Powell confirms that “Twilio is still hiring and we have a number of available opportunities across the organization.” Twilio is committed to identifying talent by going where others don’t. We hire people with various experiences and non-traditional backgrounds – from within and outside of the tech industry – to increase our hiring funnel and build a more equitable tech industry.

    COVID-19 is reshaping the job search and we want to help you prepare for the future. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus and protect employees, many companies including Twilio have pivoted to virtual interviewing and remote hiring for the …

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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Meet the Twilio Startups Team Twilio Startups Intro.jpg

    We’re excited to introduce you to our Twilio Startups team! If you’re a startup founder, you’ve probably bumped into one of us at an event, workshop or conference. Our mission is to serve startup founders all over the world through education, mentoring, and introductions. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, or apply to join the Twilio Startups Program.

     Meet the Team

    Tony Blank Headshot

    Tony Blank, Director of Twilio Startups

    Twitter: @thetonyblank


    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Tony is a noted speaker at industry events and has delivered hundreds of workshops, mentor sessions, and speaking engagements to help startups grow. Previously, Tony led the startup program at SendGrid, supporting a world-class team, helping over 5,000 startups find product/market fit and grow their first customers. Tony also draws on his technical expertise gained over the years at multiple startups, as a developer evangelist, and a software engineer. In his free time, …

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  • By Shawn Parker
    What Does Twilio Do? What Does Twilio Do Banner

    We all interact with our phones every day. You can't go anywhere without them. And there's a good chance that in one way or another you've interacted with a phone system that is powered by Twilio. However, since Twilio works in the background to bridge the gap between web-based applications and telephones, it can be hard to understand just how Twilio fits in the flow of customer communications.

    What does Twilio actually do? And how does it do it? To answer those questions, we'll first need a little bit of background on the world of telephony.

    We'll keep this discussion at a high level, but there are links to more in-depth information on some key concepts at the end of this article.

    The telecom world

    There’s an old network out there. Older than the internet. One that enables voice and SMS communications as we know it. This is the telephony …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Introducing Python Developer Miguel Grinberg Miguel Grinberg

    Hello everyone, my name is Miguel Grinberg, and I am super excited to join the Developer Voices team at Twilio.

    I have a Masters degree in Computer Science, and for the last few years I’ve been active in open source, mostly within the Python community. I live in a small rural village in Ireland. This is the peaceful and relaxing view that I have from my home office window:

    The view from my home office window

    I Love Code

    The main thing you need to know about me is that since my teenage years I have been a coder, and the more I code the more I like it.

    I learned to code writing video games in the BASIC programming language, on Texas Instruments and Commodore home computers. In those pre-Internet days there wasn’t much of a choice in computer languages, so after being unhappy with the lag in some of my BASIC games I taught myself …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    自己紹介:池原大然ーJapan Developer Evangelistとして入社しました 池原大然 - ヘッダー


    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Daizen Ikehara


    私自身は正確に覚えていませんが、ゲームをより効率的に攻略できるものであったと記憶しています。これまで、Diablo、Ultima Online、EverQuestと行ったオンラインゲーム黎明期のビッグタイトルをプレイしてきました。(いわゆるネットゲーム廃人と呼ばれた人種かもしれません)しばらく離れていたのですが、昨年、約10年ぶりにEverQuestに復帰し、以前ほどではありませんが時間を見つけてはプレイしています。これまでにメインキャラクターをプレイした総「日数」は532日を記録しており、これはEverQuestをこれまでに12,768時間プレイしてきたことになります。みなさんはひとつのゲームを長期間に渡って遊ばれた経験はおありでしょうか?

    Daizen - EverQuest(JP)

    このEverQuestが最盛期だった2000年代初頭、世界中の多くのプレイヤーと出会い、友達になることができました。夜な夜な50名以上の大規模グループ(”レイド”と呼ばれていました) …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Daizen Ikehara Daizen Ikehara - Developer Evangelist

    User Interface (UI) is everywhere!

    Do you remember the 1st app with UI you built in your life? I certainly don’t remember what it was, but I am sure it was an app to enhance my gaming experience. I was (and still I am) very crazy about PC games. I played early titles in online games like Diablo, Ultimata Online, EverQuest. After a decade, I came back to play EverQuest in 2018, and days played for my main character are 532 days now. This adds up to me playing EverQuest for 12,768 hours in total! Have you played a single game for that long?

    Everquest - Neri on Povar

    During the early 2000s, I made a lot of friends from all over the world in the game. We spent whole nights fighting against monsters in large groups (50+ people, so called “Raid”) to defeat dragons and gods. I often fell asleep on the keyboard! Fifteen …

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  • By Karyn Smith
    Twilio and DirectWomen Share A Commitment to Furthering Board Diversity Karyn Smith, General Counsel, Twilio

    At Twilio, diversity is a top priority, including at the Board level. I’m proud that our Board of Directors includes three highly accomplished women who bring key skill sets and unique experiences that are invaluable to Twilio. With their collective product, marketing, operational and corporate governance experience at some of the most successful companies during the last three decades, we are fortunate to have the benefit of their perspectives and learnings as we navigate the challenges that come with scaling a high growth company.  

    Earlier this year, I had the honor of being selected for the 2019 DirectWomen Board Institute class. The mission of DirectWomen is to increase the representa …

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  • By David Parry-Jones
    Why I Belong at Twilio Twilio Default Banner

    Imagine all of the different people that might speak to a business, all of the different reasons they might do so, all of the different channels they might use, and all of the different experiences they need to have when they get in touch.

    Now imagine building a future of communication that enables businesses to respond to all of those needs, in all of those different moments; to deliver experiences that aren’t just good enough, but are brand-enhancing and loyalty-inducing.

    To do so, you need engineering skill and technical ability. But you also need imagination and empathy. You need people who can understand each of your customers and each of your customers’ customers and help every organisation find a way to deliver experiences that make a difference. You need people who can help other people imagine what’s possible, in order to help make it possible.

    Well, that’s the feat of …

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  • By Sameer Dholakia
    Twilio SendGrid Day One: Building My Track Jacket App sameer_jacket_hands.jpg

    From the beginning, Twilio and SendGrid have both enshrined customer experience in their core values. SendGrid strives to be Humble and exemplify a customer-first mindset. Twilio encourages employees to Wear the customer’s shoes.

    We live those values everyday. There’s a hallowed tradition here at Twilio: every Twilion who builds and demos a Twilio powered app earns their red track jacket. Working on an application from a customer’s perspective helps us truly build empathy for our users.

    Today, as Twilio and SendGrid celebrated coming together as one company, I had the opportunity to demo my track jacket app. Using building blocks from Twilio and SendGrid I built an SMS responder which also emails a GIF using Python and the microframework Flask.

    Let’s look at how it works so you can build your own.

    Prerequisites for my SMS and Email Responder

    To reproduce my code you’ll first need to …

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  • By Twilio
    Hatch Your Software Career In San Francisco Twilio's Vivek Nair and recent Hatch apprentices

    Apply Now For Twilio’s Software Engineering Apprentice Program

    At Twilio, a job applicant is more than just what’s written on their resume. Some may not have much of a resume at all. And according to LaFawn Davis, Twilio’s Global Head of Culture and Inclusion, that's perfectly acceptable, especially with an ever-shrinking pool of new college graduates to fill junior level technical positions. “We aim to remove barriers and find talent where other companies may not be looking," she said.

    Evidence of this is Hatch, the company's software engineering apprenticeship program designed to be a bridge to a potential career in tech. Hatch helps Twilio hire and grow exceptional talent from sources that other tech companies may not be considering. That’s especially important for job-seekers in underrepresented groups, those with non-traditional educations, or self-taught developers who might not rise to the top of a traditional candidate search.

    Seeking engineers where …

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