PATH Uses SMS Data Alerts to Help End Malaria in Zambia


Did you know that offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today. In Zambia’s Southern Province, the fight to end malaria begins with a knock on the door. An army of community health workers, dedicated volunteers chosen by their communities, are trained and equipped to test and treat their neighbors for malaria. A positive malaria cases triggers a targeted response: the… Read More

Engineering for the Worst Case Scenario: FallSafety Builds Man Down Alerts with Twilio Notify


You don’t typically find “140 pound MMA dummy” on the list of dependencies required to build notifications for an iOS or Android app. But the dummy is critical to the engineers at FallSafety. He’s not as pliable or easily maneuverable as code in a text editor, but he represents the final function of the engineers’ code. To know whether FallSafety’s code works properly, the dummy has… Read More

Making Super Mario Bros Even More Difficult…For Science


Mess up someone’s Super Mario Bros’ run in person at SIGNAL. Andrew will be there showing you how to build a Haunted NES. Super Mario Bros could make you throw your controller across the room, only to frantically check it was still operational so you could go back to playing that level you love/hate. Andrew Reitano wants to make those beloved NES games a little harder… Read More

ScribbleChat Fills The Valley Between GIFS and Text using Twilio Programmable Chat


Your GIF game is pro-level. That’s a given. You are above using tired GIFs from The Office. Your replies are much more nuanced.  No-one needs another ham-fisted Michael Scott “NOO” GIF in their life.   Along the journey through group texts, Facebook messages, and Twitter replies, you’ll eventually hit a valley between text replies and GIF replies, where neither meets your needs. ScribbleChat hopes to fit… Read More

As Rent In Shoreditch Skyrockets, Hoxton Mix Gives Startups Virtual Offices using Twilio


Central London’s Shoreditch neighborhood has become a hub for startups looking to make it big.  As people flood into Shoreditch, rents rise in tandem. It’s hard for startups to find affordable office space in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, you can still find restaurants that exclusively serve cereal in Shoreditch — addressing a problem no one had, but nonetheless finding product market fit. Hoxton Mix solves a more… Read More

The TODAY Show Connects Fans To Celebrity Coaches with Twilio and Front


When The Today Show gives you the opportunity to ask world renowned personal trainer, Bob Harper, a fitness question, you know you should take your shot. But, some questions are better asked in private: “Hey Bob, how do I mend my strained relationship with the elliptical machine?” That question might seem too personal to fit in a Facebook comment thread. It might be better for me… Read More

Closing The Communication Gaps In The Criminal Justice System: Code For America Lands In Salt Lake County


In a row of dominoes, failure to appear is the last domino to fall. In the criminal justice system, a defendant’s failure to appear (FTA) in court is a costly problem, one that can’t be solved by examining the last domino in a vacuum. To case managers in Utah’s Salt Lake County, context is crucial in understanding how and why a client fails to appear. But,… Read More

Logrole Gives You Permissions Based, Granular Searching For Twilio Logs


Few hold the keys to the Twilio Console, but many need Console data. As the developer with keys, you balance sharing valuable data with keeping that Console data safe. You can’t give away the keys when a team member needs info on a single message. The alternative of pulling reports manually for each request is also infeasible — especially when you’re fighting bad guys. A long-standing… Read More