VoiceIt Strengthens Your Security with Voice Biometrics In The Age Of Sophisticated Cyber Attacks


Run of the mill security isn’t cutting it.  Modern cyber attacks are increasingly effective at penetrating the outdated security measures employed by large companies such as Target, Sony, and BCBS.  Even the US Government has struggled to stay ahead of hackers, who were able to forward every incoming call to the Director of the CIA from his home phone to the Free Palestine Movement hotline. Yep… Read More

Breaking Through Bottlenecks: How Lyft Scaled To Success [SIGNAL Rewind]


Lyft has scaled rapidly to say the least. They’re valued at over two-billion, and recently raised a billion dollars, with 500 million of that coming from General Motors. If you used Lyft back in 2013, you might have had trouble getting a Lyft on a Friday night. They didn’t have enough people driving with Lyft then. This is the struggle of a two-sided marketplace – you… Read More

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: Whispir Helps Developers Deploy Faster


Redundancy is good. Except when you’re writing redundant code. Whispir, and their developers, are not fans of redundant code. They’re into devs spending more time focusing on their strong suits. Whispir hopes to give developers that time back, by offering pre-built communications solutions devs can add on to their existing hacks. Consider it as stacking their lego blocks onto your lego blocks, if lego blocks were… Read More

Kiosk Uses TTS To Highlight The Humanity In Everyday Objects


The cacophony of New York City is engrossing. You can stand on a crowded corner and try and pick out the layers of sound. Look up and you can pick out noisy visuals all calling for your attention, from billboards to 3 story screens. Stepping out of the street and into MoMA PS1’s Kiosk Exhibit, the contrast is heightened. There’s no competition for your attention. The… Read More

Sara Chipps on Teaching Girls to Code with Wearables

Sara Chipps-4

Sara Chipps has spent the better part of a decade teaching women to code. Her latest startup, JewelBots, makes programmable friendship bracelets for young girls get get them excited about engineering before their social circles tell them its uncool. She down with us on Twilio Radio to talk about user testing with middle school girls, why the hardware hacking world seems to be more diverse than… Read More

How to Make, Track and Automate Calls with Twilio in Agile CRM


Agile CRM built Twilio SIP functionality into their CRM to allow sales agents to make, record, and receive calls from the browser. The integration is making customers happier, and sales agents more effective. Great CRMs should make life easier for the customer as well as the caller. The key to a great experience for both parties is context. The sales reps making calls should have the… Read More

VoiceBase Unlocks “Big Voice” To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

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VoiceBase is sponsoring SIGNAL, the communications conference for developers. Use the code Voicebase20 at checkout for 20% off your SIGNAL tickets. One of my co-workers, Devin Rader, had a fantastic quote about the old “data-driven” trope that I will paraphrase and potentially butcher. He said “Data doesn’t drive that car, I’m driving the car, but it’s definitely riding shotgun.” Data can tell you a whole lot,… Read More

Hobnob Automates Away The Pain Of Event Invites With Help From The TwilioFund Program


To solve challenging problems with technology, you need the right set of tools and the right type of support. The TwilioFund program offers access to investors,  technical resources, Twilio credits, and guidance that startups need to grow their business. Hobnob is changing the way we send and receive event invites, using A.I technology, Twilio SMS and MMS. They’re growing at a rapid rate, and have recently… Read More

NBC News Builds Election Confessions With Twilio

electionconfessions featured

My old college roommate has some pretty salient thoughts about Bernie Sanders. Also, my Mom’s coworker says she has a fool-proof plan to balance the budget. This is what my Facebook feed looks like in election season, and the same is true for many Americans. NBC News built Election Confessions to give anyone an outlet to share their political thoughts without the fear of judgment or… Read More