Announcing ISO 27001 Certification

We’re excited to announce that Twilio has been awarded their ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards. It identifies requirements for a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), and defines how organizations should manage and handle information in a secure manner, including appropriate security controls. In order to achieve the certification, Twilio’s compliance was validated… Read More

Gifted: Artificial Intelligence to Hack Gift Giving


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming for us all. Michael Jordan, a mechanical engineer by trade, came to this realization while working as the director of energy and sustainability at a New York City based firm serving large real estate clients. While busy building energy models, Michael thought that much of his work in applied engineering was actually an optimization problem. Eventually, AI will solve most of… Read More

SMS Versenden mit Node.js und Twilio


Mit nur 16 Zeilen Code (inklusive Leerzeilen) kannst du SMS mit Twilio verschicken:

Soweit so gut. Aber bevor du jetzt den Code direkt in dein Projekt kopierst, müssen wir noch ein paar Schritte erledigen, damit der Code auch funktioniert. Was Muss Ich Tun? Bevor du anfangen kannst, SMS mit Twilio zu versenden, musst du zuerst einen Twilio Account erstellen. Du kannst dich hier kostenlos anmelden. Da wir… Read More

Smart Phone, Smart Number: Listen Gives You Control of Your Phone Number


Thousands of strangers regaled Lauren Leto with tales of their intimate exploits from the previous night. This was back in 2009, when she founded Texts From Last Night (TFLN). The internet ravenously consumed these strangers’ stories. TFLN was wildly successful. In the midst of that viral snowball rolling downhill, Lauren was pricked by a thought. The medium of TFLN’s success, the phone number, was broken. She didn’t… Read More

Giphy and Twilio Text A GIF Using RapidAPI


This post originally appeared on the RapidAPI blog by Lindsey Kirchoff. RapidAPI is a marketplace where developers can test and connect to multiple APIs from one endpoint. Lindsey created an API Smash using Twilio SMS and Giphy to text GIFs. One of the reasons that we built RapidAPI is to make it easier to call multiple APIs through one console. No more juggling multiple API libraries! We’re starting a series… Read More

Serving Users > Using Servers: Catch Up On Jeff’s AWS ReInvent Keynote


Meet Jeff, he’s a software guy. Sure, he’s a proud Michigan Wolverine, a former CTO, now a CEO, but he’s a software person first. Following that mindset guided Jeff from Versity all the way to Twilio. If Versity doesn’t ring a bell, Jeff can give you a refresher. It was the first software business he founded. Versity delivered better class notes to college students. Twilio’s mission… Read More

Make Phone Calls with Crystal and Twilio

We’ve already learned how to send SMS messages with Crystal, a new language that looks like Ruby but runs like C. Doing that required making a simple HTTP request from our Crystal application to the Twilio API. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and see how to make phone calls with Crystal.  Making a call is going to require not only an HTTP request but also receiving… Read More

Introducing Marketplace Add-on support for TaskRouter


Today we’re excited to announce Twilio Marketplace Add-on support for TaskRouter. TaskRouter is Twilio’s skills-based routing engine designed for sending things like customer support interactions or sales leads to the best matched agents. Now with Marketplace support, it’s super easy to make routing decisions based on third party data from the customer’s phone number like location information, demographic information and more. Twilio Marketplace Add-ons can give… Read More