8 Ways Personal Information Is Like Uranium

Want to Be A More Privacy-Aware Developer for Data Privacy Day? Think of Personal Information like Uranium Sunday, January 28th is Data Privacy Day.  And, I know the best way for Twilio to celebrate the day would be with a post on best practices for handling nuclear reactor fuel. Kidding. In all seriousness, much of Data Privacy Day is focused on building awareness among consumers about… Read More

Chaos Engineering at Twilio with Ratequeue HA

Chaos engineering sign

Twilio engineers are constantly working on improving our core services to meet or exceed 5 nines of availability. A system’s capacity for self-healing when a fault occurs is a key measure of achieving high availability. Recently, Twilio used Chaos Engineering to close the gap and eliminate the need for human intervention for common faults involving our core queueing-and-rate-limiting system, Ratequeue. Background Twilio empowers customers to make… Read More

Building TwilioQuest with Twilio Sync, Django, and Vue.js


TwilioQuest is our developer training curriculum disguised as a retro-style video game. While you learn valuable skills for your day job, you get to earn XP and wacky loot to equip on your 8-bit avatar. Today we’ll pull back the curtain and show the code that the Developer Education team wrote to create TwilioQuest. Meet Wagtail, a Python & Django Based CMS TwilioQuest is full of content…. Read More

My SIGNAL London 2017 Schedule

SIGNAL London 2017

In just under a week we will be hosting SIGNAL London for the second time with even more talks, hands-on learning, live demos and the first ever European $BASH. Every single one of the talks at SIGNAL London has been carefully selected, here’s the full schedule. But if I were to choose, these are the talks that I’m personally most excited about: [11:15] Sharpening my tools… Read More

Best Practices for Responding to Government Requests for Information


Twice a year, Twilio publishes a transparency report to inform our community of how many government requests for information we received, how we responded to the requests, and how we notified the affected users. You can find Twilio’s reports, including the one for the First Half of 2017, on our website and on Github. When viewed across industries, transparency reports provide insight on important public policy… Read More

Compiling Creativity


Yesterday, during SIGNAL’s Day 1 keynote, you heard about our philosophy on code here at Twilio. We believe code is — at its core — a creative endeavor. It’s the act of a human using tools to amplify their intent and potential. Three years ago we rebooted Twiliocon to SIGNAL. We wanted to bring this new idea to life with all of you, the intrepid developers… Read More

An API By Any Other Name

The Twilio you know could have been easily been a pig-themed API. Jeff Lawson bought Twilio.com for $7 in 2007. But Twilio was of many options on a name-storming sheet that Jeff sent to co-founder John Wolthuis.   Let’s peek into the lives Twilio could’ve had. We’ll see where these domains are now. TPhoney.com – This is now the home of Taylor Pass Honey, a New… Read More