Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Dominik Kundel

jacobsHack! 2015 Team

“Hey! This is the greatest event of my life!”. We were at the first public edition of jacobsHack!, a hackathon I co-founded, and the feedback came from one of the attendees who had just started as a freshman at Jacobs University in Germany. Hearing this from a freshman after months of hard work and being completely sleep deprived was the most rewarding feedback I could ever expect…. Read More

Using Twilio Monitor for Change Management

“One advantage in keeping a diary is that you become aware with reassuring clarity of the changes which you constantly suffer.” An old quote, but surprisingly befitting for IT change management. In the world of software, changes can also equal suffering. Unintentionally deleting files, mis-configuring features, and applying the wrong access privileges are just a few of the many ways things can go wrong when changes… Read More

How Jeff Lawson Founded Twilio: Build with Conviction or Risk Burnout

Jeff Lawson went through three companies before he noticed the trend. In college, Jeff started Versity, an online notetaking marketplace. After receiving funding, he hired a C-level executive to help out. The exec ordered focus groups with college students to determine what they want. Jeff was a college student himself at the time. He knew what college students wanted; no focus group required. This order confounded… Read More

Ask Jeff Lawson Anything: Product Hunt Live Chat Recap

When asked a tough question, a wise man once said, “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.” Jeff Lawson was asked a tough question on Product Hunt’s Live Chat and his response was “the internet of bears.” Ryan Hoover wanted to know the most creative Twilio use cases Jeff had seen. A group of scientists’ Twilio SMS powered bear tracking collars made the cut. That is the internet of… Read More

Here We Go!: Introducing The New Twilio Blog, As Explained In Terms of Super Mario Bros

When Mario gets his power-ups, do you pay attention to the (fire) flower or what Mario does with the power-up? The answer in all it’s Koopa-crushing glory, is Mario. The same principle applies for this very blog. Here on the blog, we’re focused on what you build with Twilio, how you did it, and inspiring and equipping you to build the next thing your heart desires…. Read More