Twilio Conference now supports Announcements

Twilio Conference now supports Announcements We are excited to announce support for Announcements in Twilio Conference. Over the last several years, Conference has become a critical part of everything from managing incident responses involving a large number of participants or powering advanced call controls such as hold, transfers, monitor, coach, or barge in a contact center. In the past, developers were forced to transfer the Participant… Read More

Elastic SIP Trunking: Call Transfer via SIP REFER

If you’re running a multi-site Contact Center and you need to transfer a call from one agent to another agent in a different location, you can now send Twilio a SIP REFER message requesting that transfer. About call transfers A call transfer is just what it sounds like: It’s when you transfer a customer’s call from one call center agent to another. You might need to… Read More

Announcing Voice Insights for Elastic SIP Trunking and SIP Interface

Voice Insights is a call data analytics engine that provides details ranging from real-time metrics for individual calls to account-wide historical trends and aggregates to assist in diagnosing call performance problems, investigating call quality reports, and identifying emerging issues. Voice insights already includes WebRTC and Carrier Insights and today, we are excited to announce that Elastic SIP Trunking and SIP Interface Insights are now also available,… Read More

Fight for the Future Defends Net Neutrality with Programmable Voice and SMS

Did you know that offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.   “It’s the free speech fight of our generation.” Evan Greer, Deputy Director at Fight for the Future, doesn’t mince words about the importance of net neutrality. “We see [the rollback of net neutrality] as something that will determine not only the future of what the internet looks like,… Read More

Twilio now supports LINE, adding to the number of channels developers can reach with one API

We’re thrilled to announce support for LINE, enabling you to deliver rich, interactive messaging experiences on one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. LINE has native support for interactive message formats like rich cards as well as sharing images, audio and video files. Over the last 10 years, developers have used Programmable SMS to build incredibly innovative messaging experiences for their users, whether… Read More

Twilio Programmable Wireless is now Generally Available 🎉

We’re excited to announce that Programmable Wireless becomes Generally Available today. Programmable Wireless provides cellular connectivity for IoT devices, powered by simple, scalable APIs and extensive global reach. Since our beta release in July 2017, you’ve used Programmable Wireless to power a wide range of innovative use-cases. iBeat is reimagining the personal emergency response category with a cellular-connected watch that responds to cardiac incidents. Eatabit makes… Read More

Improved Data Pricing for Programmable Wireless

As announced earlier today, Programmable Wireless is now Generally Available. As part of the GA release, we’re introducing improved data pricing and new data pricing models. Major Changes We are reducing the “Pay as you go” data pricing rate to 10¢ per MB in 120+ countries. Customers on the existing “Pooled” data plan will automatically receive the discounted PAYG pricing. We are introducing new Quota-based pricing… Read More

New Developer Preview Features for Programmable Wireless

Today we are introducing spiffy new developer preview features to Programmable Wireless. Trust Onboard (X.509 certificates on every SIM) and Wireless VPNs. Trust Onboard With Trust Onboard, every Programmable Wireless SIM comes with two X.509 certificates pre-provisioned (“onboard”). This provides a built-in mechanism to differentiate device identities and gives you more options to authenticate against cloud services. Why does this matter? Imagine you plan to manufacture… Read More