It’s About Trust: Twilio’s New Transparency Report

  The trust you place in Twilio for your vital communications is of paramount importance. The purpose of Twilio’s transparency report is to provide the visibility you deserve and expect from a cloud service. Twilio Transparency Report – Second Half of 2016 The objective of Twilio’s semi-annual transparency report is to inform you of the total volume of government requests for information received by Twilio, how… Read More

Announcing the Public Beta Release 1.4 of our Twilio Client JavaScript SDK

Today we’re proud to announce the Public Beta of release 1.4 of our Twilio Client JavaScript SDK. This release adds a host of new APIs and features designed to improve browser-based voice calling in the real world of flaky networks, troublesome audio hardware, and demanding security requirements. Read on for a deeper look at these improvements, or get started with the release by checking out the… Read More

Santa Phone: Ensuring Gift Deliverablity Globally

Santa Phone: Twilio & Toys for Tots

Today, Santa Claus and his team at the North Pole unveiled a new communications service that will make it easier for children of all ages to send Christmas wishes and increase the accuracy of Santa’s global gift distribution program. The new SantaPhone service enables parents to schedule phone calls between one of Santa’s elves and their children. The conversation is recorded and instantly shared with Santa… Read More

More Accurate Call Transcriptions Available Now


Phone call transcription is a must-have for any modern contact center. Not only do transcriptions play a role in training and quality assurance, but they also offer important insights into customer experience. Having the greatest possible accuracy is critical, because these words are driving business decisions. Anyone who’s experienced a failed autocorrect knows how errors in a conversation can change the meaning of what’s being said…. Read More

Private Connections for Twilio’s Programmable Voice WebRTC Client

We’re excited to announce that Twilio Interconnect now supports Twilio Client, letting you to use private network connections to Twilio for WebRTC calls.  A private connection protects your calls with network-level security, and can guarantee quality end to end. To get started with Interconnect, tell us how you’d like to connect. Twilio’s Client allows you to embed voice into your mobile or web based enterprise software… Read More

Integrating Social Impact Into Your Company: How Pledged 1%


A lot of people think about social impact initiatives as purely philanthropic, a side project a company takes on to give back, something that is separate from the financials and commercially driven initiatives of a business.  In, Twilio’s social impact program, we don’t take this approach.   In the past three years since launching, we’ve learned that social responsibility must be as critical to… Read More

Twilio Programmable Chat release with new features and pricing

Announcing new name, features, and pricing for chat product

Today we’re excited to announce a comprehensive update to our chat SDKs giving you even more control over the chat experience and cutting the time it takes to build full-featured chat into your mobile apps, SaaS products, and websites. Allow me to reintroduce myself We’ve found that IP Messaging wasn’t an intuitive product name for many of you. When you came looking for a Twilio chat… Read More

You Got Plans November 8th?


“Hey Citizen of the United States, are you doing anything November 8th?” At this point I hope you’re screaming one of two things in reply: I’m voting. I’m doing whatever I please because I have already voted. If your answer was not option 1 or 2, VotePlz can help you with that problem. VotePlz gives you the information you need to find out where and when… Read More

Packing for Lisbon, and a new chapter for Web Summit


Over the weekend thousands of Europe’s, and indeed the world’s, tech glitterati will be descending on Lisbon for Web Summit. You heard me right, Lisbon. What a coup for the Portuguese capital, luring the hugely successful Web Summit conference that was so intrinsically linked with its Dublin birth place. Lisbon has not been traditionally listed in Europe’s Tech Premier league. Previously organisations like beta-i had been… Read More