Build Simple Phone Verification with Twilio, Python, and Authy

Security is at the top of everyone’s mind and phone verification is a super simple way to secure your application. Confidence in your users’ phone numbers decreases fraud and increases reliability of notifications. Let’s take a look at how to verify phone numbers using Python, Flask, and the Authy Phone Verification API. What you’ll need To code along with this post, you’ll need: A Twilio account An Authy… Read More

Introducing new Twilio support plans

customer shoes

Here at Twilio, we are laser-focused on our customers’ success. We take the idea of wearing our customers’ shoes so seriously that some of these shoes hang from the walls of our office to remind us of this commitment.  We’ve also put a lot of thought into how we can best help you and your business with our support plans, which provide additional assistance to users who… Read More

Twilio Studio: The New Way to Build Communications

visual application builder twilio studio for communication workflows

Today, we’re rolling out the beta of Twilio Studio, a visual application editor that makes it faster than ever to create new customer experiences using SMS messages and voice calls. When we released a preview of Twilio Studio a few months back, we saw the beginning of a new trend emerge — the amount of time it took users to launch a new customer experience went… Read More

Mock it Til’ You Make It: Test Django with mock and httpretty

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Python’s mock and httpretty libraries to test the parts of a Django app that communicate with external services. These could be 3rd party APIs, web sites you scrape, or essentially any resource which you don’t control and is behind a network boundary. In addition to that, we’ll also take a brief look into Django’s RequestFactory class and learn how we can use it to test our… Read More

Add screen sharing to your Twilio Video application

In recent posts we’ve seen how to capture a user’s screen in Chrome and Firefox. Now it’s time to combine this with a real video chat application and share screens as part of a video chat. What we’re building In this post we’ll take the Twilio Video quickstart application and add screen sharing to it. When we are done your application will let you make calls between browsers… Read More

8 Ways Personal Information Is Like Uranium

Want to Be A More Privacy-Aware Developer for Data Privacy Day? Think of Personal Information like Uranium Sunday, January 28th is Data Privacy Day.  And, I know the best way for Twilio to celebrate the day would be with a post on best practices for handling nuclear reactor fuel. Kidding. In all seriousness, much of Data Privacy Day is focused on building awareness among consumers about… Read More

What You Can Learn About Humanity From A Smashmouth Phone Line

There’s no real explanation for why I built a phone line that does nothing but plays Smashmouth’s “All Star”. I’ll chalk up Twitter distraction as my excuse. That phone line quietly logged 1,200 calls in a few months, leading me to shout to the heavens “Who is calling this line and why? Dear God, why?” I reached out to the interwebs searching for an answer. In… Read More

Send SMS Order Confirmations Using moltin and Twilio

‘Reach your customers wherever they are’ – it’s an common turn of phrase, but without the right APIs it’s much easier said than done. With modern APIs you can cross previously fragmented channels and talk to your customers where it makes the most sense… including via text messages on their mobile phones. Friction-reducing in mind, today we’re going to build a Node.js and Express application which uses moltin’s… Read More