Vorstellung von Twilio Developer Evangelist Dominik Kundel

jacobsHack! 2015 Team

“Hey! This is the greatest event of my life!” Dieser Satz kam als Feedback von einem Studienanfänger der Jacobs University Bremen und Teilnehmer der ersten öffentlichen Auflage von jacobsHack!, einem Hackathon den ich mitgegründet habe. Es war das beste Feedback, das ich mir, nach Monaten harter Arbeit und Schlafmangel, vorstellen konnte. Aber lasst mich euch kurz erklären, wie es dazu gekommen ist. Von Design zum Hacken…. Read More

Twilio Radio – The Podcast by Twilio


Twilio Radio is a podcast featuring interviews from a few of the 100 speakers presenting at SIGNAL, our developer conference for communications. You can find Twilio Radio in iTunes and other podcast directories or you can listen to the interviews below. And if you’d like to join us at SIGNAL, use the promocode RADIO for 20% off when you register. Where do text messages come from?… Read More

Introducing /bots: The day bots ate SIGNAL


SIGNAL is Twilio’s developer conference for communications and a conversation about communications in 2016 would be incomplete if it didn’t include bots. We’re hosting /bots at SIGNAL, a “sub-conference” where everyone at the forefront of the bots movement will come together to talk about the future of messaging. We’d love to have you there May 24th and 25th at SIGNAL. /bots will feature speakers from development teams… Read More

How to use a WebRTC PeerConnection in a Twilio Video Conversation

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.38.44 PM

Twilio Video simplifies building multi-person video chat applications and minimizes complicated WebRTC boilerplate. However having access to the underlying WebRTC objects can be advantageous and is sometimes necessary. The RTCPeerConnection is the main object behind a Twilio Video conversation, which you can access and use in just a couple of lines of code. Setting up a Twilio Video application If you already have a Twilio Video application built,… Read More

Engineering The Simple Postcard


Jason Strauss’ debugging took a week. His input was familiar — code. The output was uncharted analog territory – a postcard. Unlike your 500 error, a postcard takes a week to get back to you. Jason was debugging in week-long chunks. After a few weekends of work, discovering the perfect NLP library for him, and gluing together three APIs, The Simple Postcard was born. Send a… Read More

What Powers The On-Demand Economy? A Talk With Chelsea Rustrum


Marketplaces are growing exponentially and popping up online in every sector. When you go to work, you share a Lyft or Uber. If you need a window replaced, you might call a Taskrabbit. If you want to book a spot to stay for your vacation, you’ll book an Airbnb.   We’re hosting a panel discussion at our HQ on April 26th with Airbnb, Instacart, Checkr, and… Read More

Some Of Our Favorite Product Hunt Hacks


The Best Of Product Hunt If you’re having builder’s block – a developer’s version of writer’s block – just look at Product Hunt. You might see a dev who built an anti-app that lets you summon almost anything you want (including helicopters) via text. You might see an AI-based lawyer app. We see developers who are consistently shipping ideas that demonstrate their creativity and commitment to… Read More