Making phone calls in Swift with Twilio

Programmatically making phone calls is awesome, but doing so from an iOS app can be dangerous because it requires you to store your Twilio credentials in the app. With Swift’s ability to run on the server, you can avoid the risks of using Twilio client-side! Let’s learn how to make phone calls with Twilio from our server using Swift. If you just want to skip right to… Read More

How to protect your account from toll fraud with Voice Dialing Geo Permissions

Did you know that International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF), also known as toll fraud, leads to $10 billion dollars in annual revenue losses globally and has grown six-fold in the past five years? Care for a horror story? Read about this seven person architecture firm in Georgia that came to work on a Monday to find a $166,000 bill from their local telecom provider. Teams of… Read More

Offline-First with Node.js and Hoodie: A Practical Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Keyboard, Mouse, and Coffee

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs for short) aim to deliver a better and engaging user experience by applying progressive enhancements using modern web standards and best practices. These include among others service workers, push APIs, background sync and serving your page over HTTPS. If the app is loaded in browsers that doesn’t support a web standard, it should work just like a normal website. In modern browsers, however, the experience should be improved… Read More

Building a Django Twilio Programmable Chat Application

Typing on a laptop with coffee and accessories

As a developer, I’ve always wanted to include chat capabilities in the applications I’ve created.  Coding applications is fun but I’ve been stumped by the idea of creating the complex infrastructure needed to support real-time chat.  Fortunately, I found that Twilio makes it easy to include chat capabilities in just about any application. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a chat application using Python and the Django… Read More

Add Twilio Programmable Chat to a Java Struts 2 Web App

Bridge crossmembers/struts

The need for real-time chat can’t be overemphasized. Real-time communication with your users increases customer satisfaction, and as a result, makes your business more credible. In this article, I’ll walk you through setting up a Java Struts 2 application. Then we’ll add real-time chat to the application by leveraging Twilio Programmable Chat. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have built an application similar to this:… Read More

Automate Your Twilio Contact Center Testing with testRTC

Twilio testRTC Header

One of the things we hear from customers building their contact center on Twilio is that they want a way to test their contact center with the same ongoing methods that they test other software applications. Today, we’re going to show you how to do exactly that. We’re going to use Twilio’s reference contact center application to get us started. It is open sourced on github… Read More

Introducing Twilio’s guardrail

Twilio and Swagger

We’ve all been there, alternating between JIRA and a blinking cursor wondering “What does this API even look like?” That question is the bane of productivity and a spoiler of successful cross-team collaboration. Attempts to consume anything other than a perfectly documented API hit speed-bumps, if not  complete show-stoppers. You may have heard of Swagger, OpenAPI Initiative‘s API specification language. With Swagger, we can write a… Read More

Build a Google Analytics Slack Bot with Python

Google Analytics on a Laptop

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. All of the members of your team can see everything from which sources your web traffic comes from to what demographics frequent your site. There’s just one problem: Nobody is willing to go to the Google Analytics site and look! If these features aren’t used they may as well not exist. So, to give teammates easier access you can… Read More