Engineering For Redundancy, Hoping Telecom Contractors Don’t Dig Through Your SIP Trunks

You can plan for redundancy. But your plans don’t count for anything when a contractor digs right through the fiber optic cable powering your client’s calls. The folks at Ozonetel know this first hand. One guy and a shovel can make your journey to 5 nines way harder. This is one of the many challenges you face when building a communications network.   Ozonetel laid the… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Margaret Staples

Once upon a time when I was just considering what a Me might be I thought designing space colonies would be the right job for me. I made plans to spend a lifetime pouring focus and attention into helping humans be happy, healthy, and successful in a diaspora into space by meticulously designing purposeful coordinated systems. From the stories I was pulling heroes from I thought that… Read More

Testing At Scale: ScribbleChat Relies On OpenGL & WebGL

There’s a part of app development that feels Sisyphean. You worked on a feature the day before, a small animation. You push code out to test, and wait as your device renders the code you just deployed.   What should happen is the blue circle, which will soon be a character rendering, knocks into a blue square. But, you’ve been waiting for 30+ seconds to see… Read More

Building the IT Crowd answering machine using Twilio Functions

Picture of Roy from IT Crowd answering the phone

One of my favorite things from IT Crowd is their “Hello IT” machine. It’s the perfect solution for lazy people who are tired of answering the same IT support questions again and again. With Twilio Functions and the new Speech Recognition we can build our own version of this machine with just a few lines of code. If you are not familiar with the answering machine from IT… Read More

Reading Excel Spreadsheets with Python, Flask, and Openpyxl

  Data stored in Excel spreadsheets can be hard to read with anything other than Excel and it’s especially tough to compare two specific datasets within all that data. One possible solution is Python. It can do the dirty work of finding the information for us while also being pretty fun. In this post we will read NBA statistics from a Microsoft Excel sheet using the Openpyxl… Read More

Image recognition in Python with the Clarifai API and Twilio MMS

Image recognition can seem like a pretty daunting technical challenge. Scraping images to use as training data for a machine learning model stresses me out. That’s where Clarifai comes in. This API is great for implementing image recognition so you can focus on the core functionality of what you are building. Let’s build a Flask application in Python with Twilio MMS to receive picture messages over a phone… Read More

How to Add Live Support Chat to Your Web Application with JavaScript

Programmable Chat setup

Do you need live customer support chat in your web application but don’t know how to go about building it? You’ve landed in the right place. Twilio Programmable Chat can help you create the support functionality that you envision for your business. Let’s walk step-by-step through quickly coding a multi-party chat application. Demo App and Code You can create your own version of the project to… Read More