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  • By Zoe Baumgartner
    An Introduction to Corporate Communications An Introduction to Corporate Communnications. Zoe Baumgartner, Corporate Communications Intern

    Having never written a line of code before, a tech company was the last place that I thought that I would end up in this summer. As a journalist and political science major at Northeastern University, I’ve spent much of my time avoiding STEM classes when possible, feeling that my interests and talents would better find a home elsewhere.

    But in January, Twilio’s job description of a corporate communications intern role piqued my interest. During the first round of interviews, candidates were tasked with “writing it out” by answering a series of written questions regarding past experiences and how we lived the Twilio Magic – the distillation of Twilio’s values as a company. My introduction to the marketing and communications side of Twilio, therefore, was an assignment that excited me, and quickly after receiving the opportunity to participate I realized how important the job was to me.

    On the day …

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  • By Johnny Nguyen
    How to Find Your Classes with Twilio SMS, Python, and Airtable How to Find Your Classes with Twilio SMS, Python, and Airtable

    You can always count on the fact that I will get lost the first week of each college semester. I can have a physical copy of my schedule, my schedule set as my phone wallpaper, or a web page with my schedule pulled up. However, it can still take me a while to sift through webpages, find the building, search up the building, open up the directions, and then find the classroom.

    With the new school semester coming around the corner, this problem came to mind during a coding workshop, and I programmed it in less than an hour. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Twilio SMS, Python, and Airtable to send you an SMS message of your classes with directions for the day, so you can find your classes on time.


    To continue with this tutorial, you will need:

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  • By Bill Higbee
    SMS Marketing: How to Decide Whether to Build or Buy a Solution People working on computer

    There are a number of reasons why a company might choose to build a customized SMS marketing solution. For example, they may need to integrate with an expanding MarTech stack or support high growth and expansion. But for other companies, out-of-the-box (OOTB) software may provide all they want and need.

    Regardless of the final decision, there are some key factors that every business should consider before deciding whether to build or buy an SMS solution. But first, let’s talk about the difference between the two.

    Building an SMS marketing solution

    For purposes of this blog post, we define ‘Build’ as:

    • An internal team of stakeholders is assembled for collaboration. This team generally includes marketing members as well as product managers, engineering leads, and sometimes IT.
    • The business requirements are documented, while taking into consideration the immediate needs as well as future desires.
    • A provider is selected. An example of a …
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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    Use Visual Studio Port Tunneling to handle Twilio Webhooks Use Visual Studio Port Tunneling to handle Twilio Webhooks

    Visual Studio recently introduced a new feature called port tunneling. By using port tunneling, Visual Studio will create a new public URL (tunnel URL) for you, and HTTP requests sent to the tunnel URL will be forwarded to your ASP.NET Core project running on localhost.

    Port tunneling has a lot of use cases. You could use this to easily test your web application on other devices like mobiles phone and tablets. You could also use this to make your application temporarily, publicly available for doing interactive demos and inviting your audience to participate.

    How to use port tunneling with Twilio

    The most exciting use case for Twilio is that you can use port tunneling to test webhooks. What are webhooks again?

    "Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks. They are triggered by some event in a web application and can facilitate integrating different applications or third-party APIs, like Twilio." …

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  • By Hayden Powers
    Learn How to Use Twilio Functions by Building an SMS Measurement Converter for JavaScript Beginners How to use Twilio Functions JavaScript Beginners Header image

    There I was, in a desolate cabin with nothing except my maladaptive daydreams, 2G coverage, and ingredients for the only dish I had ever managed to write down splayed out on the countertops. There was just one problem. After desperately rummaging through the rental’s kitchen cabinets, I found only a single tablespoon hanging lonesomely on an otherwise empty ring.

    The proportions of ingredients were important in this dish, but I hadn’t actually sat down and memorized all the conversion rates before. Without internet service, not even Google could save me, but I did my best to eyeball it and make due.

    Someone about to eat but being disgusted by the smell of the food

    It turned out terrible, and I vowed to never be in such a predicament again.

    With some beginner-friendly JavaScript and hosting by Twilio Functions, we could make a measurement converter that can be used anywhere with cell service. In this tutorial, we will do just that! May our recipes …

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  • By Ijeoma Nelson
    How to Create a News Feed with Goutte and Twilio's Message Scheduling API How to Create a News Feed with Goutte and Twilio's Message Scheduling API

    I've long been a fan of newsreader applications. Mostly for the convenience of being able to keep up with the stories, writers, and publications that interest me. That said, I'm also aware of the negative impact of such apps on my daily productivity.

    The frequent interruption of my concentration by clickbait headlines is proving to be quite frustrating — especially as I fall for it every time. Yet, I'm somewhat hesitant to unsubscribe for the sake of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

    For this millennial, the struggle is real. So, if you're like me and you share the dilemma of staying socially current while avoiding the trap of sensational headlines, you will find this tutorial incredibly helpful.

    What will you build?

    You will learn how to create a personalised news feed application that will text the day's headlines at the end of each day. The project will be powered …

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  • By Nick Allen
    Help Build the Future of Fundraising With Reimagining Fundraising reimagining-fundraising-blog

    Calling all social impact builders! Reimagining Fundraising is offering USD $20,000 seed funding grants, technical assistance from challenge sponsors such as Twilio, and a chance to be showcased at the leading fundraising conference outside Amsterdam in October, IFC2022.

    Connecting Technologists and Nonprofits

    Nonprofits and charities globally face a generational challenge: shifting economics, the transition to digital-first engagement, and changing demographics in their donor bases call for new fundraising models. This matters because fundraising is the fuel that drives nonprofit impact. It enables organizations to take action on today's most pressing issues such as supporting people displaced by conflict or advocating for practical climate solutions.

    The fundraising challenges nonprofits face today are real. For example, UNICEF has been successful in one-time gifts which they use to help refugees from Ukraine or victims of hunger in Afghanistan. While one-time gifts are important, UNICEF is finding it difficult to build long-term relationships …

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  • By Dainyl Cua
    Configure a Proxy Number with Delivery Instructions using No Code Configure a Proxy Number with Delivery Instructions using No Code

    Keeping personal information private is as important as ever, since information thievery and unwanted contact (content warning: harassment, sexual harassment) have become more common. When ordering food online, however, keeping your information private can be difficult.

    For example, your driver may need to contact you regarding changes to your order or if they need help getting directions to your door. Instead of giving out your personal number to the delivery app, why not give a proxy number that can provide all that information instead?

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to configure a proxy number that will provide delivery instructions with Twilio’s no-code solution, Twilio Studio! You’ll be serving up a menu that delivery drivers can interact with to get a gate code, directions to your place, and to call you (via a proxy number) in case there’s a change to your order.


    For this tutorial, you will …

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  • By Aaron Goldsmid
    Treat Genuine Users Like VIPs with Frictionless Authentication Frictionless Authentication Hero

    The average American checks their phone 344 times a day. That’s roughly once every 4 minutes.

    That near-constant and now second-nature interaction has set the bar on experiences that mobile apps have to match - or exceed - if they’re to attract and retain new customers.

    For the customer today, life’s about the destination, not the journey. They’re with you for your product or service, not the sign-up process. Through the customer’s ever-present devices, hundreds if not thousands of businesses constantly compete for their attention. Even a fraction of a delay or a small point of friction in your sign-up process can make the difference between a successful sign-up and a lost customer opportunity. The margins between a great customer experience and an abandoned one are oftentimes fine.

    Business has an abandonment issue

    Businesses know that friction, particularly around identity verification, results in lost and wasted revenue, with 42% …

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  • By Meg Buchanan
    The New Approach to Personalization is all About Customer Behavior Copy of F05 Blog Image Angle (1)

    There are a lot of incredible ways that businesses are looping personalization into their customer experience these days. With the combination of secure first-party customer data and artificial intelligence, we’re seeing a shift from basic marketing email list sign-ups, to full-fledged virtual reality immersive shopping experiences, and everything in between.

    This is because businesses are starting to focus more on customizing consumer experiences using behavior patterns rather than just personal information. For example, if a customer walks into your store, it’s less important to know their name or where they’re from and to instead focus on their needs/wants while they shop with you. Personalization today is about contextualizing customer behavior through smarter, more secure data.

    In Twilio Segment’s 2022 State of Personalization report, we discuss the key trends behind why personalization matters for businesses moving forward. Beyond the clear benefits to ROI and maintaining customer loyalty, personalization gives …

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