Announcing New Transparency Report & Privacy Notices

We believe in “no shenanigans” when it comes to data privacy. In that spirit, we’d like to draw your attention to two documents: our transparency report for the second half of 2015 and our revised Privacy Notices. Twilio Transparency Report – Second Half of 2015 The objective of our semi-annual transparency report is to inform you of the total volume of government requests for information received by… Read More

Pure Chat Focuses On Code To Perfect Live Chat Customer Experience


Great conversations don’t start with a robot intermediary. This may explain why customers are reticent to thumb through twisted phone trees, or browse through thin FAQ pages. When they need something, they want a real human with real answers to their questions. “It’s all about starting conversations in the most familiar, authentic way,” says Lindsay Bayuk. Lindsay helps build the software that fosters conversations between customer… Read More

Crafting A Customer Experience: Zendesk Rolls Out Advanced Voice


A good customer support call is like an espresso shot – short, sweet, and carefully crafted. There’s no joy to be had in getting lost in a phone tree, or toiling on hold, no matter what side of the phone you’re on. The critical component in building excellent customer experiences is context, and Zendesk, a cloud based customer service platform, is doubling down on it with… Read More

Getting started with IP Messaging in Android


Context is everything. There’s nothing more annoying than using a mobile application and being told you need to switch to a different application to communicate with other users or talk to technical support. This often happens when using an application that has a chat or contact-us button in it but clicking takes you elsewhere far away from the app. How many times have you had to… Read More

Nonprofit, Urban Refugees, Democratize Communication For Displaced People


In the height of the refugee crisis, thousands of displaced people struggled (and still struggle) to get the resources they need — food, water, and shelter. There hasn’t been as much focus on ensuring refugees have access to another much needed resource — information. Sonia Ben Ali (right) is fighting to change the way refugees receive and share information, democratizing communication via SMS with the help… Read More

Introducing The Newly Updated Twilio Status Page

We’ve recently updated our page for quicker, easier communication and improved transparency. After many years of faithful service we’ll be sunsetting our old status page. Our new service offers an improved look and feel, more ways to subscribe to updates, expanded API functionality, and provides a foundation that will allow us to add more features in the future. We’re really excited about our new status… Read More

Expanding Globally, Adapting Locally: Reliefwatch Scales With Twilio IVRs and SMS


Daniel was a piano prodigy. Then he was a CS student at University of Chicago. Then an hopeful entrepreneur. Then he was a Prince of Wales Young Entrepreneur Award winner. Now he’s a CEO leading a startup that not only helps businesses track shipments abroad; it helps save lives. The Origin of Reliefwatch Reliefwatch started as a college project Daniel built with his friends. While traveling… Read More

SMS Powered Star Wars Trivia with PHP and Twilio


This weekend millions of moviegoers will stand in line and sit in theaters waiting for The Force Awakens. We thought we’d give them some spoiler-free entertainment in the form of SMS powered Star Wars trivia. If you’d like to play, text your name to 74310. This app is powered by 40 lines of PHP and a text file full of questions. All  you need to recreate it is a… Read More

In-App Video Now Available in Public Beta

Twilio Video is available today

Today, we’re excited to announce that Twilio Video is available to all Twilio customers as a public beta. You can now access our iOS and Javascript SDKs from the Twilio account portal, and embed live peer-to-peer video into your mobile and web applications. (Request access to Android SDK here). We are stoked about the potential of in-app video calling – because it enables use cases that surpass a… Read More