Democracy Works: Helping democracy thrive in a mobile-dominated world with SMS

Turnout in American elections is uniformly low. In presidential election years, roughly 60% of Americans vote, but that number falls to 40% in midterm elections and the low teens for municipal races. Although voter apathy is a factor, the primary culprit is the voting process itself. The majority of non-voters find it complicated and confusing. Democracy Works is fighting to shake up the status quo with… Read More

How to Send SMS Notifications to Readers When New WordPress Posts are Published

WordPress and Twilio logos

Make sure your subscribers see every post by offering instant SMS notifications when you publish new blog posts in WordPress. At the end of this project, you will have a custom WordPress Plugin that allows: 1. WordPress users to have a “Mobile Phone” field in their profile to sign up for notifications 2. posts to automatically send a notification message to every subscriber who signs up… Read More

Monitoring Cryptocurrency Prices using JavaScript, Twilio Functions and SMS

Check Bitcoin prices with Twilio Functions

Twilio recently introduced Functions, a serverless environment to build and run Twilio apps. With Functions, you can build simple Twilio applications in JavaScript without worrying about configuring servers, finding a place to host TwiML or tunneling to localhost. Let’s get acquainted with Functions by building an app that monitors the price of cryptocurrencies. The finished app will use CoinMarketCap to send us pricing information via SMS about any… Read More

Literacy Delivered: Cell-Ed Educates Anywhere with Twilio

Lucia navigates the Los Angeles Public Transportation system every day, taking the bus from her home in South LA to Beverly Hills where she cleans houses. She’s done this successfully for a decade, despite the fact she can’t read the bus schedule or signs indicating the bus’s destination. Instead, Lucia memorizes the color coded bus routes. Lucia speaks English, but cannot read or write in English…. Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Lizzie Siegle

#SFHTML5 Lightning Talk--Lizzie

As my now-teammate Sam Agnew once told me, a developer evangelist should have “the mind of a hacker, heart of a teacher, and soul of an entrepreneur.” The following anecdotes explain why this advice really resonates with me and why I’m ecstatic to be interning with the evangelism team in NYC this summer.   1.  “Young, scrappy, and hungry.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda  Who would attend their… Read More

How to Build a Serverless API with Amazon Web Services’ API Gateway

Python, Bottle and AWS logos.

It’s easy to use the Twilio API to send and receive SMS using Python and Bottle. What if we convert that traditional web application into a serverless application using Amazon Web Services’ API Gateway and AWS Lambda? Interested in learning how to create a serverless Python application? Great, because we’re going to build a serverless API for Twilio SMS throughout this post. What Problem Are We Trying to… Read More

How to Use Twilio Speech Recognition

How to Use Speech Recognition

Twilio Speech Recognition is a powerful addition to voice applications powered by the TwiML <Gather> verb. Instead of just taking DTMF tones as input you can use the full expressiveness of spoken language in a variety of languages. We’ll build a hotline that returns facts about cats, numbers, and Chuck Norris to have some fun with this feature and also show its usefulness in interactive voice response (IVR)… Read More

Fix Your Apartment Buzzer In 3 Lines of Code (and No Server)

Landlord: “The buzzer only works with a local area code, so you’re probably out of luck.” You: “Yeah right, ever heard of TwiML bins?” Landlord: “What? Is that like a paint bucket or something?” You: “It’s a serverless developer envio… nevermind. Use this number for the apartment buzzer instead.” Landlord: “It works!” You: “Old building systems be damned! TwiML to the rescue.” Building A Twilio Powered Apartment… Read More

5 Phones, 1950 Pixels: How MissionMode Hacked the SIGNAL 2017 Video Wall

MissionMode in Front of the Video Wall

“Code is Creative”.  You showed us how true that statement really is at this year’s SIGNAL San Francisco. Your creativity was made readily visible on the 40 foot video wall (and interactive art display) we hosted upstairs at the show.  We handed out Hackpacks, hackable hardware badges with a Particle Electron onboard, which had the ability to control that massive display via text messages. Poking, then Automating, then… Read More