Now Offering Numbers in 100 Countries: Unrivaled Choice for Your Communications

One of the biggest requests we’ve heard from customers this year was the need for phone numbers in more countries. Our Super Network team was listening and got to work, adding more than 30 countries in just the last three months alone—and they’re just getting started. Today, with the launch of nine new African countries, we’re excited to announce that you can now choose a Twilio… Read More

MyZindagi Fights Fake Doctors, Brings Real Doctors and Real Care To The Masses With Twilio Video

There’s a critical shortage of doctors in developing countries which puts those in need of medical care in a compromised position. In urban and rural regions, patients struggle to find the medical care they need. This shortage of doctors has opened up an opportunity for predatory con artists posing as doctors.   In the middle of this fraught ecosystem is a small team of developers and… Read More

Request Signature Authentication for IVRs Built with Python

Python and Pyramid IVR

For many APIs it is desirable to authenticate requests made to an endpoint. For an interactive voice response (IVR) system API which returns TwiML, the only entity that should likely be allowed access in production is Twilio. This post will cover implementation of request signature validation in a Python IVR web application that uses the Pyramid web framework. Allowing Twilio Access To localhost Of the many ways to… Read More

From 0 to 15 Million In A Few Months: Relay Scales Their Texting Platform For Organizers

On September 1st, 2016, Relay had sent a total of 0 text messages. The day after the United States Presidential Election, they’d sent 15 million. Scaling a peer-to-peer texting platform from zero to election-season level traffic isn’t light work, but it was easier than Relay CEO and Founder Daniel Souweine expected. “When organizers find something that works, they’re not afraid to go big. So it was… Read More

Symfony 3 and FOS User Bundle: Customizing Users

User handling is a fundamental part of a ton of web projects.  This post will walk through how to customize Friends of Symfony (FOS) User attributes and forms in a Symfony 3 project. By default FOS Users only have username, email, and password attributes.  If you want to add more information like an address or phone number to your users there are several steps you’ll need to take… Read More

Analyzing Messy Data Sentiment with Python and nltk

Python plus NLTK library.

Sentiment analysis uses computational tools to determine the emotional tone behind words. This approach can be important because it allows you to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of the people in your data. At a higher level, sentiment analysis involves natural language processing and artificial intelligence by taking the text element, transforming it into a format that a machine can read, and… Read More

Twilio and “Friend-to-Friend Invitations”

Many apps nowadays send out invite messages to a user’s contacts in order to get that user’s friends on the platform — I mean, hey, if your user thinks your product is cool, why not encourage them to tell their friends about it? Apps that do friend-to-friend invites typically access the end user’s contact list to find phone numbers of  their friends and partially or fully… Read More

Templates for Launching Your Twilio Functions Faster

Quickstart templates for Twilio Functions

When we released Twilio Functions in May, our goal was to help you get to production faster by eliminating the burden of dealing with the servers and infrastructure typically required for building applications. Since then, we’ve seen a ton of you build some amazing things—from Resistbot, a political advocacy service that turns your text message into a formal letter for your elected officials, to VictorOps’ Live… Read More

Connecting SMS To Slack With Twilio and Zapier

SMS to Slack Channel

When you’re looking for a customer’s feedback, don’t make them jump through hoops to give it to you. Let’s wire up a Twilio number to a Slack channel using Zapier. This will let users text their feedback to your number, and their feedback will pop up in a Slack channel for easy reference. There’s no code required and we’ll have this running in a matter of… Read More