Using C# and Azure to Build a SMS Representative Directory


Earlier this month, you heard about Ian Webster, who built an app to call your federal representatives. Communication can be a powerful force for change. Today we’ll learn how to empower others by building an app similar to Ian’s with SMS. Using C#, ASP.NET, and Azure, we will build a messaging application that responds to a ZIP code with a list of federal representatives for that… Read More

How to Text with Hodor


Hodor is not man of many words. In fact, he’s just got one: “Hodor.” And while communication may not be his forte, one wonders how his adventures with Brandon Stark might have turned out if they had the mobile communication technology we all take for granted today. Thanks to the recent release of TwiML Bins we don’t have to wonder any longer. To get in contact with Hodor, you need only… Read More

Check Stock Prices with Python and Twilio SMS


In the movie Wall Street, one dimension of the main character Gordon Gecko that the film disappointingly fails to explore is his love of the outdoors.  That’s right, he loves to go camping.  Unexpected, right? Gordon’s never going to get a data connection out there, but with a bit of Python and Twilio SMS he can still check his stock prices with only a few of those precious… Read More

Introducing Messaging Insights

Not everyone is a telecom nerd like we are. When you send or receive a text message using Twilio, we go to great lengths to ensure that the nerdiness and complexity of the telecom world stays well hidden. While you might not care how the sausage is made, sometimes that process can reveal a great deal of useful information. In this case, the process reveals information… Read More

Local Telephone Numbers Rocking In The Free World (Through The Ngrok Data Center Closest To You)


Grab your phone. We’re going to try out ngrok’s new local traffic routing feature using local Twilio numbers in the US, EU, AP, and Australia. Still got your phone in hand? Good. Welcome to Operation Keep On Ringing In The Free World. We’re going to buy four Twilio phone numbers in the four different ngrok data center territories and make them play music from local artists,… Read More