Protect Your Identity with Proxy Servers, Twilio, and C#

We share a lot in common with Bruce Wayne. By day, Bruce Wayne is a dashing billionaire running his family’s company. At night, he dons the cape and cowl to become Batman, fighting crime and driving fear into the hearts of his enemies. Think about it… Wearing the cape and cowl protects Bruce Wayne’s identity. You are probably thinking – how does this relate to me?… Read More

Setting up a Twilio Programmable Wireless SIM Card for SMS and Phone Calls

With Twilio Programmable Wireless you can deploy and manage fleets of cellular connected devices, power connectivity for the Internet of Things and enable highly customized communications use cases. A couple of weekends ago, I attended the MAGFest video game music festival and had a blast! My friend Mikhail from Russia visited because his band Marshall Art was playing the festival (hint: they ruled). When he got to… Read More

Going surfing – Protect your Node.js app from Cross-Site Request Forgery

One classic attack when working with web applications is Cross Site Request Forgery aka CSRF/XSRF (read C-Surf). They are used by attackers to perform requests on behalf of users in your application without them noticing. Let’s look at how they can pull this off and how we can protect our applications from these type of threat. Let’s talk theory Before we can prevent CSRF attacks we need to… Read More

Introducing the Voice Pricing Calculator

We’re really excited today to announce the launch of the Voice Pricing Calculator in the Twilio Console. This tool will help you estimate pricing easily for multiple call flows over different device types and countries. The flexibility of the Programmable Voice APIs and SDKs means that you can use them to build a diverse range of use cases ranging from contact centers to automated voice reminders…. Read More

Shell functions, git shortcuts and other magical scripts I use with the Twilio API

I love Harry Potter, and part of the reason I love the wizarding world so much is that those people know how to use shortcuts! I often look at the habitual tasks of my daily life and wish I had a magical umbrella that could clean up my messes and fold my clothes. But while I still longingly hope for real-world shortcuts, I at least have… Read More

Building in the Middle of a Hurricane: How One Texas Town Recovered From Hurricane Harvey Together

The worst of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding started on Sunday, August 27th around 4 AM. Some Friendswood, TX residents thought they’d be able to wait out the rain. That quickly became untenable. By 7 AM, those residents were marching through waist deep water towards rescue boats. Hours later, one third of the homes in Friendswood were underwater. In this new reality, the line between city official and… Read More

Developer Digest: Life Before Lootboxes — Playing Dart-Based Skyrim via Text

Normally, this would be in your inbox. This is a blog-rendition of our email for all you lovely developers, the Developer Digest. To grab the next issue on January 16th, sign up here. Alright, let’s get right to it. There are a few tools that you can’t imagine your life without. That could be anything from a handy framework, to the backpack you throw your laptop… Read More

Convert Fax-to-Email with Twilio Fax, Functions, TwiML Bins, and SparkPost

Fax to email Twilio shot

Today we’re going to use Twilio’s Fax API and SparkPost to receive an inbound fax and forward it as an outgoing email. We’ll use a phone number we purchase with Twilio and host our logic with the serverless Twilio Functions and TwiML Bins. Sign Up For – Or Sign Into – A Twilio Account You’ll be using a few Twilio products today to complete your quest: Twilio Programmable Fax… Read More

Open Sesame: Control a Garage Door with Twilio Studio, Sync and a WiFi Module

Communication between the worlds of humans and machines doesn’t need to be apocalyptically hard or prohibitively expensive. In this project, we are going to build a voice call operated garage door opener with an ESP8266 dev board and a relay. In order to stitch all the parts together, we will use our visual workflow builder Studio and Sync for IoT. We use Twilio Sync for IoT and Studio… Read More