Flying the Kotlin Spaceship at Twilio

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At Google I/O 2017 Google announced official support for the Kotlin programming language. Mostly because Kotlin is a friendly modern language with immense expressive power, functional programming capabilities, lambda functions support, powerful type-inference and analysis capabilities with quite ergonomic syntactic sugar. Why Kotlin? The language has been in development for a few years now and has interoperability with existing Java code so you can call Java code… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Kelley Robinson

The recession hit while I was in undergrad and my incredibly pragmatic and risk-averse self prioritized finding a job, any job, above all else. Given my business school background I was lucky to land a job on Wall Street, more specifically clearing trades for listed derivatives like Live Cattle. Working on the operations side of the business, employees were rewarded for automating their jobs away. But… Read More

What Twilio is Doing to Protect Your Data

What Twilio is doing to protect your data

Five major product requirements for GDPR-Compliance. What Twilio is doing about GDPR. New data protection features. You may have already seen Twilio’s blog post series from our Lead Privacy Counsel about the GDPR. These posts cover the legal side of this new regulation, and include such details as “What is the GDPR?” and whether you, Twilio, both, or neither a “controller or processor.” However, you may… Read More

Discovering Issues with HTTP/2 via Chaos Testing

TL;DR While HTTP/2 provides for a number of improvements over HTTP/1.x, via Chaos Testing we discovered that there are situations where HTTP/2 will perform worse than HTTP/1. When there is packet loss on the network, congestion controls at the TCP layer will throttle the HTTP/2 streams that are multiplexed within fewer TCP connections. Additionally, because of TCP retry logic, packet loss affecting a single TCP connection will simultaneously… Read More

How to Write Your Own Serverless Framework Plugin for AWS Lambda using JavaScript

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The Serverless framework makes it easy to deploy applications to AWS Lambda. However, Serverless does not currently support binary files, but we can solve this issue by implementing a Serverless plugin and uploading proper configuration to the AWS API Gateway. In this post we will: Set up an npm project and create a Hello World application with a fancy image background Configure the Serverless framework and deploy… Read More

Introducing TwilioQuest, a New Way to Learn Twilio

TwilioQuest - The Fastest Way to Learn Twilio

Sometimes a blank text editor window and that irritating blinking cursor are the biggest obstacles to starting your project. We here at Twilio most definitely agree – starting is the hardest part. That’s why we’re so excited today to announce TwilioQuest! TwilioQuest is an interactive, self-paced game to learn how to Twilio. You’ll master products like Twilio Voice and Messaging while earning experience points and loot. Read on to take the… Read More

Announcing Programmable Video DataTracks API

Programmable Video DataTracks API

Share and synchronize real-time data among Room Participants. Build shared whiteboarding, collaboration features, and augmented reality apps. Available in Programmable Video’s Peer-to-Peer and Group Rooms today. Media Sync API to synchronize messages with real-time audio and video streams—coming soon. Join us at Kranky Geek on October 27 for a live demo.  If you’ve built an app with our Programmable Video SDKs, you are familiar with the… Read More

Dive Deeper Into ARKit and Twilio Video With DataTracks API

Twilio DataTracks ARKit

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve caught the AR bug here at Twilio HQ. A few weeks ago, my teammate Lizzie showed us how to bring ARKit and Twilio Programmable Video together in a Swift app. With the DataTracks API, you can take this sample further and build a shared, interactive AR experience with Video. We gave this new API a spin and made a fun app… Read More

Screen capture in Firefox

Screen sharing is a hugely useful feature you can build into a video chat. We recently saw how to capture the screen using Chrome. Support in only one browser is not much fun so you’ll be pleased to hear we can access screen capture in Firefox too. Let’s see how. What you need Firefox A text editor A local web server – I like to use… Read More