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  • By Kris Gutta
    Introducing Media Streams: Improve customer call experience in real-time Media Streams Blog Header

    With Media Streams, we are opening up the Twilio Voice platform by providing businesses with real-time access to the raw audio stream of their phone calls. Now businesses can leverage the audio of their calls to improve customer experience by understanding the quality of a call in real-time through  sentiment analysis or AI-driven knowledge assistants to enhance agents’ abilities to address customer needs. With just a few lines of code, businesses extend the capabilities of their Twilio voice application in real-time by integrating with their own applications or utilizing third party services.

    Why Media Streams?

    As advancements in AI and machine learning continue, an increasing number of new technologies and services must be pulled together to create voice experiences that meet customer expectations.

    Some ways businesses can take advantage of Media Streams include:

    • Resolve difficult customer conversations by using sentiment analysis to flag customers having bad experiences, allowing supervisors to ...
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  • By Twilio
    #SIGNALConf Day 1 Recap SignalDay1-148.jpg

    SIGNAL 2019 kicked off with a bang today at the famous Moscone West conference center with nearly 4,000 attendees. It’s been a day chock-full of inspiration, demos, and thrilling new product announcements. We’ve seen guests from Netflix and Lyft, Jeff live coding in coder gloves, dancing penguins, and everything in between. If you couldn’t make the conference today or just need a refresher on all the excitement, here’s your quick Day 1 recap. Big Things Happened — Big Things to Come CEO Jeff Lawson started SIGNAL off strong with a few impressive company milestones.

    More than 6 million developers are now building on Twilio. #SIGNALConf

    — twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

    Over 160,000 companies, big and small and in every industry, are using Twilio to build new ways to communicate with their customers, and together, we are building the future of ...

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    TwilioQuest 3, the RPG for Developers, is Now Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs 5011-just-type.svg

    Today, we invite developers across The Cloud to hone their technical skills as an Operator in the top-secret TwilioQuest program. Chapter 1 of TwilioQuest 3, a role-playing game for PC, is now available for download.


    About the world of TwilioQuest 3

    More and more of our lives are lived inside the virtual worlds of computers. This universe, which we refer to as The Cloud, expands every second of every day. The ability to write code - the laws of these virtual worlds - has become a precious resource.

    There are those who would use the power of code to steal, deceive, and oppress. We know these evil forces as the Legacy Systems. From the shadows, they conspire to dominate the free people of The Cloud. Their wealth and privilege have carried them to the edge of victory, but one thing stands in their way - the Operators.

    From every race, religion, gender, and ...

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  • By Andres Jaan Tack
    Introducing Twilio Conversations: Now, every message becomes an invitation for a conversation Twilio Conversations is now available in Public Beta

    With Twilio Conversations, every business can use cross-channel conversations to build long-lasting customer relationships. Building on the same messaging platform that has allowed digital natives and major enterprises to build communications into their applications, Twilio Conversations is a unified API that solves some of the greatest challenges in customer messaging: cross-channel orchestration, participant management, and message archives.  

    Why Twilio Conversations?

    More businesses than ever are turning to messaging through SMS, WhatsApp, and chat to answer routine questions, deliver up-to-date notifications, or keep customers informed of an upcoming promotion. For many businesses, however, it’s still new terrain. What makes some businesses embrace two-way conversational messaging while others simply send one-way notifications or rely on phone calls or email alone? 


    For starters, channel preferences vary. In some regions SMS is the dominant channel; in others, the only way to guarantee a message gets through is over WhatsApp. Customers expectations are ...

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  • By David Lowes
    Building Blocks for a Modern and Conversational IVR modern_ivr.png

    Many IVRs expect too much from customers - they lack customizability and require your customers to patiently learn how to use the IVR. What if you could replace this with a natural conversational IVR? What if you could add security and personalized customer data and deploy this using multiple channels? 

    Well, you can! In this two-part blog post, we’re going to use Twilio APIs as “building blocks” to build an IVR for our pseudo-business, Signal Hardware. Here is the stack:


    Layer 1 - Studio and Autopilot

    In the first Layer of our IVR we’re using Twilio Studio and Autopilot to give us structure, flexibility and control of our workflow.

    Studio is a virtual application builder. It allows you to rapidly create communication flows using pre-built widgets. Autopilot is our Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning platform. Where Studio creates our structure inside of a UI, Autopilot allows us to have ...

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  • By Felistas Ngumi
    How to Build a CRUD RESTful API in PHP with API Platform and Symfony 4 How to Build a CRUD RESTful API in PHP with API Platform and Symfony 4.png


    As per the official documentation, API platform is a “powerful but easy to use full-stack framework dedicated to API driven projects”. API platform helps developers significantly speed up their development process, building complex and high performance, hypermedia-driven APIs.

    It ships with Symfony 4, the Doctrine ORM, a dynamic Javascript admin created with React, and React Admin, Varnish Cache server, Helm Chart to help deploy the API in a Kubernetes cluster and a Progressive Web Application skeleton. It also includes a Docker setup for providing Nginx servers to run the API and JavaScript apps. Most inspiring is the ability of API platform to natively generate project documentation with support of OpenAPI!

    In this tutorial, I will take you through how to create a simple bucket list API with CRUD operations.


    1. PHP - Version 7.0 or higher.
    2. Docker
    3. Postgres

    Getting Started

    Follow the instructions below to setup your development environment ...

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  • By David Lowes
    Are you truly understanding your advertising metrics? Set up call tracking on Twilio Understanding_the_performance_of_your_advertising_is_important.png

    In the US, calls from paid advertising continue to grow at a rate of ~18% year over year. In 2019, we expect to see 162 billion calls from search, social and display ads and there’s no indication that things will slow down. With so many calls originating from digital ads, it’s critical that marketers understand the performance of their advertising so they can focus their efforts on the channels and ads that are working, and re-strategize on the ones that are not.

    calls from ads.png

    It can be complex, but we make it easy

    Setting up your first call tracking application for your ads can be daunting, there are lots of things to consider: 

    How many phone numbers do I need if I’m running X different ads on X different platforms with X different ad campaigns?
    How do I attribute call leads? From the ad platform or from the campaigns ...
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  • By Justin Young
    Send a fax to Dropbox Fax + Dropbox

    Dropbox has a wonderful API that allows you pass a publicly available URL and it will download the data and store it into dropbox on your behalf.  This is incredibly useful since Twilio on receipt of fax builds a URL which the content can be accessed from. 

    We don't even have to download the attachment and stream it to Dropbox, Dropbox will do it for us!

    Prerequisites to Fax with Dropbox

    1. A fax enabled number from Twilio
    2. A Dropbox account

    Dropbox Setup

    Login to your dropbox account (or create a new one here) and navigate to

    Create a Dropbox app

    Next, you'll need to create a new DropBox app.

    1. Select Dropbox API
    2. Select App folder
    3. Give your folder a name like Modern Fax

    Dropbox App

    Configure your Dropbox App

    In the following screen, in the OAuth2 section:

    1. Set Allow implicit grantDisallow
    2. Click Generate access ...
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  • By Twilio
    Can’t Miss Sessions at #SIGNALConf cantmiss.jpg

    We’re a week away from SIGNAL. In addition to our morning keynotes, there are over 100 sessions where you’ll learn to leverage cutting-edge communications technology to transform your business and level-up your development skills. 

    We heard from previous attendees that they wanted to get their hands dirty on real life sample apps and code so this year, we added workshops to the SIGNAL session line up. We hope you can walk away from SIGNAL with a head start on building your app or fast-track your Twilio knowledge journey. Whether you’re deploying a fleet of IoT-connected devices, sharpening your email marketing skills, or launching a new contact center— there’s a session for you.

    Tuesday, August 6

    Developers and marketers alike are invited to this workshop, Twilio SendGrid’s Email API: Features, Tricks, and Tips where you'll learn to implement your email architecture right the first time. Come ...

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Building a Single Page Application with Symfony PHP and React Building a Single Page Application with Symfony PHP and React.png


    Every modern web application built with PHP now requires a huge amount of logic handled at the frontend to enhance and provide a great user experience. PHP frameworks such as Laravel come bundled with support for crafting the client side logic using Vue.js. This amongst other things gives developers the ability to rapidly build applications by combining these technologies.

    Contrary to the structure of Laravel, Symfony as a set of reusable PHP components does not favor a particular library or fronted framework over another. It gives you the flexibility to decide what runs and powers the frontend logic of your application. In this tutorial, I will show you how to seamlessly build a single page application using Symfony and React.

    Once we are done with this tutorial, you would have learned how to combine reusable user interface components built with React and Symfony together.


    Basic knowledge of ...

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