Call Any Representative Using One Phone Number


Representative democracies only work if you can represent yourself. Ian Webster made it easier to do just that with one phone call. Call 1-844-USA-0234 to be immediately connected to your members of Congress. A phone call can be a powerful tool for policy change. A call is a record of your voice, and your opinion. Every day, representatives get a brief of how many constituents (psst,… Read More

Air Products Uses Twilio SMS To Prevent On-site Incidents


Not all incidents are created equal. Some can wait until the next day for the IT squad to take care of. Some happen in the wee hours of the morning and require immediate attention. When you’re managing a 75 year old S&P 500 company with 22,000 employees grossing tens of millions of dollars per year, every incident counts. That’s the case for Air Products, an industry… Read More

Introducing SIGNAL London


The word is out. The SIGNAL experience is coming to London September 20th with SIGNAL London. London is a hotspot of developer creativity and ingenuity. It’s a place where lamp posts send you texts and cars let know where they are proactively. Check out the highlights from SIGNAL 2016 in San Francisco below. We’re incredibly excited to kick off SIGNAL London at The Brewery. The conference… Read More

Real Time Rails 4: Using Server-Sent Events with Authy OneTouch

Server-Sent Events (SSE) are real-time events sent from a server and received by a browser, perfect for updating the front end when a server receives a webhook. We’re going to look at how to use SSE to implement Authy OneTouch using Rails 4. Our end result should look a bit like this: Authy OneTouch Two factor authentication usually means copying a bunch of numbers from your phone to… Read More

Adding Push Notifications to your iOS app with Swift and Twilio Notify

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.08.06 AM

Notify makes it easy to send cross-platform notifications to your users. From in-app push notifications on Android and iOS to SMS fallbacks, Notify takes care of the heavy lifting. Let’s build an iOS app that can receive and react to push notifications sent by the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Twilio Notify. Tools and Agenda There are a few things you will need in order to run all of the… Read More

Getting started with Web Components building a Video Chat widget

Component based UI libraries are a popular way of building modern applications. Angular and React are the heavyweights at the moment, but the humble browser and its native APIs are never far behind. Web Components were first introduced in 2011 and are the browsers’ attempt to bring componentisation to the web platform. There are a few libraries available for writing Web Components, most notably Google’s Polymer, but also X-Tag and Bosonic. To… Read More

SIGNAL Day 2 Recap: Ships, Superphones, and Space Travel


The moments after SIGNAL feel like returning home from an interstellar orbit. For anyone who’s going to $bash, that feeling will be more pronounced after you launch a spaceship into orbit. On day 2, we saw into the future of mixed reality with Rony Abvotiz, were graced by a performance from Ryan Leslie (after he demoed his Superphone), and brought a Slack bot into the world… Read More

How to add push notifications to Android


Having the right engagement strategy within a mobile app has never been more important since users expect your app to provide them with useful and timely information. With Notify, the new Twilio notifications API you can send your users real-time push notifications even when the app is not open. Let’s build an Android app that can receive and react to push notifications sent from the server…. Read More

Twilio Notify, one API that orchestrates messages over SMS, push & chat apps.


Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio Notify, a single API that orchestrates messaging across multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. Notify is now available as a developer preview to a limited number of accounts. Learn more and request early access to be one of the first to use Notify. Staying connected to your customers Throughout the years, Twilio has seen the ins and… Read More