How to receive and download picture messages in Python with Twilio MMS

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Have you ever needed to programmatically download an image from an MMS message sent to your Twilio number? Well here’s all the code you need to do this using Python and Flask:

To run the above code, you’ll need to have the Twilio Python helper library installed, as well as the Flask framework. Don’t forget to replace the value of the DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY variable with a path to… Read More

Fight for the Future Defends Net Neutrality with Programmable Voice and SMS


Did you know that offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.   “It’s the free speech fight of our generation.” Evan Greer, Deputy Director at Fight for the Future, doesn’t mince words about the importance of net neutrality. “We see [the rollback of net neutrality] as something that will determine not only the future of what the internet looks like,… Read More

Join Twilio in Urging the Senate to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

The fight is far from over. Congress needs to hear from innovators and small businesses about preserving the freedom to communicate. An important vote to protect net neutrality is scheduled to take place in the U.S. Senate and we need you to contact your Senators. What’s happening On Wednesday, May 9th, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to use a procedural rule to attempt to protect net… Read More

Creating a Jenkins Server for GitHub Projects


A deploy process should provide consistency, incorporate tests, and utilize a multi stage deploy process to protect your production server, provide useful logging, catch breaking changes quickly, and integrate smoothly with your version control software. There are a few options available for managing a deploy process like this. Many of these are managed services which means much of it is opaque and outside your control. If you’re… Read More

GDPR And EU Data Location Requirements

GDPR European Union

Twilio often receives questions about the locality of data we process for our customers – where data is being stored depending on where it originates. Businesses all over the world use and trust Twilio, and they interact with their users also everywhere in the world.   In new world of GDPR, the question of “where are you keeping my data” is coming up even more.  And,… Read More

Working with Xcode Auto Layout in Swift and iOS Projects

Auto Layout in Xcode

Have you ever had trouble designing an application to look good in both landscape and portrait orientation? Do not despair! Auto Layout is here to the rescue. Originally Apple had only one screen size, which was developer friendly since they did not have to be terribly flexible fitting into different screen sizes. Fast forward to today, it has become quite frustrating to design an app that supports different… Read More

How to Encourage Stronger Passwords: P1e@$e $t0p Using Bad Rules


We have a big problem when it comes to password security. People reuse passwords. And they use passwords that are short and easy to guess. This is a problem because even if you don’t care if your Myspace account gets hacked, if you were using the same password there as you are for your email or your bank account, you’re gonna have a bad time. That’s because… Read More

Playing Pokemon via SMS in Swift Using Vapor and Twilio

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Pokemon filled many childhoods with joy. For some of us as adults, server side Swift does the same. What better way to spend a fun afternoon than combining the two? Let’s walk through how to build your own version of Twitch Plays Pokemon powered by text messages using the Twilio API, Vapor and Lua scripting for the Visual Boy Advance emulator. Getting Equipped Before moving on you’ll… Read More