A Simple Way to Receive an SMS with PHP and Twilio


In this tutorial we’ll receive and reply to a text message in PHP. If you’re the type who likes to skip to the punchline, create a file named message.php and paste in this code:

To learn more about how this works, watch this one minute video, or just keep reading. Twilio’s HTTP Request When someone texts your Twilio number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your app. Your app parses… Read More

Shahzeb Khan Builds Frank Ocean Album Detection


Looking for a reason to start playing with Twilio’s PHP Helper Library, Shahzeb Khan built (650)82OCEAN while anxiously awaiting the release of his favorite artist’s latest album. Boys Don’t Cry is the long suspected second studio release from that of one Frank Ocean. Why a project around Frank Ocean? Shahzeb says, “I mean, it’s become a meme right?” Fans of the rap artist are all too… Read More

How to Receive an SMS in Node.js with Twilio and HyperDev


When someone texts your Twilio phone number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your app. Details about the inbound message, such as what it said and the number it was sent from, are passed in the parameters of that request. In this post we’ll look at how to receive and parse that request in JavaScript using Node.js and Express. Then we’ll look at how to reply to the inbound SMS with… Read More

Get started with writing TypeScript today!


Tabs vs. spaces isn’t the only big discussion point in the world of programming. Another point of contention lies in statically-typed vs. dynamically-typed languages. TypeScript is Microsoft’s attempt to add a stronger type system to JavaScript while making both camps happy. Instead of wading into the debate, let’s look at three aspects of TypeScript: How to add TypeScript to an existing JavaScript project Improving your development experience and… Read More

Exploring the vastness of the Realm, a cross-platform mobile database


If you’re an Android developer chances are you’ve used SQLite for internal storage in your mobile apps and know how painful it is to set it up. Realm is a cross-platform mobile database engine that aims to provide developers with a mobile-first engine, super powered with fluent interfaces and field annotations. Here’s an example of how easy it is to use:

Let’s look at how to build an… Read More

It’s getting easier to get sentimental about SMS with Twilio Add-ons

Twilio Add-ons is a marketplace for 3rd party services that you can use to add superpowers to your Twilio applications. I’m a huge fan of Add-ons because they handle tasks we would otherwise need custom code for in our applications. We can also streamline existing applications by replacing our code with an Add-on. Last year I wrote about sentiment analysis of SMS messages using Twilio, Bluemix and… Read More

How to Build API Driven iOS Apps in Swift Using Siesta


There are so many wonderful APIs out there but they aren’t always easy to work with in mobile apps. The Siesta framework makes using APIs in Swift apps a joy. Patterns for using REST APIs in mobile apps tend to focus on requests but the ‘R’ that matters most in REST is Resource. Siesta provides an app-wide observable model of a RESTful resource’s state which answers the following three questions: What is the latest… Read More

Running Your Business From The Palm of Your Hand: Heymarket Makes SMS Scalable


On a Sunday morning, Amit got a text from the man delivering his furniture. The man wanted to apologize for last night. The two had not seen each other the previous night. This singular text vaulted Amit into a professional’s personal life. That bell can’t be unrung, but the root problem can be engineered out of existence. If you run your business from your phone, or… Read More