Contact Centers: Introducing Agent Conference

Agent Conference for contact centers Twilio

Place outbound calls to prospects without TwiML fetch. Agent Whisper feature to coach agents. Available now in public beta. Conference is at the core of many advanced Twilio call flows. Over the last year, we’ve made Twilio Conference more powerful and easier to use. We shipped conference events with speaker detection, hold API, end conference API, region selection, and made all conferences Global Low Latency (GLL)… Read More

Validate Ruby objects with Active Model Validations

In the world of Rails and Active Record, validating data and storing it in a database is easy. If you’d ever built a simple site that stores data in a Google Spreadsheet then you’d quickly learn that users can enter anything (or nothing). In this post we’ll see how to validate input using part of Active Record: ActiveModel::Validations. Spreadsheets can be databases too In my last post… Read More

Building Your Dog A đź’© Button with a Raspberry Pi, Node.js and Twilio

File this under: better to have than not. Trevor Miller built a button that his dog, Oli, presses when he has to đź’©. Trevor hasn’t revealed Oli’s training regimen which led him to being such a good boy. But, Trevor will gladly show you how to build a IoT powered button using Twilio and Raspberry Pi in Node. Here’s the code that does a lion’s share… Read More

Get a Local Identity with Area Code Geomatch

Area Code Geomatch

Sends messages from phone numbers in the same area code as the recipient. Available for recipients in the US and Canada. Free public beta now open. The pipes under your kitchen sink have failed again. You’re not sure if there’s a problem with the compression fitting on the P-trap or if your tailpiece is corroded, but the under-sink cabinet is starting to resemble swampland in the… Read More

Writing a Node.js module in TypeScript

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One of the best things about Node.js is its massive module ecosystem. With bundlers like webpack we can leverage these even in the browser outside of Node.js. Let’s look at how we can build a module with TypeScript usable by both JavaScript developers and TypeScript developers. Before we get started make sure that you have Node.js installed – you should ideally have a version of 6.11 or higher…. Read More

“Flashing. Lights.”: How to Build a SMS to Morse Code Translator with a Particle Electron and Twilio

Particle Electron and Twilio SMS to Morse Code Splash

After spending some quality time with Particle’s Electron product, I’m so excited to share some of the awesome things I’ve got it doing.  Powerful, always connected, and perfectly priced for experimentation, it’s an incredible kick-start on your IoT journey.  We’re going to give you an even bigger boost today by showing you how to receive messages with Twilio and do something useful… blink the onboard LED with… Read More