The 2016 State Of The Builder Results Are In


Your development environment reflects your work. But, what does the collective sum of developers’ work look like? We asked over 4,000 builders of all sorts to participate in our 2016 State of the Builder Survey to find out the answer to that question. Download the full results of our 2016 State of the Builder Survey to get the full rundown.  Here are a few quick hits.   Of the 4,000+ builders that took the survey: 74% of… Read More

SIGNAL Conference 2016 Videos: Talks, Tracks, Sessions


Two Days. Over 85 talks. Hundreds of speakers. There’s a whole lot to unpack from SIGNAL 2016. Whether you write code, or build companies (or both) — there’s a SIGNAL track, and a SIGNAL talk for you. Now, all the talks from SIGNAL 2016 are live for your viewing pleasure. You can easily revisit your favorite sessions, or catch up on talks you missed by browsing… Read More

Send SMS with PHP and Twilio in 60 seconds


It takes just a few lines of code and even fewer minutes to send your first text message with PHP and Twilio. Here’s how: Sign up for a free Twilio account and buy a phone number. Install the PHP helper library. There are two ways to do this: Use Composer: composer require twilio/sdk  If you do it this way, include the library using require "vendor/autoload.php'; Download the library, unzip it,… Read More

Engineering Chance Out Of The Equation: Athena Fights Assault Programmatically


Yasmine Mustafa recognizes that chance might have saved her life. But that doesn’t preclude her from fighting against it.   Her earliest memory is huddling together with her friends, family, and neighbors as they braced for the next bomb to rattle their bomb shelter. Moments later, two men would come calling for her baby brother. These U.S. Embassy employees escorted her whole family out of Kuwait… Read More

Set Up a Temporary Phone Number in 3 Minutes with Twilio

rubbish bin full of old cellphones

If you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist, requested a quote on the internet, or watched The Wire, then you may have found yourself wishing for a “burner” phone. In this post we’ll use TwiML Bins to create a temporary phone number that forwards phone calls to your cellphone. This will take less than three minutes, even if you’ve never written a line of code before! Sign up for… Read More

Trading Stock For Code: Kenny Becomes A Developer on the NYSE Floor


Kenny Polcari wrote off coding as unique to his daughter’s generation, and inaccessible to his. Working at the New York Stock Exchange for 35 years, he’s seen 180 tech companies go public, watching software development from a far. The morning Kenny was set to witness his 181st tech company IPO, he wrote his first line of code — on a livestream, from the floor of the… Read More

Preview Spotify Songs With A Phone Call Using Elixir, Phoenix, Twilio, and the Spotify API


In a few email exchanges with Nathan Leinz, one thing became clear. We, the royal we, have no excuse not to complete that side project. When Nathan isn’t busy defusing and disposing of bombs on the Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal, he’s working on hacks with a firm sense of purpose. “I’m a firm believer that we should accept where we are, strive to do better, and… Read More

New IP Messaging Features: Reachability, Message Attributes, and Push Configuration


Today, I’m excited to announce three new features for IP Messaging focused on making in-app chat a more engaging, context-rich experience: Reachability indicator Message attributes Granular push configuration All are available in the latest versions of the IP Messaging SDKs: JavaScript 0.10.6, iOS 0.14.2, and Android 0.8.1. Currently available in public beta, Twilio IP Messaging allows developers to easily add chat to any web or mobile app. Throughout the beta… Read More

How to Validate Phone numbers in Node/JavaScript with the Twilio Lookup API

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.02.13 PM

Twilio Lookup is a phonebook REST API that you can use to check whether a number exists, determine whether a phone can receive text messages, and retrieve carrier data associated with a number. Let’s write some code to validates phone numbers using the Twilio Node module. Getting started Before we dive into the code you’ll need to make sure you have: Node.js and npm installed A Twilio Account –… Read More