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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Building Your Startup’s Customer Engagement Roadmap Building_Your_Startups_Customer_Engagement_Roadmap.jpg

    Twilio Startups is designed for early-stage founders building the future of communications with Twilio and Twilio SendGrid. From the launch of your startup, customer engagement is key to building meaningful connections and improving customer experience. To help you in your startup journey, check out the Twilio Startups Customer Engagement Canvas below for startup founders looking to plan their communications roadmap and create lasting customer relationships. Read on to start building your own Customer Engagement Canvas and access the latest research from Twilio to help your startup grow and scale.

    Why is building a customer engagement roadmap important for startups?

    Customer engagement is the emotional connection between your company and your customers—these sentiments strongly influence buying decisions. Unsurprisingly, customers who actively engage with a business tend to be more loyal and customers spend more money supporting brands they feel connected to.

    In business, like in life, you should always have empathy …

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  • By Nikki Rubin
    SMS Survey Best Practices and Examples SMS Survey Best Practices and Examples

    What is an SMS Survey?

    An SMS Survey allows you to capture user feedback via text message. Customer feedback is a critical part of doing business and SMS surveys are a cost-effective method of collecting data quickly and efficiently. With an SMS survey, you can reach your customers in a timely manner in order to organize user information into actionable insights.

    When you create an SMS survey, customers can text your number to access the survey or, if you have permission, you can send the survey with SMS directly to their phones.

    To better understand how to use SMS surveys, we chatted with the Twilio Customer Experience (CX) team to get their expert opinions. Let’s get started—read on for best practices for building SMS surveys.

    Best Practices for SMS Surveys

    According to the Twilio Customer Experience (CX) team, SMS surveys are best used for timely and recent events since SMS …

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  • By Kelsey Bernius
    Developer Spotlight: Bill Edwards Blog Header banner_DE (2).png

    Computational fluid dynamics and fighter jets. Bill Edwards’ path to becoming Head of Technology at a small healthcare startup didn’t follow a traditional path. Although this seems to be a trend with the modern developer (what is a *traditional* path anymore?), Bill’s path seems especially unique.

    While studying mechanical engineering at the University of Edinburgh in the U.K., he discovered a passion for great software behind systems, and how it can help solve sticky problems. After completing his mechanical engineering program, he switched gears and dove into a PhD in computational fluid dynamics (the study of using computers to study fluid behavior). He focused on studying and writing algorithms that would solve fluid dynamic problems.

    “It was a pretty big leap and tough transition,” says Bill. “But I’m so glad I did make the switch. The math is annoying to figure out so in this case, you let the computer …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    Developer Spotlight: Jozef Kutka JozefKutka_BlogHeader.png

    If Jozef Kutka had his druthers, he’d be out in nature riding his bike or running. As a developer and CTO for MeetFox, his view on software is rather untraditional.

    “I believe software makes life easier, but it’s not making it nicer.”

    He doesn’t like how much time we, as a society, spend in front of screens. He hopes that by working at MeetFox, the company can help people spend less time organizing meetings and reviewing schedules and more time face-to-face (virtually and in-person).

    MeetFox is a tool for professionals to manage meetings with online scheduling, integrated video calls, and direct payments. Originally called CoachFox, the company was focused on matching coaches to clients in an online platform. The company quickly pivoted once the founder, Susanne Klepsch, realized that a lot of the day-to-day of coaches was spent scheduling appointments, writing invoices, and doing other administrative tasks.

    By providing a …

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  • By Brendan Yell
    Twilio Startups talks Accelerators with Techstars CEO David Brown Techstars-david-brown

    As you build your startup and try to find the elusive product market fit (amongst many other things), the bustling startup scene will throw many options at you. As a founder who is focussed on building a product or service and solving a problem, these many options can be daunting.

    One such option is to apply and join an accelerator program. Accelerator programs are designed to do just that, take your company and ‘accelerate’ its growth. At the end of the day, you are racing against competitors from all over the world. Yes, it is a race and an accelerator can help you find product/market fit faster.

    Programs generally run for 3-6 months, provide curriculum, some seed funding usually in return for equity, and access to a mentor network. Usually culminating in a ‘demo day,’ where you pitch to a room full of investors.

    Interview with David Brown CEO of …

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  • By Frank Yaw-Owusu
    Equity Management and Fundraising Best Practices for Startups with SeedLegals Twilio Startups SeedLegals.png

    At Twilio Startups, we work with our global partners to bring you the best advice for early-stage entrepreneurs. We reached out to Isabella Ghassemi-Smith, Ecosystem Developer at SeedLegals to talk about structuring your startup’s fundraising strategy, financing for entrepreneurs, and managing equity for early-stage founders.

    SeedLegals is an automated legal platform that empowers founders and investors to easily create, negotiate, and sign all the legal docs they need for investment. They are the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK, with over 10,000 companies on the platform in two and a half years. Check out SeedLegal’s best practices for fundraising and managing equity for early-stage startups below.

    SeedLegals Primer on Equity Fundraising for Startups

    Isabella created a three-step primer for founders looking to understand equity management and fundraising best practices at a high level.

    Why equity?

    1. It is easier to secure than finance from traditional institutional investors (i.e., banks). …
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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Twilio Startups Founder to Founder Interview Series - The Dream Sprint

    Welcome to the Founder to Founder series where we interview early stage founders from our global ecosystem to highlight their goals, mindset and daily hustle. Whether it’s finding product market fit, getting to your first big customer or working on a remote team for the first time. Each post is a brand new look into the hearts and minds of the founders, technologists and dreamers who are building what’s next.

    Today we would like to introduce you to Daria Tsvenger of The Dream Sprint. Read on to learn more about the unique process that Daria has been through to become a founder. Check out tips for new customer acquisition, improving customer adoption, and setting realistic expectations for success.

    • Company Name: The Dream Spirit
    • Founder Name(s): Daria Tsvenger
    • Industry: Health & Wellness
    • Stage/Funding: Early-stage
    • Location: San Francisco, CA

    From the founder of The Dream Sprint

    We reached out to Daria with …

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  • By Dellaena Maliszewski
    How Twilio Startups and DigitalOcean work together to support founding teams Twilio Startups and Digital Ocean

    The Twilio Startups Team is excited to announce our new partnership with DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is a cloud company that simplifies app creation for new generations of developers working independently, at tech startups, and within small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Their infrastructure and platform-as-a-service (IaaS and PaaS) solutions simplify the complexities of the cloud so developers and founders can focus their energy on creating great software.

    The Hatch by DigitalOcean program was launched with the goal of driving impact for the global startup community and we’re excited to combine our efforts with the DigitalOcean team. Hatch program and alumni are now eligible to apply for Twilio Startups program.

    In order to kick off this partnership, we interviewed the DigitalOcean team to better understand how one of the most beloved brands in the developer ecosystem got to where they are today, and see what advice they have for founders at any stage …

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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Twilio Startups Founder Interview Series | TS7: SellMax Twilio Startups SellMax

    Welcome to the Twilio Startups 7 (TS7, for short) where we feature exciting founders from around the world to share their inspiring entrepreneurial journeys through seven quickfire questions. Today we would like to introduce you to Sean Pour of SellMax. Read on to learn more about how Sean founded the company as a teenager and grew it into a national business. Check out tips for creating meaningful campaigns, setting realistic expectations with investors, and beating imposter syndrome.

    SellMax Logo

    • Company Name: SellMax
    • Founder Name(s): Sean Pour
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Stage/Funding: Early-stage
    • Location: San Diego, CA

    From the founder of SellMax

    We reached out to Sean at SellMax to get insight into launching your first business and building out your own custom call center to make better data-driven decisions.

    Describe your company in 160 characters or fewer (the original length of a text message)

    We are a company that makes selling …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Twilio Startups: The Startup Stack Startup Stack

    As a team of startup mentors, The Twilio Startups team is often approached with questions regarding the best tools for founders to use as they set up and scale their business. As a result, the team sat down to map out the infrastructure a startup should consider, and where Twilio can help. In this week’s post, we will do a deep dive into your operations infrastructure.


    Firstly, to get your business up and running smoothly, we think there are 4 key operational pieces that need to be in place:


    Somewhere for you to work on your business. In the early days, this may be a coffee shop or co-working space, but regardless of the stage you’re at, try to find a space that is inspiring, and gives you the opportunity to meet other founders.


    As soon as you have your own office space & equipment, you’re going …

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