Abine Puts Privacy Back In Your Hands With Twilio SMS and Voice

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Buying a new pair of jeans should be simple. Bring them to the cash register, pay, and leave. When you hand the person behind the counter cash, and they ask you “what’s a good phone number to reach you?” something’s gone awry. There’s tremendous pressure on the everyday consumer to provide private personal information in the most basic transactions. The folks at Abine believe that everyone… Read More

Congratulations to Abine, Winner of Twilio's Firefox Extensions Developer Contest

Abine is a free Firefox extension for online privacy from “The online privacy company” of the same name. It is also the winner of our Firefox extensions contest. Abine makes it easy to manage your privacy online, including using Twilio to mask your phone number while registering for services. Congratulations to Rob Shavell and the rest of the team at Abine. Your netbook and $100 in… Read More