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  • By Twilio Employer Brand Team
    4 Black Twilions You Should Know Copy of _Twilio_BHM_5 Black Template_1200x630.pdf (1).png

    In observance of Black History Month, the Black Twilions Employee Resource Group organized programs to commemorate important events and celebrate people of color in American history. This year’s Black History Month theme -Black Health and Wellness- encouraged members and allies of Twilio's Black community to be mindful about physical and mental health at home and work.

    While there were plenty of company-wide programming opportunities and initiatives, some highlights include:

    • Coolin with Tha Cousins - Twilion-led yoga sessions
    • Building A New Black History: Growth Healing And Hope - a conversation between Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and CEO and Founder of MindRight Health Ashley Edwards
    • A performance by Blessing Offor, a blind musician whose inspiring story took him from Nigeria to NYC to Nashville.

    Perhaps one of the most valuable opportunities that Black History Month provides is a reminder to both recognize the challenges and uplift the contributions of the …

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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    Introducing .NET Developer Niels Swimberghe Introducing .NET Developer Niels Swimberghe

    If you had visited the Swimberghe home back in 2000, you would find 6 year old me building with K’nex, absolutely not following the instruction book, because I didn’t know how to read it. Instead I was building my own invention: a motorized car with a mop cloth hanging from the back to help my parents mop the floor. I was quite proud being the first inventor of “robot cleaner” (probably not the first) even though I was limited to the tools I had. The car only went in one direction until it hit a wall and would keep driving into the wall until someone turned it, but that didn’t matter to me. “Mom, dad, look at what I made!” I shouted excitedly, lucky to experience that ecstatic feeling of building something and being so proud that you want to share it with everyone.

    A few years later, the K’nex …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    SIGNAL Behind the Scenes: Sending Code to Space SIGNAL-Space.png

    TwilioQuest 3.2 launched at SIGNAL this year, and we wanted to do something big to celebrate. SIGNAL attendees had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send some code to space aboard Talon 1, a balloon designed to send a camera-equipped Raspberry Pi into near Earth orbit. When in space, Talon 1 took video of the community members’ code submissions executing against the backdrop of space.

    SIGNAL attendees save the world’s taco supply

    This year’s SIGNAL TV Twitch stream was suddenly interrupted by Fredric, the evil twin brother of Cedric, TwilioQuest’s AI assistant. In classic Fredric-style, he shared his frustration with the "do-gooding" of the TwilioQuest program, and threatened to destroy what he believed to be the source of human happiness…the world’s taco supply. Fredric and his evil employer, the "Legacy Systems", (the main villains of the TwilioQuest game universe) deployed an orbital space laser capable of destroying all the world’s tacos in …

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  • By Paul Kamp
    History of the Twilio Coding Gloves History of Coding Gloves Hero

    This year, October is SIGNAL-season – that's Twilio's customer and developer conference. Amidst the incredible product launches and announcements, there's another eagerly anticipated launch: our first full-run of Twilio coding gloves.

    Long desired by fans (and employees!), the oft-rumored Twilio coding gloves have had quite a journey to their perfect fit as the star swag at this year's show. I set out to trace our coding gloves' gripping history and share how Twilio grabbed the opportunity and shipped a beta version of coding gloves to production this year.

    Later on SIGNAL TV, learn how you might get your hands on a pair. Read to the end for a link to details.

    The Twilio coding glove grand entrance

    Twilio's coding gloves first made their way to the stage... on the stage at SIGNAL 2019.

    Twilio's Ben Stein refereed a coding challenge between our developer-CEO Jeff Lawson, our Director of …

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  • By Mariah Muller
    Developer Spotlight: Neeraj Chaudhary, Neeraj_Symbl_Header_2

    Too often, app development is siloed from actual use cases. This is a problem Neeraj Chaudhary, sales solutions engineering Lead at Symbl, hopes to solve by working at the intersection of tech and customers from day one. is democratizing conversational tech to make collaboration effortless at scale. Keep reading to learn what inspired the platform, how they are leveraging Twilio’s APIs and products including Twilio Flex, and what it means for the future of conversational intelligence.

    Meet the developer

    “I work toward what fascinates me,” says the San Jose-based software engineer. This fascination certainly shines through in the enthusiasm with which he discusses his past and future projects. After falling in love with technology during his undergraduate studies in computer science, Chaudhary worked as a software engineer in India before relocating to the states to continue his work and pursue a Masters Degree from San Jose State …

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  • By Twilio
    A Conversation with Marc Boroditsky, Chief Revenue Officer at Twilio A conversation with Marc Boroditsky

    Take one look at Marc Boroditisky's LinkedIn profile, and it's immediately apparent that he is an innovative and successful sales leader. But it's also quite clear that he hasn't had a traditional career path.

    Boroditsky has founded, built, and sold several companies, including Numera and Passlogix. When Passlogix was sold to Oracle, Boroditsky signed on to lead their Identity Management product lines. Then, after advising Authy, the two-factor authentication startup, Boroditsky joined on as President and COO. A casual lunch with Twilio founder Jeff Lawson led to Authy’s acquisition and a role as Twilio's VP & GM for Authentication before moving to a sales leadership role. In 2020, he took on global responsibilities as Chief Revenue Officer for Twilio.

    In a recent blog post, Boroditsky weighed in on how Twilio is building a world-class sales organization and what that looks like. It was such an insightful discussion that …

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  • By Joe Nash
    Field Operators level up over Summer Field Operators level up over Summer

    Twilio Field Operators are student leaders improving their skills and helping fellow students learn. Schools across the US have been closed for the summer, but that hasn’t stopped the Field Operators from continuing to learn and build. Read on to see what you can expect from becoming a Field Operator, and how to join the next cohort.

    Levelling up with La’Kaleigh

    La’Kaleigh is a student at Schoolcraft college, and a C# developer. La’Kaleigh learned about Field Operators at Hack-cade, where she built an amazing TwilioQuest Extension over the weekend.

    TwilioQuest Tuesdays with La'Kaleigh

    La’Kaleigh has shared her experience with building and learning using TwilioQuest with fellow Field Operators in our weekly workshop and hack sessions, and recently joined the TwilioQuest Tuesdays Twitch stream alongside Twilio interns. With Twilio Developer Educator, Margaret, they spoke about intern life, and La’Kaleigh showed off her latest TwilioQuest Extension progress.

    La’Kaleigh’s latest TwilioQuest Extensions use cyberpunk tilesets, and …

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  • By Solutions Engineering Interns
    What is a Solutions Engineering Intern? Header Image for Solution Engineer Interns

    Alright, so the million dollar question: What is a Solutions Engineering intern and more importantly, what is a Solutions Engineer? Don’t worry - none of us truly knew what the role was either when we applied for this opportunity. But, we sure are happy we did! Three months at our Twilio internship gave us an idea of the Solutions Engineering role and insight into the creative, critical-thinking behind it all.

    What is a Solutions / Sales Engineer (SE)?

    As our Solutions Engineering internship comes to a close, it’s clear that being an SE brings to life a unique and vibrant intersection between people and technology.

    The SE role is part sales and part technical - also known as the perfect hybrid of soft and hard skills. The ‘S’ or sales component requires SEs to be trusted technical advisors as they focus on solutioning for customer problems. The ‘E’ or engineering …

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  • By Stephenie Minami Nakajima
    Introducing JavaScript Developer of Technical Content, Stephenie Minami Nakajima Stephenie Minami Nakajima's introduction post banner image

    Ahoy! I’m very excited to be joining Developer Voices at Twilio.

    Have you ever tried learning a second language? Most of us have, perhaps in the form of a mandatory subject at school or out of pure passion. Growing up in a bicultural Australian-Japanese household and having lived in both countries, I have observed both the joy and many headaches of learning languages.

    Becoming fluent in both languages is hard enough. But you’re not done there. There are many aspects of learning languages that you need to take in, and lifelong learning is essential. Keeping both Japanese and English skills sharp, understanding and embracing cultural differences, forming your identity across starkly different cultures and traditions, and the list goes on.

    On moving to Australia from Japan, at first it was overwhelming to be completely immersed in another language. Thanks to my family, friends and teachers who were incredibly patient and …

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  • By Phil Nash
    Twilio on The Apprentice: ONE Championship edition - the Tech Behind the Scenes Twilio on The Apprentice: ONE Championship edition - the Tech Behind the Sceness

    Throughout Asia The Apprentice has been back on TV screens, powered by Twilio as the official technology partner. The competition started with 16 candidates facing challenges, both business and physical, each week. The winner gets to work for a year as the apprentice of ONE Championship founder, chair and CEO Chatri Sityodtong.

    While Twilio was being used to deliver messages to the candidates throughout the series and power a "Watch and Win" competition via Facebook Messenger bot, in episode 11 the final four candidates, Jessica, Louie, Irina, and Monica, came face-to-face with the Twilio APIs themselves as they were challenged to help non-profit organisations thrive with communication strategies that use Twilio's cloud communications platform. Let's take a look at what they built in the challenge and how they used Twilio to their advantage.

    The challenge is set

    Once the candidates had been given the challenge, they were …

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