Introducing Twilio CX for Chromebooks: Taking Enterprise Communications Into The Era of Software

Twilio CX for Chromebooks

Relying on hardware to power your communications can weigh your business down. We worked with Google to help free enterprises from hardware closets, cables and clunky desk phones and bring them into the age of flexible, scalable software. Today we’re happy to announce Twilio CX for Chromebooks, a ready-to-use software powered communications solution running entirely on a Chromebook using Chrome OS. There’s no set up or… Read More

Introducing Twilio SMS on Toll-Free Numbers


Toll-free numbers have gotten a bad rap when it comes to customer experience. No customer wants to navigate complicated IVRs, stay on hold for ages, or repeat the same information over and over. Today, we are introducing SMS enabled toll-free numbers to streamline customer support and give your customers a new way to reach out. Unlock Toll-free Numbers To Text Toll-free SMS helps businesses simplify and… Read More

Introducing Message Delivery Information: Helping You Track And Deliver More Messages With Twilio


Crafting the right message is one part of the picture when you’re communicating with customers. You need to make sure your message is delivered to your customers. Today we’re introducing Message Delivery Information, allowing you to track delivery status for each SMS and MMS message you send, in real time. Message Delivery Information gives you the data you need to improve delivery rates and reach a… Read More

Growing In Europe: Announcing Lower Prices, More Coverage And Wider Access In Europe


The right message can open doors–literally. European based companies use Twilio to help their customers do anything from opening a door via text message, to finding the right medical care, to getting a quality loan. Since entering the European market two and a half years ago, we saw exponential growth. Last year, Twilio Voice traffic grew 300% thanks to the companies building with Twilio. With this… Read More

Out Of Beta, Into Your Hands: Rolling Out Voice and SMS Enabled Numbers In 19 New Countries


In 2011, we launched our first batch of global numbers outside the US and Canada, bringing Twilio Voice to the UK. We had one simple goal: to bring quality Voice and SMS to developers and businesses worldwide. Since then, we’ve continued to expand Twilio’s global reach. Today, we’re pleased to announce new number capabilities in 19 countries. From Bahrain to Norway, we’re bringing these numbers out… Read More

Introducing Request Replay: An Easier Way To Debug and Deploy Your Twilio Apps

At Twilio, we’re constantly looking for new ways to give developers greater visibility into their applications.  Tools like the API Explorer, App Monitor, and Test Credentials help make Twilio applications easier to operate, debug, and deploy. Today we’re happy to introduce you to a new feature in that same family, Request Replay, making it easier for you to debug applications and compare failed requests against one… Read More