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Ahoy Deutschland: Introducing New Local Numbers In Germany

“Global reach. Local experience.” It’s a standard we hold ourselves to, so that your calls and messages to customers around the world deliver a familiar…Full Article


Introducing Network Traversal Service

Today, at WebRTC World in San Jose we’ll announce the launch of Twilio Network Traversal Service. Network Traversal Service (NTS) brings low latency, cost effective,…Full Article


Introducing Elastic SIP Trunking

Register for our SIP Webinar 12/3 at 2PM EST/11am PST here Today we announced the launch of Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. Elastic SIP Trunking is…Full Article


Introducing DELETE, A Privacy Feature for Deleting Call and Message Activity

Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature,  DELETE, that lets you easily manage data privacy in your applications. You can now programmatically delete call…Full Article


Twilio At SAP’s TechEd && d-code Conference: Pairing Communication With Customer Experience In The Enterprise

SAP powers enterprise communications, financial data, business apps and a whole lot more, all over the world for all different types of companies. For the…Full Article


Twilio Value Equation: Innovation. Ease of Use. Lower Price

Each and everyday, we look for opportunities to add value to our platform and make it easier for you to deploy apps using Twilio. Sometimes…Full Article

Twilio Client Sdk 1.2

Tweaking The Behavior of User Media Streams in Twilio Client

WebRTC is still an emerging standard, and as such you sometimes run into issues where it behaves differently on different hardware, different browsers, etc. Today,…Full Article


Getting Started with Twilio MMS Messaging

For the last century, humanity has maintained that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. While photos may have changed a lot, morphing from paper…Full Article


Picturing the Future of Messaging: Twilio MMS Now Available on all US Numbers

Today, we’re happy to announce newly expanded Twilio messaging capabilities. For the first time ever, you can now send and receive MMS on all US…Full Article